UPDATED: Mob Wives Season Five: Reality Check

Natalie is smokin'...
From Enstars:

The new season of VH1 hit reality show Mob Wives should be called World War III because the woman on the show are at war, literally, and the drama doesn't look like it's dying down anytime soon.
Season 5 of the reality series made its debut on Wednesday and by the looks of the show, it's clear that the women may be not be in a jolly mood this holiday season.
During the season 5 premiere of 'Trust No One,' viewers quickly learn that cast mates Angela Raiola (Big Ang) and Drita D'avanzo are now opening up to Natalie Guercio (Renee Graziano's sworn enemy) and of course that wasn't going to sit well with Graziano.
Luckily for Graziano, she didn't cast all of her trust in one basket, and her BFF Karen Gravano is back and the two are not a force to be reckoned with; Guercio is going to learn this lesson the hard way.
In addition to the dynamic duo being the best of friends, their fans have their backs, and after the premiere episode, viewers immediately took to Twitter to support the wives [meaning Gravano and Graziano].

Yes, I agree. World War III is a much, much better name for Mob Wives. Any episode now Big Ang is gonna be driving a tank right up Renee's liposucted ass; Drita and Natalie will cover her flanks with Uzis, but Karen Gravano is gonna zip across the sky in her own Blackhawk -- because, hey, they are "literally" at war!!

And most certainly the drama will live, because without it there is no show.

The "looks of the show" do indeed warrant concern. Whatever the hell that means.

Drita and Big Ang actually started opening up to Natalie for most of season four until..... Natalie tweeted!! Then Big Ang and Drita rejoined Team Psycho in the final minutes of season four. Apparently that's not the preferred storyline so they're back on Team Delicious.

Karen has so much free time she flies right into New York to protect Renee, because, hey, Natalie tweeted!!!! It's not like Karen left her husband and kids behind, abandoned them.... wait a sec. That's actually what she did, right?

Renee is the boss though!!! Why would she need backup? Certainly the tough as nails Renee doesn't need any backup! (Actually she does; she is all talk (all bullshit, I mean) but it doesn't matter.) Karen is simply giddy -- and ripe with fury at Natalie, a person who couldn't care less about her, Karen, or Renee -- and Karen's giddiness is real because she's just grooving that the bitch is back!! Her lawsuit blew up on her because the videogame company used the truth to defend itself. "She really is fat," they noted in court papers. So... the bitch is back!!!


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NOTE: Who goes to work and gets so many calls in a row from their kids and husband, begging her  to come home? Drita can't though!! She's TOO BUSY!!! She has to race all over Staten Island to be in her stores so the cameras can film her walking around and talking on the phone!! 

She's too damn busy!!!!!

So she hangs up and makes a beeline out the front door, probably for a smoke. Why didn't she just run home and visit the kids? And, presumably, Mr. Lee?

 And what was that noise about overbooking - "we overbooked -- we have two clients coming in at the same time today..." OK, we don't know what the hell goes on in that shop but wouldn't that be a good thing, to have more business? They can only cater to one client per frigging day?

I know, I know -- you're not supposed to take a reality show seriously. Silly me!!

We will give the show props for its expert hand at exploiting social media. They are using tweets instead of press releases -- and blogs and websites run photos of the things and write entire stories around these phoney messages. It's all a great idea, actually, as long as you remind yourself -- it's all bullshit. We watch Mob Wives for the entertainment we used to get by watching midnight wrestling on channel 9 on Saturday night.

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NOTE: We believe Renee did poorly in show testing and that is probably why she's been promoting herself nonstop since the end of season four (it also certainly helps if your sister is, like, the show creator). The current season will be devoted to repairing Renee's image as a raving drug addicted psychotic.... In fact they appear to be loading the cast with anyone they can get their hands on as long as they kiss Renee's ass... (Some dynamics on the show are probably much more true-to-life than we'd guess. And we're just guessing -- but sometimes they can't hide their true colors.)

NOTE: Victoria Gotti? Really???  

One final observation about that blog post quoted above, at the top of the story...  it sounds more than a bit biased. It'd be fun to see who owns that site. Anyone out there got any inside dope??? We are always looking for chatty insiders -- or tipsters -- and we offer total anonymity.

Referring back to that opening quote: Read the last part of the last sentence of the second to last paragraph again.

Guercio is going to learn this lesson the hard way.

Natalie, watch your back...
Not "it looks like" or "it appears that".... Rather, the simple declarative statement that Guercio is going to learn this lesson the hard way. 

Does anyone get it?

[BTW: Luckily for Graziano, she didn't cast all of her trust in one basket, and her BFF Karen Gravano is back and the two are not a force to be reckoned with; Guercio is going to learn this lesson the hard way. -- "now" maybe? We agree with "not," actually.]

But also notice that all fans' tweets included in the story are pro Renee/Karen....

Anyone notice Karen's storyline? RumorFix: "The VH1 star also reveals she’s starting a medical marijuana business and her struggles will play out on the reality TV show."


  1. Should be renamed Mob Slop: The Return of Karen Gravano

  2. Frankie Flowers cousin Natalie Didonato is replacing alicia demichelle garafolo for this season of mobwives. Seems like she is going to be allied with karen and renee since she hates the other Natalie Guercio. Social media pics of them recently is giving me that conlusion. Also I saw Carla facciolo returning to the show. Renee who had a previous beefs with carla was coming to her defense on twitter. Before that karen and carla were seen partying together this summer as well, saw a picture of them on instagram. Here are the links to prove my theory's.



  3. i heard karen say on the first episode of the season that her father "sammy the bull" is getting out in 2 yrs??????? did i hear that right? anyone know how true this is? wouldn't this guy get dealt with if he came out on the streets?

