Candid Shots Of Roy DeMeo Going Hunting

Below are candid photographs of Gambino capo Roy DeMeo, who operated a massive stolen-car ring and ran a crew that specialized in doing hits for hire, as well as for fun...

Candid photographs of former Gambino capo Roy DeMeo, who operated a massive stolen-car ring and ran a crew that specialized in doing hits for hire.
Former Gambino capo Roy DeMeo has a word with someone standing off-camera...

A mob historian seeking to uncover Roy DeMeo's FBI files sent them along to this blog.

It was the crew's body disposal method—dubbed the Gemini Method, after a bar Roy owned and used as his HQ—that earned them the nickname "Murder Machine" from Jerry Capeci.

The FBI suspect the crew murdered between 150 and 200 people in the 1970s and early '80s—at least.

These photos prove quite chilling to those knowledgeable about Roy, a man whom John Gotti himself may have feared (or at least, Gotti once seemed to say as much). 

Johnny Boy, the tough guy destined for mob infamy, turned down Gambino boss Paul Castellano's request that he and his Bergin crew whack DeMeo.

"That guy has an army of killers," Gotti's brother, Gene, said on a wiretapped phone call.

DeMeo and his crew often motored to upstate New York for weekend hunting and shooting expeditions -- which is probably what these pictures are capturing.

Imagine the Gemini Twins -- Anthony Senter and Joey Testa -- along with Henry Borelli and Chris Rosenberg lurking just outside of the photo's frame. Perhaps one of them shot these photos, although Roy's son Albert also went on some trips and could be holding the camera.

On January 18, 1983, someone made good on the contract from Castellano (who himself would be gone in a couple of years, courtesy of Johnny Boy). On that icy cold day in early 1983 Roy was found in his abandoned car's trunk, multiple gunshots having been pumped into his head.

It had long been believed that Nino Gaggi, the Gambino capo who had brought Roy into the family, did the shooting, with DeMeo's crew members there as well to show their symbolic support for the administration's decision.

However, new information arose in Philip Carlo's book on Gaspipe Casso, which reported that, according to the former Lucchese boss, DeMeo was killed inside the Canarsie, Brooklyn, home of Patrick Testa while possibly sipping an espresso. The shooters, Casso has said, were Joseph Testa and Senter, who had been assigned the job by Casso himself, who in turn got the contract from Big Paul and Frank DeCicco, who apparently were unable to whack DeMeo in the previous months. In this version of events, Gaggi was not present.

Carlo is known to have played loose with the facts. And Gaspipe certainly didn't bolster his credibility once he was sentenced to life after the feds nixed his cooperation agreement.

Senter and Testa would drift into the Luchese crime family and, according to Casso, on June 13, 1986, whacked Russian-American gangster Vladimir Reznikov, who had had reportedly threatened the life and family of another Russian gangster who was firmly planted under the flag of the Five Families: he was the mastermind behind a multi-million dollar gasoline bootlegging operation.

On September 14, 1989, Senter and Testa were both sentenced to life imprisonment for a range of crimes, including multiple murders. According to Wikipedia, as of November 4, 2012, Senter continues to serve his sentence at the United States Penitentiary (USP) in Allenwood, Pennsylvania; Testa is currently serving his sentence at the Federal Correctional Complex, Butner.

Roy's tombstone, in St. John's cemetery in Middle Village,
Queens, New York.

The story of DeMeo and his crew can be found in the books Murder Machine by Gene Mustain and Jerry Capeci and For the Sins of My Father by Roy's son Albert DeMeo.


  1. I was going to ponder whether a blood spatter or DNA analysis at the apartment might reveal any new insight, but it is likely that there is so much commingled blood embedded in the floor and wall joints that an accurate identification is not possible. Funny how the sharpshooter Casso got the nod.....

  2. There was a plan to dig up the Fountain Avenue dump in Brooklyn, which is where many of the DeMeo crew's victims ended up, but it was cancelled because it was considered too expensive and unlikely to give up much info...

  3. Roy Albert DeMeo was NEVER convicted of murder or even charged with murder. The FBI suspected and assummed perhaps,but NEVER where able to charge him. Most of your so called information is heresay. Isnt a person presumed innocent until proven guilty? So Roy Albert DeMeo died an innocent man.
    Check your information

    1. My information from "For the Sins of My Father," written by Roy's own son, Albert, states Roy murdered a young vacuum salesman whom he had mistaken for a Colombian hit man. "He had killed an innocent kid. Someone's son," from page 123 of the paperback version. Al also intimates Roy took out Chris, a member of his own crew, who started the Colombian situation. Calm down with the "self-righteous indignation," my friend.

    2. As far as being "self righteous" my friend I call it being correct. Facts are facts Roy Albert DeMeo was NEVER convicted of any crime whatsoever. Your information is AND WILL REMAIN SPECULATION. As for Alberts book he needed the money.

    3. Still waiting for your response

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Roy Albert DeMeo was never formely charged with or ever convicted of murder. A person is innocent until PROVEN guilty. Roy died an innocent man. To his family he was a loving and devoted Son, Brother,Cousin, Husband, Father, Uncle, and Friend who loved each and every single one of us. He was not a monster

  5. Roy Albert DeMeo was never convicted of murder and was never formely charged with murder. A man is innocent until PROVEN guilty. Roy Albert DeMeo died an innocent man

    1. And OJ didn't murder his wife and friend because he was not convicted? Yes, facts are facts and died he never being convicted of murder but that does not mean he wasn't a murderer. The man killed scores of people. Anyone with a shred of common sense can see that.

  6. I have changed the headline out of respect for the DeMeo family member who commented above... I do not agree with your comments, but you have every right to say what you believe -- and I have every right to change a headline if I decide to, for whatever reason...

  7. What don't you agree with FACTS? Freedom of speech even if your not correct

  8. I await your approval

  9. As far as being "self righteous" remember facts are facts NEVER PROVEN GUILTY of a crime. So you are the one who needs to calm down with "self righteous indignation friend"

    1. I finally figured it out. Look at the words you upper-cased in all your various comments. You're a lawyer...

  10. Roy was my great uncle just found that out about 2weeks ago. I should of kno i have same last name look up my fam tree and im his blood crazy

  11. I'm from Brooklyn my family knew Roy I was very young when I met him but from what my dad said he was truly a good guy n good friend my dad never saw his bad side nor was scared to. They all grew up in that same era Brooklyn made boys into men at very young ages. Great Article Ed. Much respect to Roy Demeo and even more to his son Albert


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