Uh-oh: Does Carla 'Out' Ramona's Dad on Reunion?

Regarding the VH1 Sneak Peek video clip below: Right off the bat, Karen surrounds us with her sheer dimension as she sinks solidly into full-blown shock-and-awe psycho mode. She proclaims to Carla -- victim of her wrath -- from right out of the clear blue: "You should respect me."

These girls still don't know the meaning of the word "respect."

(And what the hell is Dr. Drew doing there? Ratings game that rough?)

From this brief clip, it appears Carla says something about Ramona's dad -- regular readers of this blog know how great the feud is between Ramona and her father, a Gambino capo; probably the only reason Ramona is on "Mob Wives" and still able to breathe sweet precious air is because she has cleverly managed to avoid mentioning her father in any way, shape or form. She was able to deflect attention away from daddy by using dear, departed grandpa -- Lefty Two-Guns, aka HorseCock, aka Benjamin Ruggiero -- to fill her personal mob quota.

According to Jerry Capeci, the Gambino family has in fact given kudos to her father for "keeping his name, as well as his crime family affiliation, off the show since [Ramona] joined the cast in its second season on VH1... " Capeci wrote in a ganglandews.com column.

An underworld source quoted in the same story said: “[Ramona's father] doesn’t have anything to do with his daughter, for years, but he laid the law down to her and told her 'don’t you dare mention my name on that show.' He probably didn’t have to. She knows better."

So if Carla "outed" Ramona's dad, that is bad news for Ramona. Very bad news, indeed. And Carla must know this. What we see here is, more than anything, Karen showing she correctly perceives what Carla has done and is defending her friend. I'd like to say I admire her for doing this, but I just can't. Karen is so vulgar and classless, demanding respect like a child. She truly makes me sick, but not as much as Love Majewski (fortunately we are spared having to look at her anymore) and Renee "I created the Mob Candy Brand!" Graziano.

From VH1 BlogOn Sunday’s Mob Wives reunion episode Dr. Drew tries to get to the bottom of the obvious tension that exists between Carla and Karen. Unlike Love‘s stories of stolen angel wings and ex-boyfriends, this rift appears to be deeply rooted in family history. And so, when there’s a disagreement over facts, Karen instructs Carla to get herself educated: “Go on Google, mother f–ker.” Just like any polite woman would do.

Has there ever been an icier way of encouraging someone to play around on the Internet? Contributing to this feud is the fact that both Carla and Karen have their own interpretation of what went on many years ago between their fathers, uncles, and grandfathers, all of whom can’t be there to explain themselves. Dr. Drew can try all he wants, but some grudges never die.

Catch the Mob Wives Season Three reunion episode this Sunday at 9/8 C
(Don't look for Love Majewski)


  1. Short n Sweet n right to the point! How does karen come to the conclusion Carla should respect her for an alleged action between their fathers? How does this obligate Carla to karen? Can't wait for the rationalization behind that funk. Tess

  2. Karen forgets her father was a rat who killed 19 people.

  3. Ramona's father did disown her a long time ago, way before the show. I know that for a fact. Back in the day I knew her Mom very well. Very sweet woman. Her father wasn't a man of many words. My brother lived above their jewelery store in Bklyn. Ramona's mother was very good to my brother and Lord knows he didn't deserve it.


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