Eddie "Tall Guy" Garofalo Cheated With Big Ang’s Daughter?

Big Ang’s daughter, Racquel Donofrio (of Miami Monkey) allegedly had an affair with Alicia DiMichele's imprisoned husband.
Big Ang and daughter, Racquel

Celeb Dirty Laundry earned its name with its recent report that Alicia DiMichele, convinced that Renee and her friend Carla Murino (whom DiMichele has repeatedly accused of having an affair with her husband, Colombo gangster Eddie "Tall Guy" Garofalo) are “rats” who are selling her out to the press, is actually partly correct -- someone has had an affair with Tall Guy.

A source close to Carla Murino told Dirty Laundry that Alicia's belief that a member of her inner circle has done her dirty -- only it isn't Carla Murino or Renee Graziano.

The blog notes that, on the latest episode of Mob Wives, Big Ang was actually misleading DiMichele and had an ulterior motive regarding why she has been siding with the Philly mob wife and fueling the feud between her and Rene.

"According to our source... Big Ang’s daughter, Racquel Donofrio (of Miami Monkey)" was the one having an affair with DiMichele's imprisoned husband.... Big Ang threw Renee and Carla under the bus, to protect her own daughter Racquel, and her discrepancies...."

However, we must say we fail to see how a woman having an affair with a man automatically means she is trying to get the wife in trouble by ratting her out... seems we have a mingling of different issues.

But then this is probably all carefully planted information meant to fuel the drama of a fake reality show.


  1. Ok maybe she is grateful, that's the only thing I see wrong with the comment

  2. Yeah, he did get shelved due to this show. Better shelved than whacked! I dont think Big Angs daughter did that. I think its something to get the heat off of Renee & Carla!

  3. Its all fake Jen make everything up her friend Kim G, told me this... THATS WHAT KIND OF FRIENDS JEN HAS SHE TOLD ME INFO HOW BIG ANG COMES DOWN TO PARTY IN FL....IT WILL COME OUT SOON...... WAKE UP VH1


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