Heartwarming Nostalgia: Ex-Mob Wife Talks About Her Arrest, Etc.

Another blog, which seems to either have an agenda or a very shallow editorial strategy (we wonder who is really behind the operation), inspired us to take a stroll down memory lane...

Mob Wives memory lane, specifically.

Alicia DiMichele joins Ricky to talk about what it was like to be a "Mob Wife" before she was arrested.

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While gauging the flora and fauna peppered beside the path, we noticed a couple more "updates" of sort...


And also does a "Sharon Stone flip of the leg."

You go girl!

Mob Wives' Karen Gravano Breaks Down Deep Rooted Beef With Carla Facciolo

She can't pronounce "Luchese!"

ALSO FACT CHECK: Guy she calls a rat wasn't a rat. He wound up with a canary in his mouth because Gaspipe and Vic Amuso were systematically taking out all the family's heavy hitters....to remove any potential opposition.

I thought Karen's beef was with Drita.


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