Pesci Sues 'Gotti' Film Producers for Switching his Role

Pesci is pissed; he gained 30 pounds
-- and lost $2 million in the process.
Actor Joe Pesci has sued Fiore Films, the production company behind the film about former Gambino boss John Gotti​ and his son, titled  Gotti: In The Shadow Of My Father, accusing the producers of reneging on a contract after he gained 30 pounds to play the notorious crime boss's right-hand man, Angelo Ruggiero, according to Entertainment & Stars.

Pesci was promised $3 million for playing this part. But Fiore Films later told Pesci that he would be playing the lesser role of Anthony "Gaspipe" Casso  instead and would receive only $1 million, according to the lawsuit.

(Don't ya just love the only $1 million!)

The film has gained widespread attention due to its subject matter and a cast that includes John Travolta​, Al Pacino​ and Lindsay Lohan​.

In the lawsuit, Pesci said he came to an oral agreement with production company Fiore Films to play Ruggiero​, which the producer, of course, denies.

Pesci was probably the easiest to cut -- Travolta and Pacino get top billing, obviously -- and Lohan doesn't even deserve a mention, let alone starring role, in the same film that those legendary Italian thespians are supposedly all starring in (though it looks like Pesci is out.)

Now, we'd love to see Pesci play either role; personally, we have always believed that Vincent Pastore made the best Angelo, though the well-nourished actor of Soprano's fame already played the character in HBO's crack at the Gotti story!


  1. I have a hard time imagining that the role of Gaspipe is "lesser". I imagine the dialog would be 60% less but the terror would have been 50% higher.

  2. I agree. Anthony Casso was ruthless and they shouldn'y down play him. If he was here I'm sure he'd have a say in who played him and how much Fiore Films "would pay"!!


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