Alleged Mafia Bodyguard Survives Shooting

From the National Post

This one is a week old, but those following Canada will be interested...
A man described as a bodyguard for the Montreal Mafia — who helped prepare an arsenal of heavy firepower during a deadly feud — has survived being shot in another attack in Montreal’s continuing underworld unrest.

Giuseppe Fetta, 33, was shot near his car by a gunman who approached on foot Monday morning. He was in hospital while police searched for the attacker. Mr. Fetta was considered part of the Mafia’s protection wing in 2006 by police who placed him near the bottom of the Rizzuto crime family’s hierarchy, part of a 26-man cell under the command of Francesco Arcadi.

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Late on Christmas Eve in 2005, police watched him and three others gather outside the Consenza social club, the Rizzutos’ headquarters, for an overnight vigil. The mob was embroiled in a feud and the bosses wanted to ensure no one touched their headquarters during Christmas.

Later, secret police video caught him and others playing with an array of guns.

Mr. Fetta pleaded guilty to possession of a prohibited firearm and committing an offence for a criminal organization in 2008.