Big Ang's Son Arrested for Peddling Painkillers

The news about AJ's arrest back in June has finally happened on Big Ang's show -- so we can see this show was filmed about three months back.

For interesting background, read this post about Big Ang's own legal problems.

From the New York Post::

Big Ang’s son is in big trouble.

The offspring of the buxom, big-lipped reality-TV star featured on VH1’s hit series “Mob Wives” was arrested today for peddling painkillers and other drugs in Brooklyn, The Post has learned.

Anthony (AJ) D’Onofrio, 23, surrendered at the 68th Precinct stationhouse in Bay Ridge after he was indicted in a five-person narcotics ring involving the sales of Oxycodone, marijuana and cocaine, police sources said.

The operation began in October when undercover officers with the NYPD’s Brooklyn South Narcotics Unit made contact with dealer Michael Donovan, 22, who soon introduced the undercovers to D’Onofrio and three other pushers, sources said.


  1. Not surprising. I believe Mob Wives is an open invitation into things going on in the background for those watching. Seems like plenty are being pinched ever since the show debuted.

  2. im shocked,,,,,,,,,,,,he seems like such a nice boy,,,,,,,he must be getting framed,,,,,,,,,,big ang would not let him sell drugs.

  3. she told him not to do that....she told him to buy a nice restaurant and stay outa the streets...he shoulda listened.

  4. Kids a punk jerkoff. Wannabe gangsters is the way to be now a days I got no resprect for a lil jerkoff acting like a made man. Fuck outta here.

  5. Don't get me wrong,I like Big Ang. I'm not sure why but I think it's because she has an "this is me,warts and all attitude". She doesn't try to pretend to be anything she's not. But,what does she expect? Look at the male role models she brought into his life.

  6. who is the guy with the puma shirt?

  7. By the looks of his racoone eyes he was/is diddling in his work.

  8. A male role model ? Wow she married a guy who actually works for a living. Maybe he is how he is because his mother is a 60 year old who acts like she's 22. The kids a jerkoff and now he'll get to see how a real gangster spends most of his life. Behind bars. It has nothing to do with the one somewhat normal person ( Neil the San Man).

  9. I apologize for my last comment blasting the role model point. I misread the comment. It said " the male role models" she brings in and out of his life not "the role model currently in it".


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