Former Colombo Mobsters Join G4G Ministry

Ministry founder Glenn Hovater
From the New York Daily News:

Meet the Godfellas.

In previous incarnations, mob rats Joe Campanella and William Cutolo Jr. were entrenched in the Colombo crime family.

Now they want deliverance from evil - as "ministers" in a flock of mob misfits known as Goodfellas4God.

"There are people who want to get out of that life and they talk to me," said ministry founder Glenn Hovater, a former pest control inspector who runs the operation from donated offices in Painesville, Ohio.

Hovater started the group two years ago; most members are ex-wiseguys from Cleveland and Pennsylvania.

A retired NYPD detective introduced him to Campanella; he and Cutolo Jr. are the only New Yorkers.

Hovater will send Campanella, a former made man and Cutolo Jr., son of underboss Wild Bill Cutolo, on speaking tours to rail against "the life."

Neither Mafia rat is in the witness protection program, so special security arrangements will be made to ensure their safety.

[Read the full article: From Godfather to God the father: Ex-Colombo mob goons are now ministers - New York Daily News]

Cosa Nostra News at one time was working on a post for this site regarding mobsters and religion; we never finished it.

We can't comment on the two former Colombos in the above News article. But we do know that William Cutolo Jr. is said to have certainly had an excellent role model to follow in terms of being a good Catholic: His father.
“Wild Bill” Cutolo, underboss of the Colombo family when he was murdered, found religion after serving a stint in prison (he was facing a life sentence, but got off scot-free).

According to law enforcement officials who had worked the Colombo War and kept a close eye (literally) on Wild Bill, his energized devotion to his faith appeared to be genuine and not a cover. Wild Bill was seen attending mass on a regular basis. The deceased mobster also maintained a life-sized religious statue before which he knelt and prayed every morning.

Cutolo also devoted a lot of time and money to charity, and was a fundraiser -- a legitimate one, too, according to our sources. Wild Bill was a lifelong criminal who murdered people, but the Colombo gangster did not steal from the nonprofit group.

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