'Mob Wives' Debut Already Playing Out in the Press?

According to an article published on Page Six on Sunday, Nov. 17, Alicia DiMichele Garofalo has been cheating on her jailed husband, Ed "Tall Guy" Garofalo, with a married man.

We researched and reported on Alicia DiMichele in an earlier article in which we noted the couple was divorced or at least in the process of divorcing, and were separated -- and now she's suddenly married, even with the name Garofalo tacked on -- just in time for the season four debut of Mob Wives.

Interesting how these shows seem to work - they change the facts first in a PR blitz, to pave the way for the various "conflicts" on the show.

We also note that Lee D'Avanzo, husband of Drita, one of the two or three mob wives still on the show, had ties to Garofalo (as well as TG Graziano). Interesting that the new mob wife and not-fired mob wife have a Garofalo relationship in common, Alicia  more, um, directly, and Drita apparently through her husband. It's probably nothing! Right? We don't know what Lee's up to these days but we know what happened to TG thanks to his daughters' show.)

We'll be watching extra closely this year, for the simple fact that the other Mob Wife, Natalie Guercio, is a babe. Here is her bio, as posted on Mob Wives 4 | VH1.com:

"Growing up in the heart of South Philadelphia, Natalie Guercio has been surrounded by the mob lifestyle her entire life. Since the 1950's Natalie's family has lived in, owned and operated the Carto Funeral Home, known on the streets as Philly's preferred funeral home for connected men & their families. Over the years Carto has buried a virtual who's who of the Philadelphia underworld including Michael "Mikey Chang" Ciancaglini, Chickie Narducci, Frankie Baldino and Anthony "Blonde Babe" Pungitore. Natalie and fellow new Mob Wife, Alicia, run in the same Philly circles and their families have been connected through the years.

A single mom to her 9 year old son Nunzio, Natalie took over the family business in 2011 with plans of returning it to its former glory. Attracted to street guys all her life, Natalie's currently trying to date someone a little less connected. At least for now. While this sexy Sicilian siren gives off a cool first impression, under the surface she is pure fire--prepared to burn anyone who gets in her way."

According to Wetpaint: "This fourth outing is a bit of an overhaul from the last season, with cast members Ramona Rizzo, Karen Gravano, and Carla Facciolo on the out and two new ladies from Philadelphia taking their place. We are loving the added Staten Island vs. Philly rivalry. The new cast members are Natalie Guercio, a funeral home director, and Alicia DiMichele, a boutique owner with a host of her own legal issues — she’s being investigated in a federal embezzlement case!"


  1. Alicia, is fucking some guy in south Philly , the guy owns a pizzeria in Philly , he is also a RAT. He testified on a mob case years ago / she likes to have her cake and eat it too

  2. This show is of poor entertainment value. It is heavily scripted and choreographed and produced to give that effect. Nowhere near reality as to not betray reality. Yes these women are attractive and interesting but, it is a far cry from what's really happening in the Mob or their own personal lives. I take it all with a grain of salt...after all the men are doing the hard time.

    1. Was Karen fired because of Garofalo? I don't get why Jen would allow him such influence...


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