  4. He left the program, wasted alot of the us marshalls money and disgraced the govt when he was convicted of running the x ring. He will be under supervised release for the rest of his life. If the wiseguys can get to him without harming any feds, they would probably go for it. There best bet is to farm it out to a cartel, bring him to mexico for an execution. In that way, the wiseguys will not feel any blow back from the feds. The feds will probably count it as a loss since he left the program and the fbi's resources will still be on catching terreorizers. Yes I just used a President Bush'ism lol. Ed or anybody else, correct me if my assessment is flawed or not.

  5. its just strange how he crushed so many people and he hasn't been fucked with

  6. The show should be named mob wifes and how to bed a black sex partner to take care of my kids. Philly

  7. I really dont think they care anymore Ronen and if they really wanted to make a point they could hire it out kill the daughter and Son and your point would be made nobodys safe wife or kids cartel style. Philly

  8. Hi ed philly whatever happened to leftys granddaughter i think the name was Ranee Rizzo why did she leave the show or was she let go. Philly

  9. If women and children end up getting killed, then that will provoke the fbi to increase resources. If its just sammy, it will be business as usual. Frankie Loc probably cares. The leadership might be forced to act in order to save face. Imagine the credibility of that lifestyle/organization if sammy makes a cameo on mobwives. If that happened, most of the gamblers and connected businesses would go to some other transnational crime syndicate for "protection." The chinese triads will move in. They already moved in on mulberry street.

  10. I agree it will bring heat but u have to start some where or this will continue as for sammy making a cameo and slapping them in the face this will be the solution take him and the family anybody else who turns will stay out of the spotlight i believe. As for this thing of ours when Rico came in that was the beginning of the end

  11. The fbi and law enforcement agencies have informants everywhere. Rico has affected everybody operating in the underworld here in the usa. If the government can infiltrate one of julian assange's proteges in the operation to take down wikileaks, they can infiltrate any organization.

  12. Ramona Rizzo and Carla Facciolla "resigned" -- some kind of contract dispute but who really knows.

  13. So all these old and new people are returning to the show.... and what's the common denominator? Support Renee.

  14. Well he was about to be fucked with on the day the local authorities arrested sammy and everyone else for the x ring. If they didnt go after sammy on that day, fat sal and tommy huck would have made an attempt to go after him. Who knows if sammy could have survived that attempt if it happened.

  15. You are correct. The common denominator is support Renee. Its no coincidence her sister jenn is an executive producer and creator of mobwives.

  16. Ed no offence to you but why do you devote articles to that programme?

  17. Huck would of got him if the feds didn't pinch him, I heard they were gonna use or leave Louie Milito's rifle on Sammy, not sure how true it is

  18. Just notice... He's bye bye...

  19. Mob Wives is hugely successful -- of my top 10 all time most-read stories, about six or seven are Mob Wives stories. One is about the now terminated Pittsburgh Godfather and one is related to Kitchen Nightmares. I like watching MW, truthfully. None of its real, its dopey as hell, but its entertaining..... Like wrestling before it became a "legit" sport...

  20. Yep... Two years. Then we'll probably have The Gravanos show on VH1....

  21. Ed, if sammy did that, do you think that will force dom cefulo's and frank cali's hands against him, in order to save face.

  22. I think they got a 50cal barreta rifle in arizona. The power of that weapon would have shattered his body into pieces. Body parts of him would have been everywhere. You think Im joking, there are youtube video of that rifle being used on iraqi insurgents during the battle of fallujah.

  23. Truth be said sammy couldnt give a fuck who.s after him the guy did bodys like we change our shorts and because he ratted does that make him any less of a killer when him and gotti walkede the streets back in the day i here a path opened like the red sea now that gottis dead everybody has opinion how he did bussiness u were all like little mouses when he wass alive as for sammy go after him i really dont think he cares i know i dont and im no sammy bit make sure when u do u dont become another victim because will all be here posting what a idiot 'let sleeping dogs lye folks just sayin.philly

  24. Ronen - you are obsessed with the killing of turncoats! LOL! It is not something the mob really cares about, from what I hear. I recently was in touch with someone who got some comments from law enforcement. I get into a lot of shit with people over this blog.... anyway, what I heard: "If someone ever killed a turncoat there would be so much heat in the neighborhood that the mob would want to.kill the guy who did the hit. The feds would crack.down on everyone." Whatever the mob has so left, they don't want to risk it by doing anything obvious. They want to stay underground.

  25. Sorry, ed. My comments might have contributed to the shit you probably get from sources. I feel guilty now ugh. Thanks for putting me in check lol.

  26. Could you do a story on Frank Lagano? He was an informant that was killed in the mid 2000's. I mean why would the fbi decrease resources if the informant who was killed 3 years prior to the reductions? What makes the circumstances different with him being killed on the street vs after testifying?

  27. For me when it comes to the Mob i'm only interested in the reality of "the life" and the history of the Mafia as a whole. Of course pop culture has played a huge part in this, I probably wouldn't even know of LCN if it wasn't for Martin Scorsese. And mobsters have been involved in this process themselves. But to me Mob Wives is just beyond the pale. I hate reality T.V but I suppose that's what popular right now.

  28. No! Not that - just an observation. Say whatever you want...

  29. Hi ed is that natalie a pistol or what i dont know if shes acting or just flat out nut. But a hottie i must say! Philly

  30. interesting point.. I'll add him to my list....

  31. Sammy is more respected than Gotti.....I've heard that from several sources. They really don't like what Gotti did, not just the Gambinos. I find it hard to believe but it's what I've heard.

  32. Agree Enstars has their nose so far up the Grazianos ass you would think they are getting paid to print positve things about Renee.


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