Mob Candy Gives Props to Jenn Graziano, Not Renee


In the midst of all the bullshit going on with my family’s Mob Candy brand. Renee Graziano is still putting out, and promoting her own attempt at a Mob Candy line of jewelry, clothing, and shoes on VH1′s Mob Wives TV show. A while back before the episode aired, she did a few interviews on TV, radio, and the internet mentioning her plans to push a Mob Candy brand. Of course, I completely flew off my rocker, and had a lot to say on my blog. You could read what I wrote here. The problem is, while I was ranting about how fucked up Renee was, I threw Jenn Graziano in the mud, and said a few things that i need to stand corrected on.

Spoke to Jenn for a bit this week, when she texted me concerned about a few details in the blog I wrote. what i thought was going to turn into a heated argument actually was a very respectful constructive one. I called her so we could discus things further. Even though we disagreed on many issues, she managed to explain how she will not take sides on whether what her sister did was right or wrong, and she didn’t contact me for that discussion. We went over details and time frames of what really occurred before our meeting, why we met in the first place, and a step by step reenactment of what went down in that specific meeting, and other discussions.

During our talk she called me on something that I realized she was correct about. In my blog I mentioned how she didn’t want any other mob wives on the covers. I also flat out implied that she favors her sister over the other mob wives. And I must admit, when I was writing that blog there was fire in my head. I was wrong. Because after this discussion with Jenn on the phone, she remind me about a few important details I was not remembering. In fact after we discussed it occurred to me that she was perfectly fine with dual Mob Wives covers. I immediately recalled, apologized, and promised to retract.

Look, I retracted my statement, and edited my blog, and I honestly felt she deserved this separate blog so I could apologize, and do right by the mistake. In fact, she has a very respectable brand to worry about that represents all of those women on her show, and its important to her that she treats every single one of them fairly, and evenly. I am sure its very hard to do so, but she should be respected for being able to do it. So, Jenn, this blog is for you. And its also for all of my readers who need to know that its important to admit your wrong when your wrong. And, I was wrong. Any beef I have with her sister will not effect my working relationship with Jenn Graziano, in the industry of mob entertainment. And it shouldn’t.

With that said, its not going to stop me from letting the world know how fucked up her sister is for pushing a Mob Candy brand after a coincidental appearance on the cover of my families Mob Candy Magazine. In fact, I have a lot more to say to Renee, so stay tuned for a part two to my anger blog. Coming very soon. Like my Facebook page to stay updated.


  1. Great job! In saying that I still love my Renee lol xoxo

    1. Thanks - but note this post is from the Mob Candy blog, to which I backlinked right at the top; I didn't write it, just showing it to my readers who didn't see it where it was written and first published...

  2. Mob Candy is not the only concept Renee has taken as her own which belonged to someone else initially. In my opinion her actions display a lack of creativity mixed with smug vindictiveness. Let us sit back and watch the happenings of a woman who will soon be depleted of resources to successfully thieve from, no?

    1. What else did she do? Shoot me an email, lets hasten the depletion!

    2. I'm a dinosaur when involving email lol it's tess, Ed. I've entered the facebook realm at least; and learning how to more than stumble onto sites.. how about messaging? Though I'd have no qualms with publicly posting 4Sure..your approval is ultimately required for publication, no?


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