Half Wits Write Pro-Renee Mob Wives Blog

Renee Graziano, courtesy of Instagram.
(She lost a lot of weight!)

While doing research, I caught a few "news" headlines that invited scrutiny. 

I honestly still wonder what the world's coming to.... 

Every single one of the stories was from the blog I have previously mentioned, which I am now certain is written and not edited by half wits so obviously biased about the VH1 reality show "Mob Wives" that it's ridiculous. 

Here is a few passages I left verbatim from one story.

Fans on Twitter are calling Mob Wives reality star a rat for calling the police after her boyfriend was stabbed in a Brooklyn night club. 
Reality star Natalie Guercio has thrown the word rat around a lot this season, and now it looks like she may actually be the cop caller of the group....
While the duo {Natalie and London] may have found the suspect, fans are now calling Guercio a snitch and a cop caller, and they are also blamming her for Rene's stabbing.

Guercio made a statement backing up her decision to call the police assuring people that she's not a snitch, but it looks like some people think differently.

Yes, the last segment actually says that... I will repeat: Guercio made a statement backing up her decision to call the police assuring people that she's not a snitch, but it looks like some people think differently.

By now, it is widely known that Natalie Guercio's boyfriend, London Rene, was slashed across his face, torso and arm (the wounds required more than 200 stitches) by Rudolph "Rudy" Lopez, whose charges have been upgraded to attempted murder, according to Guercio.

The stabbing  took place at Club Output (which somehow outlaws the taking of photographs, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where mob bosses Carlo Gambino and Vito Genovese once recruited members).

Now, I will be blunt here (and if you don't like "Mob Wives," you might want to stop reading instead of grumbling in the comments; I wasn't going to post anything tonight). 

You have to be some kind of moron to think that calling the police when someone is critically wounded by a knife-wielding sociopath is the equivalent of ratting someone out. You also have to be a moron if you appear to condone and/or support this kind of irrational behaviour.

London's wounds were life threatening so I suppose Natalie should've just stood there and watched a man she loves bleed out so some fans of a reality show ("on Bravo," as the blog written by halfwits says) won't go tweeting nonsense about her being a rat.

This simply shows one of the dangers of possessing a kind of mentality that I sought to point out in my previous comments to someone asking me how I could not despise Mafia turncoats. 

To those who ask me that question, here is my answer, or the "bottom line" part, to spare the space:

[U]nless you're benefiting in some way from organized crime why would you applaud its efforts? Do you despise the notion of "betrayal"? OK, then go kill everyone in your life who betrayed you.... Or just beat them up... or give them a nasty pinch.... Most of us have been betrayed by lots of people -- could be over something small or something major,... Or if you're a guy who lives vicariously through the "exciting" lives of gangsters then maybe you should ponder your personal values.

One of the stories on the blog of half-wits has a headline that reads:

Renee Graziano Throwing Shade At Natalie On Twitter & Replaces Her With New Cast Mate

WTF does it mean to "throw a shade?" Am I missing something here? Is there a different way to read the word "shade?" Honestly, I feel like I might be missing something, some kind of popculture reference....

Or is a shade still:
  • a mixture of a color with black (often generalized as any variety of a color)
  • (shadow), the blocking of sunlight
  • a process used in art and graphic design

Okay, I am over it. But not for long....

Graziano threw a little bit of shade at Guercio in her Twitter post on Tuesday, and things between the sworn enemies could get worse.

Renee's Twitter post, according to the blog, read:

"I'm not in agreement with what happened but a word of advice from the [heart] if you would life people to respect your privacy, lay off social media and stay off TMZ."

It's good not to agree with someone butchering someone else, however, this is not an issue that has anything to do with privacy; this has everything to do with not being a moron....

The reality star still wasn't done. On Thursday Guercio also took to Instagram to share a photo of she and what seems to be the "new Natalie." [They mean Graziano, not Guercio, in that last part.]

That's right, it look like Guercio is being replaced. Graziano and "new Natalie", Natalie Didanato, are traveling to Vegas on Friday for a fun girls getaway.

It didn't seem to be--I assure you, it was Natalie Didonato, who Tweeted that she was related to a former associate of the Philadelphia Cosa Nostra crime family, Frankie Flowers. Whether she has anything to do with Andrew DiDonato (see photo below) I hope to find out. 

I've been hearing different things. Andrew does apparently have relatives in Pennsylvania.... I just don't know, I can't get him on the phone....

Salud, Andrew! (Call me back!!!!)

"There's really no telling how Guercio will respond to Graziano's shade..."

She won't give a shit, I'd think. The best way to deal with haters, Natalie, is to ignore them.... don't give them real estate in your thoughts....

And what better way to end this story than with my favorite quote of all....

The season 5 drama of Mob Wives returns next week at 9 p.m. on Bravo!

Go and see it yourself....


  1. Great post.
    Just want to correct one thing, Mob Wives is actually shown on VH1, not Bravo.

  2. Calling 911, the police, or paramedics because her man got slashed is not snitching. Telling the police the name of the person that did it is snitching. I'm not saying I wouldn't have done the same thing, I probably would have. But Im not trying to act tough or capitalize on any connections to the mob. Telling police the name of someone who commits a crime is "ratting" that person out, just saying.

  3. She looks like a madam

  4. The paramedics would have notified the cops anyway even if she wouldnt have called them

  5. First of all were talking about a show 2nd the only one with any connections is Ranee and her Sister Jenn who.s fathet was TG Graziano and rumor has it the Bonannos put him on the shelve. Who else is connected everybody knows somebody in NY there on every corner.Drita.s husband is a smash and grab burgler not very good at it. Ranee husband was a rat murderer Big Ang blew a dozen or so wiseguys in hay day and Natalie works at Carto.s funeral home on Broad St in phila which has done funerals for wise guys no family members in Phila mob. As for anybody else being on the show as a wise guy they should be shot on sight for impersonating one. No rats here just ordinary common folks getting paid for bad acting and us fools watching it and commenting on it lol Philly

  6. Ed, check out the Democide link. As you can see, the Nazis were rank amateurs when it came to genocide/mass-murder, being totally eclipsed by the twin kings human extermination, Mao and Stalin.

  7. Im sure Johnny can smooth the chickie situation over he.ll be happy to be home he.s 80. and been involved for a while im sure. As for the rest of scarfos guys Phil narducci and the boys don.t really care for Joey another reason he.s in Fla and Boy George Borgesi they say isnt a happy camper but Joey.s guys are running things and still have the muscle if anybody wants to step to the plate who ever that is better be ready to go the distance these guys got no problem going to war both these groups are seasoned vets and i know i seen it first hand. Philly

  8. I agree Philly. It doesn't matter how much weight she lost, she still has a face that only her mother could love...

  9. I have one question not to change the subject but I often wondered while driving down Broad street and noticing the Chinese resturant called Johnny Changs on the corner. Did he have any.problem when naming that place because it's Johnny's nick name?

  10. Hey Ed, why r some comments missing?

  11. He knows this. He was mocking another website. Lol

  12. Wasn't aware of that. Thank!

  13. I agree. I said you'd have to go backwards in history to find a comparison...

  14. Lol good one Ed! Its nice to have those stupid articles called out! Natalie was right to call the police and anyone who thinks differently seriously needs their head examined!


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