Former Mafia Capo Dominick Cicale Answers Your Questions

Dominick Cicale
In 1999, Bronx-based Dominick Cicale finished his second years-long bit and hooked up with Vincent “Vinny Gorgeous” Basciano, then an up-and-coming member of the Bronx faction of the Bonanno crime family.

Initially he'd been closely affiliated with "Big Ernie" in the Genovese family.


The story was posted about three hours ago -- and already we have far more comments than I anticipated, so which questions are answered is all up to Dominick: he is answering the questions as a favor to me -- whether he writes a long, detailed answer or not is his decision and probably depends on a number of variables, including a.) what kind of day he's having. b.) whether he's pissed off at me about how many ads he has to watch to get to my website. c.) Whether he has had a few drinks and d.) I am just joking around with variables.

Be sure to upvote your question or the questions you'd like him to answer; I will vote for my favorite questions as well. Then again, Dom may answer more than three questions, he may reply, whatever. He will be on here Fridays to answer at least the three questions. Depends on how much time he has. My opinion ask one very specific question at a time, like I did...]

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Under Basciano’s tutelage, Dominick rode the fast track: he was inducted into the American Cosa Nostra and swiftly rose from soldier to capo, amassing great wealth and power. Cicale befriended and associated with numerous figures within all of New York's Five Families as he plotted and schemed in a treacherous world where each day could be his last.

He testified in four major RICO trials, including one of John Gotti Junior's.

He can tell you the real stories about what happened on the street. Because he was there and played a part in those stories...

Yes, Dominick is a turncoat. He himself liberally describes himself as a "rat." To writers, insiders like Dominick offer gold. But the American public exhibits an odd dichotomy.

While citizens devour their stories as told in books, films and documentaries (without a rat, we wouldn't have Goodfellas) these same taxpayers cheer against them during trials. This sentiment was eloquently expressed on the Friends of Ours blog.

Friends of Ours from November 2012: "Juries are sophisticated enough to understand that a rat carries baggage, and they aren't looking for boy scouts and choir boys.  When the government tries the devil, the witnesses often come from hell.  Indeed, a flipped witness is credible precisely because he's often a slimeball.  Who else would be involved with the Mafia to know where the proverbial bodies are buried?  The badder the rat, the more he knows.  A witness is more credible on the stand based on the more "street cred" he has, and defense lawyers paradoxically are propping up the rat by empasizing how bad he is. 
Although rats often are motivated by self-interest in their decisions to flip, the move also comes at great personal risk to themselves.  After all, the criminal underworld doesn't look kindly on those who betray it.  Moreover, whatever deal a rat obtains from prosecutors is conditioned upon his truthful testimony, and he risks losing the deal for any perjurious statements or other misconduct.  Finally, it's the rare case which is predicated solely on rat testimony, and often there is other corroborating evidence. 
Mob apologists may bemoan the loss of omerta but ordinary folk want career criminals to betray their once-held values, and rather than condemning rats we should encourage them..."

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  1. I rest my case


    Try to get your questions up by 6pm tonight. I'm going to close comments at that time. Dom will then have time to answer questions posted below. Also we'd like to keep this going on a weekly basis, perhaps eventually in some kind of live video forum where we can interact. I'd love to see and hear Dom and Dave continue their discussion on my computer screen. This is something I've wanted to do since those announcements I made back with Michael Franzese that never panned out. If anyone is familiar with available technology and knows of any good video conferencing solution, etc., please email me at eddie2843@gmail . com....meanwhile this discussion will carry on each week here on the blog. I'll keep everyone updated and please see CICALE FORUM in the top list of horizontal tabs up under the Amazon ad under the blog name (click on Cicale Forum, that is the homepage for this.)

    Hope you all are enjoying the holidays with your still have hours left if you have more questions...

  3. I know Philly, Dom.... he's for real!

  4. Same to you, pal! I'll get in touch after holiday....

  5. Johnny, check this out...he somebody you think? LOL!!! I wouldn't be surprised!!

  6. Anytime brother... ANYTIME!!!!

  7. Your right!!!! But I am not running or hiding!!!

  8. Love the Goodfellas line...

  9. Lotta hits on here buddy and love some of the ques there asking keep up the good work Philly

  10. I was taking a little nap would say this worked out very well looking forward to seeing more and kerp raising the Bar ed again great stuff. Dom takes a lotta balls to come on here and talk about what been through i know others that have went through this.
    As for u haters unless u have family that was affected and i mean real family u have a right to vent. For u other slap dicks who dont have family and just wanna spew hatedred ur day will come and soon because guys and girls like u will never understand anything in life because u don.t know what it is to fail or succeed in life u live in the gray area like cowards in ur little cubby holes and ride the coat tails of others cause ur pathetic human beings with no balls. Philly

  11. Rest in peace tino

  12. After reading the comments on this particular article, I thought about making a comment but hesitated. The way I figure is, some people have nothing better to do but spew toxic hatred for something that doesn't concern them nor do they know anything about. While it is not my duty to “protect” anybody on here, and I do not personally know the subject of this article, Mr. Dominick Cicale, I still feel the need to “go to bat” for people from time to time...and this time, for this guy. You’ll soon see why.

    But first, the other thing I find rather odd is that although this blog is read by MORE that 50,000 readers per month, why or how is it that people would want to go on here and post their hate comments, not only posting an actual photo of themselves BUT also a photo of their grandchild. Yes, “David Gizewski” I’m addressing you
    here. Let me just put this “out there” – This blog has approx. 50k readers per month, all over the world, just in NYC, there are approximately 8.4 million people; about 3.4 of those people are Italian. Posting hate comments (toward an Italian, I might add) with your name and photos is probably not the most intelligent thing to do. So why do it? Because some people, like this guy thinks he’s safe from the world since it’s online and I mean, “what are the chances?” Right?

    Wrong. Gizewski, you bash and make comments about Mr. Cicale although he has nothing to do with you, nor did the entire Bonanno case(s). I always find that the hate comments of people on these blogs are ALWAYS form those that are jealous. Sure, Cicale committed crimes, and some of them very serious. He knows it, we know it. He made the best of it and continues to make the best of it. And you, Gizewski? What about you? Yes, what ABOUT you?

    Let me tell you what a bad day you’re having… Lets see, born in 1956, went to Lafayette High School…oh yes, New York by the way…accomplished NOTHING while in school which is probably why at the age of 23 you…uh hmm, decided to COMMIT CRIMES instead of doing something productive with your life, receiving FELONY convictions for narcotics possession and grand larceny … and consequently was sentenced to the NY Dept. of Corrections in 1979…as in PRISON. See where I’m going here, Gizewski? And since your release, what have you done? Are you working on your 2nd or 3rd novel? Do you have a beautiful home somewhere? No, you’ve done absolutely NOTHING and live in a dump at 352 11th St., Brooklyn, NY. Obviously you dump on others because of YOUR lack of self-worth. By the way, if this blog enabled me to post images I’d post them of your home and your other online activity with you and your grandson but I think I’ve made my point.

    You think you’re clever in posting hate comments “anonymously” on the Internet? This is what a bad day you’re having…you’re NOT anonymous anymore. Let’s see how much hate mail and other things Karma brings you. Enjoy your day.

    To: Cicale & Scarpo, Congrats on the book(s) and everything else good that comes out of it.


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