Snitch Inside Gotti Grandson's Federal Indictment

SLIGHTLY REVISEDJohn Gotti's grandson and namesake thought he was en route to an eight-year prison sentence at a correctional facility in upstate New York called Fishkill.

Instead, he was ferried to Brooklyn Federal court and brought before a judge alongside reputed Bonanno mobster Vincent Asaro, 82, and five alleged Bonanno associates to face a new indictment on arson and bank burglary charges.

Michael Guidici, one of the three bank robbers
Michael Guidici at the Maspeth Federal Savings and Loan. Allegedly
 he wasn't there to make a deposit.

If everything is what it seems, this is could be a difficult case for the defendants as the Feds have a turncoat intimately involved.

In addition, John Gotti's girlfriend allegedly was involved in the bank job though her status in the Fed's case is unclear. Apparently she hasn't been charged in the indictment. Fed's have in the past braced wives and girlfriends allegedly involved in criminal activity to pressure defendants to cop pleas, if not flip.

All defendants pleaded not guilty.

The Gambinos have been, and remain, one of the most powerful Cosa Nostra clans in New York, behind the Genovese crime family. The Bonannos and Colombos were declared moribund and nearly defunct in recent years. (The status of the Colombo crime family is still unclear, based on anonymous sources.)

This indictment depicts the grandson of the former boss of the Gambino crime family as an associate of the Bonanno crime family.

Asaro was acquitted in the same courthouse, New York's Eastern District, on Nov. 12, 2015. He'd been found not guilty of masterminding the infamous $6 million Lufthansa heist at Kennedy Airport in 1978. The anonymous jury also found Asaro not guilty of killing mob associate Paul Katz in the 1960s, among an array of crimes.

John Gotti's grandson in prison orange
John Gotti (the grandson) made a fortune selling drugs, according to
court papers. Which makes some of this inexplicable....

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Gotti and Asaro were accused of torching a car.

Allegedly it all began on April 1, 2012, when a Queens man decided to "switch lanes in front of Asaro" while pulling up to a traffic light in Howard Beach. Asaro is known to have a notoriously hot temper (remember our street racketball anecdote?). He wanted payback.

According to Gang Land News:

The geezer mobster allegedly chased the other driver "at a high rate of speed" before giving up the chase. But Asaro later obtained the address of the offending driver from a mob associate, according to the prosecutors. 
Two days later, the prosecutors wrote, Asaro drove a Bonanno associate, who is cooperating with the government, to Broad Channel and pointed out the car he wanted torched. The associate recruited Gotti and Rullan to do the work, and the following day, with Gotti at the wheel of his own Jaguar, the three of them drove to Broad Channel, with a container of gasoline .
The feds say the associate doused the car with gasoline, and Rullan set it ablaze. But the trio was interrupted by a passing police officer, who saw the crime take place. 
Prosecutors wrote that's when young Gotti saved the day, up until yesterday. 
"Gotti led the officer on a high-speed chase through Broad Channel and Howard Beach until the officer abandoned the chase because the defendants were driving so recklessly," the prosecutors wrote.

According to the indictment, two weeks later, Gotti and co-defendants Matthew (Fat Matt) Rullan and Michael Guidici conspired to hold up the Maspeth Savings and Loan bank.

During the actual robbery, the trio went with the slip-the-teller-a-note gambit often parodied in Hollywood films.

Guidici handed the teller a note that declared:

"I have a bomb."

Rullan was also charged as the person who ignited the gasoline splashed on the vehicle by a third man (who may be the cooperator?).

The total haul taken from that bank was $5,491, according to law enforcement sources.

Gotti’s girlfriend worked as a teller at the targeted bank. She may have known about the bank's security system, etc., but how could she have had accurate, detailed inside information regarding how much cash the bank had on tap (as the Feds also allege) given the paucity of the haul?

According to court papers filed in this new indictment, Asaro, despite his being an octogenarian (meaning a man in his 80s), is still an active member of the Bonanno crime family. In fact, it was only one month after he beat the Lufthansa rap, he apparently made an appearance at a Genovese crime family Christmas party held in Little Italy.

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