Alite Stars on Reality Mob, Where "Bad turns Good"

Lisa hosts Reality Mob*

She is young and looks it -- but she certainly sounds like she can handle herself.

Lisa -- that's right, just "Lisa" -- kicked off her Reality Mob podcast last week, and tonight (April 14) at 9pm she's holding her second, with John Alite, -- hit this link.

Yeah, yeah. I know, I know -- you wanna know about the high-level mole in the Bonanno crime family. I'm working on it. It's out of my hands to an extent -- and it's completely out of Lisa's hands, so giver her a chance here....

We listened to her show last week and liked the way she handled herself. So when we heard Alite was talking, we decided to give her this shout out.

--Lisa on her podcast page.

And she means it. Just listen to her tonight... The call-in number for the show:  (845) 277-9186

"My next guest's name is John Alite," she told us. "I had the liberty of pre-interviewing him and getting to know him. We both want to educate children around the world about bullying and keep them from going onto the streets." She also talks about addiction, gangs, street stuff kids are better off avoiding....

A young mother, Lisa is hesitant to provide too many personal details because she herself has faced bullies -- for her it's not a problem. But one creep dragged her son into things. She's not very happy about that.

She grew up in New York, where her father and mother, may they both rest in peace, raised her and her brothers.

Her father was associated with a crime family and knew a few prominent figures (of one boss he once told her: "He doesn't really want it."). She asked us not to provide any details about him or even post his picture and we respect her right to privacy.
Reality Mob host Lisa*

Her show is not about gangsters. It's about stopping kids from becoming them.

We talked to her today. "I'm ready whenever," she said. "I sound like I smoke 50 packs of cigarettes because of  the tonsillitis."

She didn't sound like she smoked one cigarette.

For a woman who talks for a living, she likes silence.

"I need peace and quiet and I do not get it because I have to be around my son 24|7 and he does not nap. He resists everything I ask of him. But then again he is only 2 years old."

She has experience working on other podcasts -- one devoted to the VH1 reality show Mob Wives.

One anecdote she related to us, we'll share.

She messaged us a story about what happened one night she went out drinking....

It wasn't even a bar it was a club my cousin used to date the DJ. I guess my cousin was arguing with her ex and I was tipsy and I saw him push her. And idk why BUT I didn't wanna leave.... 
So I pushed the DJ and got in the middle...And I held onto the bar and said "No, you're not taking me out."   I still to this day don't know why I even wanted to stay there. I just don't like guys hitting girls. And I saw him push her so I pushed him into his turntable. 
These guys that we'd went in with later told me "it took like four guards to get you to let go."  I was mad and wanted to prove my point that a man can't win a fight with me. 
I remember saying, "Yeah, it takes four bitches on one girl!"

*Thanks to Jatnna Nunez Photography