A Warning for the Bonanno Crime Family...

We didn't know how to proceed in the face of the reaction to our previous story. Our source cannot be identified and we were getting a lot of flack about him.

We shouldn't throw a guy to the wolves -- based on info from a source who may have held a longtime grudge against "The Mole," etc. and so forth.

We're not even referring to comments below the story. The phone calls, emails and texts drove us to shut off our cell phone and consider terminating this blog.

Gerry Chili
Then another source, this one a longtime source (like our new source, this one also is a made guy in the Bonanno crime family -- we know he's made because we have a 302 that identifies him as such) called us this morning.

He was pretty certain he knew who the mole was.  We confirmed it for him and his response was not "Who the fuck is your source?"

Rather, it was: "I fucking knew it...."

We're working on the story now.

We also wish to tell interested parties the following, which came directly from our conversation this morning:

Gerry Chili didn't trust the guy who two sources believe is a "high-level mole" in the Bonanno family -- active and on the street.

Bonanno family, you've been warned...


  1. Its ironic ( or not) that You put Gerry Chilli's pic up there because he got busted meeting with Rabito just like Palazzolo was.

  2. Let me tell you a couple of 3 things LOL ;) First off not too many guys were made in 75 I thought the books opened after Carlo died in late 76. Yeah Yeah I know about replacing the guys that died. However still not too many made in 75. So I think that was to throw us off your source. I am not looking to Jam up the source. It's just bugging me. You're one hell of a journalist Ed. I am, done playing guess that ganster LOL. If it weren't for sources Legit Sources. You'd be rewriting the news. So to you're source. Thank You & God Bless

  3. Ed you're really stirring the pot here man. Not really worth spreading rumors if you ask me.

  4. It's got to be Rabito. AND if it is, he's going to sing about the Genovese murders as well. "TONY ROCKEFELLER" ARE YOU READING THIS? LOL Jamie Delio, Justice for your father's murder is just around the corner.

  5. You really have huge balls to out gangsters like this.

  6. Chili today tamale tomorrow...........


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