Rare Video Of Roy DeMeo And His Murder Machine Crew

Here we have what some might call an exceedingly rare "treat": video of Gambino soldier Roy DeMeo and his crew of killers frolicking at a lively barbecue possibly on Long Island at DeMeo's Massapequa home. (The video is featured below.)

The DeMeo crew killed a hell of a lot of people. (The death toll could be as high as 100 victims.)

Members of the DeMeo crew included Joseph (Dracula) Guglielmo (a DeMeo cousin); Gemini Twins Joseph Testa and Anthony Senter; Patrick; Freddie DiNome (DeMeo's driver); Henry Borelli; and Chris Rosenberg.

In the video, Roy is seen first, telling "Freddy" to shut the camera off, twice he says it, then quietly adds "I'm gonna shoot ya!"

Henry Borelli, in the black T-shirt, offers us a rendition of the "Ben Dover" speech. (THAT's a real Brooklyn accent). 

Next, someone off-screen says: "I think I had the machine on the whole while"... 

Someone else replies, with apparent disappointment: " Oh really? "

Then the sound abruptly (and eerily) stops... We cut to the fearsome Gemini Twins: Joseph Testa and Anthony Senter. (The Gemini Twins killed for Roy DeMeo, then probably killed Roy DeMeo, and then went to work for the Luchese family in the mid-1980s.)

Next, Testa eats a hot dog, mouths stuff into the camera. Operating the camera is likely Freddy, whom Roy talks to in the beginning.

Chris Rosenberg, Roy's troubled "adopted" son isn't seen, which means this may have been filmed after his murder. Or that he hadn't shown up yet, of course....

The crew's downfall began with an anonymous tip to Brooklyn detectives.

"A lot of people are disappearing in Canarsie," an unidentified caller said...

Crew members who were not murdered are in prison for life, except for "Dracula," Roy's uncle, who reportedly got on a bus and took off, according to Albert DeMeo, Roy's son.

The Murder Machine crew's MO was to first lure the victim inside the little apartment behind the Gemini Lounge on Flatlands Avenue in Canarsie, which was the crew’s main hangout. The victim was shot in the head — then a towel was quickly wrapped around the head and a knife jabbed in their heart. The crew would then order a pizza pie, then they'd chop the body up and package the pieces. By then the pizza delivery guy generally showed up and they'd all have a slice before tossing the pieces in city dumpsters.

Ultimately, the packages vanished in the mounds of garbage comprising the Fountain Avenue dump.

Murder Machine's authors documented 75 victims, while the FBI suspects the crew committed between 100 and 125 slayings.

DeMeo was last seen wearing a leather jacket over a shotgun when on January 10, 1983, he went to Patty Testa's house for a meeting. That night, he failed to attend his daughter Dione's birthday party. Exactly 10 days later -- on January 20, DeMeo's Cadillac was found in the parking lot of the Veruna Boat Club in Brooklyn. Shot in the head, Roy DeMeo's partially frozen body was in the trunk. In an odd twist, a chandelier had been placed and left on top of his body.

In 1989, the Gemini Twins were given life sentences for their crimes. As of this writing, Senter, 66, is at Allenwood USP. in Pennsylvania and Testa, 67, is at Terminal Island FCI in California.

Another DeMeo crew heavy hitter, Borelli, 73, is at Gilmer FCI in West Virginia with a release date of October 15, 2083.


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