Feds Have Bonanno Crime Family Under Heavy Surveillance

The Bonanno crime family apparently has so many informants that if "four guys get together there is a good chance one or two has flipped and is giving intel to law enforcement."

Still, "the Bonannos have come back a few times after they were written off as finished."

Nicky Mouth's crew members when arrested couple years back

In the story (which disagrees with mine about who is the official boss) he notes that the family's new street boss, Joseph Cammarano, is trying to consolidate power under the watchful eyes of FBI agents (who do work on Sundays; apparently, the Bonannos thought otherwise, according to Breakshot Blog.)

Some highlights:

Plagued by internal fights, they were kicked off the Mafia Commission in New York.

Then Joey Massino consolidated power and set the family on the right track. They were proud of the fact that no made family member had flipped. They closed their social clubs and made all kinds of rules to avoid detection. The FBI was busy with others, and they grew in the shadows. Joey became known as “the last godfather” because he was the only family boss free. He even threatened death to anyone who said his name. It all came apart when his capos and his brother-in-law underboss turned. He went through trial and was found guilty. He then not only made a deal but also wore a wire on the acting boss Vinny Basciano while they were locked up. Joey Massino became the first sitting boss to flip.

The new street boss was once a teamster-working foreman who had a great job on sites checking driver’s union cards for local 282. He was pulling down a cool $100k a year when he was 25 years old. The FBI spoke to the teamsters, and he was out.

Joseph Cammarano Jr. has moved to consolidate power. He had a number of capo meetings that were closely watched by the Feds and the NYPD.

The largest meeting took place on a Sunday inside a Staten Island Barber shop. All the movers and shakers in the family showed up. They called it on a Sunday because they figured the FBI would not be working. They even tried to run counter surveillance, but to no avail.

Its really hard when the FBI has sources in your crew.

He then called a Christmas party at Bocelli's Restaurant on Staten Island that lasted for 6 hours.