10 Bonannos Busted for Racketeering, Kidnapping, Other Charges

Bonanno mobster Vincent Asaro's nephew, acting capo Ronald Giallanzo, was nabbed Tuesday along with nine other reputed Bonanno crime family members and associates.

As reported last December, Joseph Desimone, Anthony Pipitone and Giallanzo were arrested and charged with violating the terms of their federal release by attending the Bonanno holiday fest. They were denied bail.

Giallanzo shown in October 2006 meeting with a Colombo crime family captain and associate.

Those busted this week face a broad swath of criminal charges, some of which go back 20 years.  Specifically Giallanzo and the others were arraigned on racketeering, kidnapping, robbery, attempted murder and other charges in Brooklyn federal court.

Giallanzo, 46, became acting capo in 2014, after his first cousin, Jerome Asaro, was arrested. 

Giallanzo reportedly earned massive amounts of money through stock fraud scheme. He also is known to have erected a $3 million loansharking operation, court papers noted.

He also generated cash via illegal gambling business and other illicit ventures, the Feds allege.

Giallanzo also was reputed to have spent millions to build a mansion in Howard Beach, Queens. 

The estate "is a daily visual reminder to those in his neighborhood of his wealth,” the document reads.

"In addition to compiling tremendous (but ill-gotten) wealth, Giallanzo solidified his position in the Bonanno crime family and power in the Howard Beach community through numero us acts of violence, including murder conspiracy, arson, extortion and other offenses," a federal detention memo noted, according to reports.

In the summer of 2006, Giallanzo, out on bail, allegedly went with his crew to kill someone in the neighborhood. This resulted in "at least" four shooting in Howard Beach over the course of three months, the New York Post reported.

The Feds are doing their best to see this man die behind bars.
They failed to kill the man because he was arrested for unrelated crimes, according to prosecutors.

Prosecutors alleged that in June 2014 he had Bonanno associate Evan Greenberg, 45, nicknamed The Jew, threaten a loan shark customer.

"I get my s–t, I blow cars up. I f——g knock on people’s doors. I pull them out of their f——g house," The Jew reportedly said to the man.

Giallanzo and another associate reputedly dragged the unnamed man into the associate’s car, beating him "until he soiled himself" while Giallanzo screamed, “Where’s the f—ing money?”

The acting capo ultimately served a 87-month prison sentence starting in 2007.

Giallanzo was held without bail.

Michael Padavona, Michael Palmaccio, Nicholas ”Pudgie” Festa, Richard Heck, Michael Hintze, Robert Pisani and Robert "Chippy" Tanico were also named in the 37-count indictment.

Prosecutors sought to forfeit four Howard Beach homes—totaling some $26 million.

This would leave their families homeless, essentially.

Bonanno associate Christopher "Bald Chris" Boothby was also named on the federal indictment.

Boothby was arrested last week alongside Asaro, and charged in a March 2014 home invasion in Queens and the 2011 robbery of a Long Island jewelry store.

All 10 men pleaded “not guilty” to the various charges Tuesday before Brooklyn Federal Court Justice Vera Scanlon. They face up to 20 years in prison if convicted.

Pisani and Heck were released on secured $500,000 bond, while the others were held without bail.

They’re expected to return to court April 11.