Mob Hit Man, 86, Sprung After 50 Years in Prison

Mob hit man 'Kayo' whacked a
fellow mobster in 1961.
From Fox News:

An 86-year-old mob hitman is on the streets after serving nearly 50 years behind bars for a 1961 rubout ordered by Mafia legend Anthony "Tony Pro" Provenzano, according to the New York Daily News.
"The mobster... is still remorseless about his crimes..."
Harold “Kayo” Konigsberg, who used a cord from venetian blinds to strangle Anthony "Three Fingers" Castellito in his upstate New York home, was quietly sprung from a New York prison in a surprise parole from a life sentence, allowing him to spend his final days at a gated community in Florida, according to the paper.

[To read a transcript of the parole hearing, click here.]

The gangster was released in June from Mohawk Prison in Rome, N.Y., where he'd been held for nearly a half-century after being sentenced for 20-to-life for the contract killing of Castellito, a Teamster rival of Provenzano. Castellito's body was allegedly buried in New Jersey but was never found.

The mobster, who is still remorseless about his crimes, according to the newspaper, was suspected by the feds for nearly 20 other mob hits.

He had been locked up since 1963, and has maintained his innocence. He was denied parole seven times since 1998, but has been housed in the prison hospital for nearly two years with unspecified illnesses that may have been a factor in his release, according to the paper.

The octogenarian showed no regrets or sorrow at his April parole hearing.

“This is over 50 years old. When does it end? I mean you can’t keep holding it against somebody for 50 years, 60 years, and say the crime was this or that,” he whined, according to a hearing transcript.