Nora Gives Chicago's 'Mob Wives' Its Juice

Nora of  "Mob Wives Chicago."
UPDATED, TWEAKED: We've been quiet about the Chicago edition of "Mob Wives" as we have been trying to wrap our arms around the show, get some "situational awareness" as to what's going on -- who is the crazy one, the "good" versus "bad" one; basically, the general plot. [Truth be told, we find it a chore to watch this show; we like the New York cast much better.]

Well, we have finally reached some conclusions about the show and are ready to add our voice to the chorus.

[At the same time, we are still trying to make up our mind about whether the boss of The Outfit -- the single Mafia family that has controlled Chicago since Capone -- is playing both sides against each other, so to speak.

[As we noted in an earlier post, in 1993, John “No Nose” DiFronzo took over as the boss of the Chicago Outfit. DiFronzo was a veteran enforcer and caporegime of the family. He got the nickname “No Nose” because he sliced off part of his nose while jumping through a window during a 1949 clothing store burglary. DiFronzo is known for his dangerous temper. In 2005, DiFronzo avoided indictment in the “Family Secrets” trial of the top Chicago Mafia leaders. This fact, along with other federal indictments, has reportedly caused some to question DiFronzo’s true motivation as a Don and possible connections to law enforcement. But as of now, he continues to run the Chicago Outfit.]

The juice that makes "Mob Wives Chicago" zip along-- in our opinion, anyway -- is Nora, who is clearly nuts. She has managed to piss off everyone, especially fellow cast members Renee and even Pia, who was supposed to be, or started out as being, her best friend.

Nora has caused more reality-TV drama than any other member of Mob Wives Chicago -- or New York -- all while hiding behind the guise of one who only wants to be left alone to [star in a reality show, but that's beside the point] to ensure that her father's body is actually where it is supposed to be, in the coffin buried at the grave site that bears the man's name.

Outfit hit man "The German" killed a lot of
people allegedly; some even include Marilyn
Monroe in that category.
Her father was hit man Frank “The German” Schweihs (no relation to Joe "The German" Watts of the Gambinos -- we're of course kidding here).

A recent episode was revealing in that it made you wonder how sincere she is regarding her "father project." Nora calls the funeral home that handled her father's burial -- and pours out her soul when it seems she is getting nowhere with the woman on the other end of the phone.

“Ya know what? No one witnessed my father going into the ground. The funeral director calls my sister and says ‘We’re going to put him in the ground,’ and she says, ‘Oh, yeah, just let them drop him off like a dirty dog’ … I have no closure.”

Nora is told that she can request to have the body exhumed. “Yes, I can have him resumed,” she quips. To this day, I am certain she does not know the difference between "exhume" and "resume." Come on, if she can't bother herself to understand what she is doing on the most rudimentary level, how can -- but I digress.

The grave site of "The German," after the body
has been resumed exhumed.

Keeping the poor, dead father sentiment alive, Nora decides to produce red wine in his honor.Now, the idea of drinking a hearty glass of vino made in honor of her father -- a man suspected of murdering Marilyn Monroe -- is so tasteless, I almost couldn't believe my eyes.

C'mon, folks, let's take a quick look at this man Nora honors:

Francis John Schweihs (February 7, 1932 – July 23, 2008), "Frank the German," was a hit man for The Outfit. He died a mere months before he could be tried, having been under indictment in the Operation Family Secrets case for the crimes of racketeering and extortion.

"It is believed he had participated in, or had knowledge of, many murders going back decades," Wikipedia reports, including on this roster of death brothers Anthony "Tony the Ant" Spilotro and Michael Spilotro, Allen Dorfman of the Teamsters, a disgraced Chicago copinformant Dick Cain, Salvatore "Mooney" Giancana, loanshark Sam "Mad Sam" DeStefano, hit man Charles "Chuckie" Nicoletti and others.

It has also been rumored, as noted earlier, that he killed Marilyn Monroe, though we believe suicide, likely accidental, has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

When indictments first came down, Schweihs lammed it, as was widely reported at the time. When he was caught, his trial was initially to be held separately, owing to his illness from cancer. He remained in jail pending his trial, and his health started improving, to the extent that he was finally scheduled to go on trial in October 2008. But he died before this could happen -- on July 23, 2008, from cancer.

“The German” was widely feared -- even by top mobsters. Law enforcement officials believe he was a psychopath. While researching "The German," I learned that he had never served a day in prison, and had died before he could be put on trial at long last.

Another revealing Nora moment from Mob Wives Chicago: Christina’s party is starting to kick and Nora provokes everyone to start arguing, which causes her to eventually pretend, albeit halfheartedly, that she has food poisoning, which no one believes anyway. Nora leaves -- until Christina decides she is going to call Nora and get her to return to the party. A lot of the women are really pissed at her and have a lot to get off their chest; they need the object of their anger back in the room to they can get rid of the bile inside them.

Nora finally returns and uses her dead father as an excuse for being a conniving double-talking backstabber. (Now is it me or does this girl always seem drunk or whacked out or drugged, those big bugged-out eyes of hers always looking really glassy?)

The arguments continue, voices grow louder, tempers flare into outright flame -- and Nora's next move? She pretends to suffer from amnesia.

Renee is the one who really wants to come to blows with Nora -- and after Nora throws a wild punch that misses, Renee can only pull out a few strands of Nora's hair before people break up the fight. That is when Nora really loses it, screaming “Your father raped you, every night!” at Renee.

It's not true; she is merely trying to do with words what she couldn't do with her fists: She just wants to hurt Renee. (Or is she projecting something that happened to her on to someone else?? We have no idea...)


  1. Nora is one sick puppy...I can feel my Dad when I drink this wine...seriously...#WhackADoodle

  2. Great post! It's hard to get any detailed background info on most of the men whom these women are connected to. Keep it up!

  3. Why is Nora being detained by chicago police?Does anyone know?

  4. Poor Nora. She doesn't believe her dad is dead and she doesn't believe he killed anyone.

  5. Nora just let everyone including the feds and his enemies know he is alive.


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