"Mob Wives" Stars Carla & Renee Go at It in Season 3


Earlier today, it was reported that Mob Wives star Renee Graziano called Carla Facciolo mean, uneducated, and ignorant. Renee confirmed that the two go at it on Season 3′s Mob Wives and said she absolutely despises Carla!

Carla is now responding to Renee Graziano EXCLUSIVELY to AllAboutTRH saying, “Renee is a clown . She wants to say I’m mean. Maybe everyone should know the real Renee . She did nothing but bash everyone’s family’s fathers husbands boyfriend and god knows who else. If anyone is mean dumb and ignorant its her! How the hell can she say she was hurt by me when her own husband betrayed her and ratted on her own father! That’s mean!”

Carla continues, “As for me and Renee’s friendship it seems everyone has it twisted. Me and Renee were friends as teenagers. We never hung out after that! We know each other but she was never my BFF . She really needs to stop saying we were friends for 20 years cause that definitely is not the truth.”

Renee also claimed Carla “wrecked” homes which is far from the truth! Carla says, “As for me wreaking houses well she got the wrong girl! I Never was the one to wreck anyone’s family . I know plenty of Renee’s friends who were wrecking houses including herself! I never stole anyone’s man as she says . She’s just jealous I had boyfriends and never had a problem getting one!

Renee addresses that she is hurt Carla because she is uneducated about her disease saying, “The beginning of the show is very serious. Carla is mean and ignorant and uneducated about my disease. She’s a name-caller. I despise Carla.”

Carla’s response? She tells us, “Renee does not have a disease she has a drug problem and that’s why she acts crazy and tells lies and makes up sick stories! Renee needs help and I’m praying she gets it . Renee’s been though a lot but so have a lot of people and they never acted the way she does. She strives for attention and will do and say anything to get it . For a girl who preaches the bible so much she’s definitely no saint! She more like a devil in disguise . Renee has major issues she need a lot oh help and I hope she’s getting it!”

[Renee responded to Carla's response today by calling in an interview with Curvy.]