Sneak Peek: Ex-Mobster John Alite Speaks with Trevor McDonald

We now present a clip of John Alite talking to Sir Trevor McDonald for an ITV documentary about the Mafia titled "The Mafia with Trevor McDonald."

As we noted, the veteran broadcaster wants to show viewers the "reality" and not the "mythology" of the Mob in the show.

Trevor will look at the day-to-day lives of men within the secret crime organisation as well as undercover law enforcement figures, the Radio Times reported.

For the show, he visits New York, Miami, Philadelphia and Southern California. The show is set to air in the fall.

As for Alite, we noted in a recent story how an episode of "60 Minutes" focused on an interview with the former associate of John Gotti Junior about sports betting, a hot political issue in New Jersey. It also included some of the highlights of his career on the street, limiting its scope to the turncoat's doings in the New York area, where he worked under the Gottis.

But he also was quite active in the criminal underworld in Tampa, Fla., working under fellow New Yorker Ronald "Ronnie One Arm" Trucchio.

Among other things, Alite said becoming a bookie was one of his first rackets; he'd learned all about the sports-betting business from family members with whom he lived in the same house in Woodhaven, Queens.

"I was good at it and I became very good at it, and I became a professor of bookmaking," Alite told correspondent Jack Ford.

John Alite, the prosecution's star witness in the then-ongoing racketeering trial of Gotti Jr. in federal court in New York City, told authorities that, during a stay in South Jersey, he met with doomed Philadelphia associate Johnny "Gongs" Casasanto several times in 2002 as well as with various leaders of the Philadelphia mob, including those suspected of ordering Casasanto's murder in November 2003.


  1. interesting to know,why is this guy still alive?

  2. Who John Alite? They are all still alive name one "rat" the mob has managed to successfully kill?

  3. why is he still a live..why doenst the mob go after him and other rats ?

  4. Being a rat is the new machine gun. A lot of these rats end up going back to a life of crime. The word is sharper than the sword. To kill a rat would be bad for business. I think the last rat was killed by Gotti's crew, Willie Boy Johnson, but that's because he refused witness protection.

  5. This just proves my point- when it the time comes and they shackled...they ALLLLL crumble like a house of cards.....Locked these wanna-be Tough guys up for was great to see them squirm in their a matter of MINUTES they would start singing. AND FYI- who is going to kill them? NO ONE! those days are long gone. They don't put contracts on people anymore....there is NO MORE La Cosa Nostra- Its now called: Do The Crimes and if i get caught- SQUEAL! they are all cowards...

  6. Willie Boy was murdered by a prosecutor who thought if she revealed him as a CI he'd have no choice but testify. He fooled her. It was beyond her comprehension that choosing life over death is not always the right choice for some people in certain circumstances. See Socrates.

  7. I hear the five families don't allow murders these days, of anyone, including rats. Take it however ya all want!

  8. thank u ed for clarifying what i was trying to say u might get satisfaction for ur self by whacking a informent but the repercussion to the individuals involved or familys will be crippling the feds will be relentless. Some food for thought its easy to kill someone getting away with it clearing ur name is the big problem. Philly

  9. Yeah I know it would be bad for business, I just read comments all the time stating that "why is this guy still alive" etc. The answer is the mob neither has the capabilty or the desire to kill these guys. Too much heat and bad for business like you say. If they had killed Gravano it might have been a different story and they knew where he was. Not that i'm advocating them doing something like that i'm just pointing out they don't have the power to do such a thing anymore.

  10. The risk is not worth the reward.

  11. Capable of reaching a witness under protection probably not but capable of committing a murder of course they do. As for desire believe me they all desire to kill the latest rat. What it comes down to and I stated it above the risk is simply not worth the reward.

  12. well put Funzi . philly

  13. This john alite person isn't worth it just to kill him. The only way for the mob to try to regain deterrence and avoid the heat from the feds is to lure the guy who refused the program or signed out, out of the country and to outsource it. Lure him to either Mexico or Canada and kill the guy there. The us does not have jurisdiction in those 2 country's and if the hit makes the papers, the feds won't feel the need to go after them because they are under extreme budget cuts. Feel free to correct me if i made a mistake in this analysis.


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