Bonanno Boss Vincent Badalamenti Pleads Out

Bonanno boss 'Vinny TV' copped to a deal, faces two years.
"The boss of the Bonanno crime family will plead guilty Monday to a felony charge, preventing his former mob associate from testifying against him," reports NY Daily News.

"Vincent (Vinny TV) Badalamenti and many of his Bonanno cohorts were indicted for racketeering earlier this year, largely due to secret recordings made by turncoat Hector Pagan, the ex-husband of “Mob Wives” star Rene Graziano."

Although Badalamenti’s lawyer wanted to go to trial, prosecutors offered to drop the racketeering and extortion charges, the article reports, meaning Badalamenti will plead guilty to the nonviolent collection of an unlawful debt, his lawyer tells the News.

"Badalamenti faces about two years in prison, far less than the 10 years he could have gotten if convicted after a trial. When he’s sprung, he can return to running his Brooklyn bagel shop," the story reports.

"The feds had already cut generous deals with other co-defendants, signaling they weren’t thrilled with the prospect of putting Pagan on the witness stand."

Pagan, who cut a deal with the feds, has committed at least one murder — the fatal robbery of Luchese associate James Donovan — "and may never have to play the role of rat," meaning testify publicly, although I doubt he will lose the sobriquet in any event.

"Badalamenti’s decision not to fight the charges will also benefit his co-defendants — they will all earn additional time off on their sentencing guidelines because everyone listed in the indictment opted for a plea deal," the News reports.

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  2. The people used as informants are just as bad or worse than those accused, but the feds could never close enough to these guys without the traitors' faitytale stories.

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