Asaro Recorded Badmouthing Bonanno Boss

Thomas DiFiore was caught up in the Lufthansa indictment based on the words of capo Vinny Asaro.
Boss Tommy D DiFiore has reasons to be somewhat perturbed at a capo.

Considering all the hoopla over the 36-year-old Lufthansa heist, which is pretty big news, admittedly, garnering coverage around the globe, 70-year-old acting Bonanno boss Thomas "Tommy D" DiFiore from Commack, Long Island, must be feeling somewhat marginalized.

Maybe not, but Tommy D is more than likely pretty furious with Bonanno capo Vinny Asaro, considering Asaro's big mouth is the only reason DiFiore is part of the Lufthansa indictment and now living in the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn. And on top of that, Asaro was caught on tape saying not very nice things about DiFiore.

"Tommy D was not caught in any incriminating conversations by the FBI's secret snitch, Asaro cousin Gary Valenti," Jerry writes this week ."But in recorded talks with his cousin, Asaro managed to implicate DiFiore in the only crime that he is accused of, and establish to a judge's satisfaction that Tommy D is the family's acting boss."

Which reminds us, why all the fuss over the fact that Asaro's cousin is one of the snitches? Yesterday, newspapers were spilling this fact out like it was breaking news, when we wrote from the get-go, last Friday, in fact, that it was Asaro's cousin. And we find it amazing that not too many reporters, immediately upon word of the arrests, didn't snatch up a copy of Wiseguy, basis for the film Goodfellas, to find if Henry Hill had mentioned Asaro... Of course in the intervening week they figured it out...

Vinny Asaro

Vinny Asaro must have a lot on his mind these days.

The indictment's top-count charge of racketeering conspiracy is not even being leveled against Tommy D. Loansharking conspiracy, specifically for four months in 2013, is the charge facing the acting boss of the Bonanno family.

And it's now in newspapers and blogs all over the place that Asaro grumbled and argued with his boss before finally sending up tribute to DiFiore, some $15,000 from a $40,000 payoff that Asaro had finally collected from a loanshark customer, which resulted following a Bonanno sitdown with the Gambino family. Of course we wouldn't be writing this today, and Asaro's remarks would not have been recorded for posterity, had it not been for the mook's decision to flip and wear a wire...

Asaro has quite the way with words, in fact...

"I had a big fight with him the other day. He took $15,000. I want to kill this motherfucker! He's a cocksucker. Makes Joey Massino look like St. Anthony, motherfucker." As things stand Asaro might want to start praying to St. Anthony, who is the patron saint of lost people.

Prosecutors only had to roll some tape to reveal that Tommy D was acting boss -- at least beyond a shadow of a doubt for the judge.

As the above quote indicates, the fact that a murdering tough guy like Asaro could be so furious, yet still pay the 15 large, was enough evidence to show Tommy D had some juice in the family. As for Tommy D being boss, the judge only had to listen to a couple of other things Asaro said in 2012.

On June 23, 2012, Asaro said that the family's "new boss" was a "cheap scumbag" who lived on Long Island.

And just to underline for the court who the Bonanno family's new boss was, Asaro again identified him on August 17, when he noted: "We got a new boss. Some guy from the island, Tommy."

The judge, in a decision to detain DiFiore, cited the "strong evidence of defendant's role as acting boss of Bonanno family and participation in an act of extortion."

We're assuming DiFiore has heard or at least read what Asaro's said about him, that he's both a motherfucker and a cocksucker and a cheap scumbag.... Considering that DiFiore and Asaro are both being held in the same MDC compelled Jerry to write to the warden of the facility, "It might be a good idea to keep acting Bonanno boss Thomas (Tommy D) DiFiore away from family capo Vinny Asaro while they're residing at your facility in Sunset Park. From what we know and hear about Tommy D, he'd like to strangle Asaro."

We don't think Jerry's kidding...


  1. Fourth witness is Bud Zuccaro.

  2. Vinny Asaro should just take a plea cuz he is going get shelved or even worse clipped by the admin for bad mouthing the street boss

    1. Yea its not looking good for vinny. But he is his roots in the mob go all da way his grandfather. As bad as it looks i think he will take it in stride

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