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What Did Johnny Gammarano Have To Do With Louis Milito's Fate? Testimony Of Gambino Underboss Sammy The Bull Gravano Part 11

"I told him that we knew. We found out exactly what he did (and) why he did it... " --Sammy The Bull on Louie Milito In one of the more (darkly) humorous installments in this otherwise grim series, Salvatore (Sammy the Bull) Gravano testifies about disarming and setting up Liborio (Louie) Milito to be killed by telling him the falsehood that “we were going to kill Johnny Gammarano, that was basically our plan.” Gambino mobster Louie Milito was decidedly unlucky. Why tell Milito that? For one thing, he would believe it ---  because he knew that John Gotti hated Johnny Gammarano . As Gravano said, “John was always talking, bad-mouthing Johnny Gammarano , talking about him, and Louie believed it right away, that he was going to be killed .” What got Louie in trouble in the first place was spectacularly bad timing. He apparently had cozied up to Tommy Bilotti and Paul Castellano at the worst possible moment -- right before John Gotti killed the both of them. (Milito himself miss

Violent Crew Ready To Follow Huck's Orders If The Gambino Soldier Is Released, Sources Say

If Thomas (Huck) Carbonaro's compassionate release motion were granted, a crew of violent, prison-hardened felons—led by two Carbonaro relatives—would be ready to follow the longtime Gambino soldier's orders, sources tell Cosa Nostra News . They also discussed how some on the street view Sammy the Bull's recent podcast. Gravano crew, from left: Ed Garafola, Lou Vallario, Joe D’Angelo, Frankie Flapp, Huck Carbonaro, who came up in Salvatore (Sammy the Bull) Gravano's Brooklyn crew, has been seeking to get a judge to put an early cap on his 70-year sentence. He was convicted in 2003, and his lawyers are using chronology to Huck's benefit, arguing that so much time has passed ("decades of distance between" him and the mob) that he has transformed himself into a new person who is not a violent criminal with a Gambino button. Today, Huck "is a simple convict doing his time, trying to improve himself and attempting to maintain relationships with his large,

How DiB Vanished: Testimony Of Gambino Underboss Salvatore (Sammy The Bull) Gravano Part 10

During the 1992 trial that featured Sammy the Bull's testimony it was alleged that John Gotti expected his captains to pay him $3,000 on his birthday and on Christmas. * While awaiting trial in jail, Gambino boss John Gotti ordered a hit on Gambino porn czar/soldier Robert (DiB) DiBernardo using Angelo (Quack Quack) Ruggiero as the go-between with Salvatore (Sammy the Bull) Gravano, who was serving as acting boss while Gotti was away.  From left: Ernie Boy Abbamonte, Nicky Slick DiPietro, John Carneglia. While the motive for killing DiB supposedly was "subversive" comments he made behind Gotti’s back, in a later discussion in the apartment above the Ravenite in Manhattan, Gotti told Frank (Frankie Loc) Locascio something else.  Gotti blamed his underboss, Gravano (who was not in the apartment above the Ravenite at the time), for pressing him to order the murder of DiB (as well as of Gambino wiseguys Liborio Milito and Louis DiBono.) “Did he ever talk subversive to you?”

One Of Two Twin Brothers Charged In 2017 Murder Of Reputed Luchese Associate Found Dead

One of the twin brothers arrested for the vicious murder of a reputed Luchese associate in 2017 died of an apparent heroin overdose in Brooklyn earlier this month. Iacono twins: Louis, left, and Vincent at 2017 arrest. Vincent Iacono was found—with needle and fanny pack filled with drugs—on June 11 on the floor of the bathroom of a Canarsie apartment where he worked as caretaker. He died one day before he and his brother Louis turned 40. In November 2017, the brothers—two hulking guys who stayed tight since birth and were first arrested in 2001 for baseball-batting a car together— were charged with murdering their roommate , alleged Luchese associate Carmine Carini Jr., then wrapping him in a tarp and dumping him in a Jamaica Bay inlet in August of that year. (In this blog's view. authorities have not sufficiently detailed the motive for Carini Jr.'s incredibly brutal murder, which supposedly was over a drug dispute.) Vincent Iacono was paroled last July, according to a New Yor

Retrial May Be In Cards For Imprisoned Reputed Luchese Bosses Stevie Wonder, Matty Madonna

A recent Appellate Court ruling granting a requested delay has cleared the path for a new trial for alleged Luchese underboss Steven L. Crea, acting boss Matthew (Matty) Madonna, soldier Christopher Londonio, and associate Terrence Caldwell, who were convicted and sentenced to life in prison for a gangland hit in the Bronx in 2013. Reputed mob associate Meldish was shot dead in the Bronx in 2013. Lawyers for Crea, Madonna, Londonio, and Caldwell filed the joint motion last month to request a delay because, the lawyers say, they found new evidence containing Brady, Giglio, or Rule 16 material—which has to do with the disclosure of exculpatory and impeachment evidence—which they will use in a motion seeking a new trial. The Rule 33 motion was to be filed in U.S. District Court in White Plains, the same courthouse where Crea, Madonna, Londonio, and Caldwell stood trial in 2019 for the murder of alleged Luchese associate Michael Meldish . Crea and his three co-defendants were convicted on

THE BAD OLD DAYS: Appeals Highlight Genovese Family Plot To Kill Gambino Boss John Gotti, Brother Gene

Two Garden State mobsters, including the former head of the Genovese crime family's New Jersey contingent, are seeking to get out of prison on arguments that their decades-old convictions—for ordering a hit on a businessman in an Upper East Side Italian restaurant as well as for plotting to murder top members of the Gambino family—should be overturned owing to prosecutorial misconduct. Bobby Manna, center, and crew were nabbed in 1988. Former Genovese consiglieri Louis (Bobby) Manna, who served in the regime of Vincent (Chin) Gigante, and co-defendant Richard (Bocci) DeSciscio, an alleged associate whom Manna entrusted with carrying out murders, posed their arguments (via their attorneys) in motions recently filed in Federal court. Manna, 91, and DeSciscio and co-defendants Martin (Motts) Casella, who owned Casella's Restaurant, a Genovese hangout, and  Frank (Dipsy) Daniello, a retired Hoboken police lieutenant, were charged for involvement in  plotting to murder John Gotti