Mob Candy Publisher Unveils Memoir About Gallo Crew

Life in the Gallo crew
Mob Candy publisher Frank DiMatteo has written a memoir -- now available -- about his life in the crew of Joseph "Crazy Joey" Gallo.


"I guess you can say each person has a choice of which road to follow in life, sometimes you don't have the power to make that choice. In my case, life came at me so fast that I never had the opportunity to hit the brakes. I grew up around my father's world, a world that few have ever learned to understand or justify. That world has been termed "The Underworld". You might say, I was bred into the Mafia. It was always around me and I was always around it. I knew the ways of the street as well as I knew my ABC's, in fact, I knew the streets better.

I knew all these men and they all knew me, most of them watched me grow from a baby to the full grown man I am today, Frank DiMatteo. This was the world I grew up in and to me, it was as normal as family life on television, like "Leave It to Beaver". All of these men now only exist as characters in films, books, and as entries on Wikipedia pages but to me, they will always be my neighbors, my friends and my family. So let me give you a little history lesson, even though the history runs through it.

At the time Joseph "Crazy Joe" Gallo was gunned down in a hail of bullets at Umberto's Clam Bar on April 7, 1972. Crazy Joe, his brothers and their crew were among the most feared and ruthless gangs in the history of the American Mafia. Assassinated in front of his wife and young daughter in that restaurant on Mulberry Street in Little Italy, Joe Gallo was only 43 years old. My baptism into La Cosa Nostra began a decade earlier. Brooklyn in the 1960's when my father, Richard "Ricky"DiMatteo, was a bodyguard for Larry Gallo, Joey's brother. Larry, Joe and their brother, Albert "Kid Blast" Gallo were defiant gangsters who ran their own crew. They were a group of urban outlaws who broke the laws set forth by the Mob's Commission, basically playing "the game" by their own rules. The Gallo brothers were a new breed of gangster with their own style, their own way of operating and constantly challenging the norm of La Cosa Nostra.

Lion In The Basement
Frank Dimatteo's life story growing up in the Gallo crime family
look inside

However, their rebellious actions eventually led to an all out war with the "old school" Don's, who disapproved of this new way of doing business. I'm going to tell you the story of the Gallo brothers and their men, known as "The President Street" Crew, from the inside, by someone who was there and lived to tell about it. I'm going to blow your mind away on how the Gallo-Profaci War and how it shaped the other New York Crime Families for decades to come. Unlike any Mafia story you ever heard, this one will be part history lesson and part memoir, from the eyes of an insider with first- hand experience on numerous, legendary Mafia meetings, harrowing crimes, violent confrontations, grotesque murders and bedside confessions to famous "hits" that have remained a mystery, until now. You will learn the who's who of the American Mafia in the second half of the 20th century, including dealings with bosses, capos, soldiers, as well as business men and celebrities from all walks of life, including the sleazy world of pornography. Lion in the Basement /The President Street Boys is a first- hand account of what it was like to grow up around some of the most dangerous criminals the Mafia has ever known. What you are going to read is a personal story, as I seen it and lived it, my story. Details on how by working beside my father, I interacted with some of the most notorious gangsters of our time and how I would unwittingly bear witness to some of the most infamous moments in gangland history."


  1. Wow,now that's a book I would read.

  2. I love reading about the Gallo's. I love their rebellious attitude. They had the balls to do what they wanted to. The fact that their crew survived as long as it did says a lot.

  3. I like the title.

  4. Was this guy an informant?

  5. He threatened to contact the FBI on me one time and I am his partner.


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