New England Mob Boss DiNunzio Played 'Tough Guy' Act for Gambinos

US attorney (& Co.) reveals more news
about NE mob boss DiNunzio; the guy
in middle seems to have other things on
the brain at the moment.
Reputed mob boss DiNunzio showed tough side to member of New York's Gambino crime family - The Boston Globe:

The man owed him money, tens of thousands of dollars for the purchase of his cheese shop in the North End, and Anthony DiNunzio was furious and wanted to send a message.

“So I grabbed him,’’ DiNunzio, the reputed boss of the New England Mafia, allegedly told an associate last December.

“Twenty-five [thousand dollars] comes to me.’’

DiNunzio’s associate, a senior member of the Gambino family, was sympathetic. And he responded, “He’s going to pay the twenty-five.’’

“Oh, yeah,’’ DiNunzio said, laughing and insinuating that if the payment wasn’t made, “I’ll kill him.’’

The alleged exchange, at a meeting in Clifton, N.J., was laid out in court records this week as part of prosecutors’ arguments that DiNunzio has shown a propensity for violence and that he should be held without bail, pending a trial on extortion and racketeering charges in federal court in Rhode Island.

DiNunzio is the brother of convicted New England Mafia underboss Carmen “The Cheeseman’’ DiNunzio, who ran the cheese shop.

The conversation with the Gambino member and related exchanges outlined in court records describe DiNunzio’s unforgiving management style after taking over the New England Mafia, how he bragged that he would bury alive dissenters; how he demanded payments from underlings in Rhode Island; how he sought out and intimidated members of his organization he thought were cooperating with authorities....

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