Feds Say Gambling Ring Targeted NYC Celebs

Think la cosa nostra was involved somehow?

From NY1: FBI agents were seen searching a Madison Avenue art gallery Tuesday that authorities suspect may have been used to launder money linked to Russian organized crime.

The scheme was focused on high-stakes poker games attended by professional athletes, Hollywood celebrities and Wall Street titans, federal authorities say.

The FBI arrested people in New York, Miami, and Los Angeles as part of the investigation, but are looking for three more.

Authorities are now asking for the public's help tracking down 40-year-old Abraham Mosseri, 49-year-old William Edler and 45-year-old Donald McCalmont. They avoided arrest and are now wanted as fugitives.

"The charges stem from illegal gambling businesses to money laundering and extortion," said Belle Chen of the FBI Criminal Division. "This group, this organization conducted high-stakes poker games, which were attended by millionaires and billionaires internationally and domestically."

MORE DETAILS: http://www.courthousenews.com/2013/04/18/56839.htm


  1. This is effin ridiculous. You have all of these top tier people that would rather have a quiet card game with trusted confidants instead of going to a casino to be harassed by fans and patrons, then here you have the mighty FBI wasting the country's time and money on a damn card game? How about you relocate resources and try to prevent tragedies like in Boston instead of wasting time. I'll tell you why. Because every clown with a badge wants to make a bust that is tied to OC so they can somehow propel their career to the next level. That's real weakness that truly shows the government hasn't broken the back of anything, except break up a card game or two. Cheers to the guys not caught, keep up the good work gents!


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