You Missed Your Chance To Be on Mob Wives...

Big Ang from Mob Wives had a garage sale at her house in Staten Island this weekend.

Which means if you didn't know about it, you missed your (probably one and only) chance for a walk-on role on the reality show "Mob Wives." Or at least, that is what Big Ang said.

I just read about it on yet another giant entertainment news blog, called Bustle: "

[U]nless you follow her on social media and/or were just in the neighborhood, you missed out. Honestly, it’s a miracle that I’m able to type at the moment, because my disappointment at not being there is paralyzing. There is not a shred of irony in this statement. I’m experiencing the horror of FOMO nightmares come true. The pain is excruciating.

"All weekend, Big Ang was blowing up Twitter and Instagram with updates on the sale. She was obsessed with it, which is about as amazingly absurd and entertaining as she is herself. But really, if there is anything to become obsessed with, it’s mash-up of flea markets and Mob Wives. Tweets came forth from her handle like clockwork — basically every hour on the hour, she was marketing the event. This garage sale was intensely exciting for our gravelly-voiced reality TV Greek chorus member, and God knows she’s not the type to play coy. We expect that many shots were taken and that much LMFAO was played."

Here: like Big Ang? Go here and drown in her. Please.