Las Vegas Man Seeks $2M for Tipping Feds About 'Pricey Whitey' Bulger

A Las Vegas man is seeking $2 million from the Feds -- reward money -- for providing the tip that he says led to the capture and apprehension of one James "Whitey" Bulger, whom we here at CNNews dub "Pricey Whitey" because of the money his trial and imprisonment (and possibly execution) will cost tax payers -- at least the ones in Mass.

"Tipster Keith Messina, who has lived in Las Vegas for 20 years, said he deserves at least part of the reward, despite plans the FBI has to give it to a woman from Iceland," writes the Las Vegas Review-Journal.
Messina's claim was officially filed Friday and is now under review, his attorney Michael Gowdey said.

Bulger, in hiding since 1995 and continuously on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted Fugitives List since 1999, sparked a 16-year global manhunt and was the inspiration for the part played by Jack in the movie "The Departed."

According to the Review-Journal article, "Messina said he was vacationing with his family in Santa Monica in June 2008, and saw Bulger reading a book on the pier. He said Bulger was with a woman, and the couple approached him, starting a conversation about Boston and the Celtics.

" 'That pretty much triggered it,' said Messina, who watched "America's Most Wanted" nearly every time it aired before the Fox show was canceled last month. "I was, like, 'It is him. Holy crap.' "

"Messina, who is in his 40s, said he went home to Las Vegas, checked a picture of Bulger on the Internet and called in the tip to the FBI. He said he left his contact information, but never heard anything. Bulger was arrested, along with his girlfriend Catherine Greig, on June 22 in Santa Monica."

Attorney Gowdey noted the alleged mobster was caught just three blocks from where Messina spotted him.

Good luck, Messina, good luck.