How Joe Ferraro Escaped the Canadian Mafia

Joe Ferraro ran a high-end car rental business. When the mob
started hunting him, he held his own -- and got deported.
"Joe Ferraro had made enemies with powerful men of the Mafia during his troubled time as a strong-armed entrepreneur in the Toronto area, so much so there has been widespread anticipation of his demise among gangsters, police and, indeed, Mr. Ferraro himself," writes the National Post.

“They put a hit on me. They tried to whack me two, three times and God blessed me. I’m still here. They try to send me a message. People are upset with me,” Mr. Ferraro, 49, told the National Post as he was forced by Canada’s border agents onto a plane to South America.

“All because I stand up for myself. Is that wrong?”

In the underworld, Mr. Ferraro learned, it is.

While he clearly had reason to run, he instead fought to stay. His deportation from Canada Thursday for serious criminality ends a conundrum that plagued the gangland for two years: What do you do when an unyielding strongman flouts the age-old rules of the mob?

Read this fascinating story: How Joe Ferraro made it out of Canada’s gangland alive by the National Post:


  1. Replies
    1. wow he stood up to old rule ,he was a real man.

    2. wish there were still mobsters like that they keep mouth shut and instead of talking do what he has to do. hard to find realgangsters or real man like that .

  2. i had the honor of meeting mr.ferraro .he was a gentlemen that people respected and feared him .he was always polite to the normal citizen and never try to use his power on them.but he also had no fear to do damage to his enenmies.i seen what his capable of doing to someone thats against him .let me tell u he is ruthless and has no value for life.


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