Vincent (Fish) Cafaro's Declaration

VINCENT CAFARO declares, pursuant to the provisions of 28 U.S.C. § 1746:

I was "straightened out" as a made member of the Genovese Organized Crime Family in approximately 1974. Among members and associates of La Cosa Nostra, I was generally known by the nickname "Fish." Until 1986, I was Anthony "Fat Tony" Salerno's right-hand man. A photograph of Salerno and me outside the Palma Boys Social Club in East Harlem (see below) is attached as Exhibit A. After he suffered a stroke in 1981, Salerno functioned as the "figurehead" Boss of the Genovese Family, while Vincent "Chin" Gigante took over from Salerno as the "behind the scenes" Boss. However, Salerno retained control over the Genovese Family's rackets in the construction industry.

Fat Tony Salerno, Vincent Cafaro in front of Palma Boys social club
Fat Tony and, standing, Fish Cafaro, outside the Palma Boys Social Club. 

From 1974 until 1986, I gained extensive personal knowledge of the influence of organized crime, especially the Genovese Family, in the New York City District Council of the carpenters union. This Declaration summarizes certain aspects of the Genovese Family's influence over the District Council and its officers. This Declaration does not reflect all of my knowledge or experience with organized crime and the District Council.

Organized Crime Involvement in the District Council

A. Vinnie DiNapoli's Involvement in the District Council

I have known Vinnie DiNapoli since at least 1978. I sponsored him into the Genovese Family, as a member of Saverio "Sammy" Santora's crew. Before Vinnie DiNapoli became a made member of the Genovese Family, he had been associated with the Lucchese Organized Crime Family. I also know Louis DiNapoli, who is Vinnie DiNapoli's brother. I sponsored Louis DiNapoli into the Genovese Family as well. Like his brother, Louis DiNapoli became a member of Sammy Santora's crew. Louis DiNapoli is also pictured in the photograph attached as Exhibit A. Santora's operations were headquartered in East Harlem, near East 116th Street. Santora's crew was often referred to as the "116th Street crew," or simply "116th."

Vinnie DiNapoli managed the Genovese Family's interests in the District Council until about 1983. In particular, DiNapoli controlled Teddy Maritas, the former President of the District Council. DiNapoli obtained a great deal of payoff money through his influence in the District Council. This money was paid by contractors, who in return received preferential treatment from the carpenters union. DiNapoli also controlled certain drywall contractors, including Inner City Drywall and Cambridge Drywall.

Vinnie DiNapoli often exercised his influence in the District Council through his brother, Louis DiNapoli, and through Louis Moscatiello. Louis Moscatiello is a Genovese Family associate, who reported to Vinnie DiNapoli. I saw Moscatiello in Fat Tony Salerno's social clubs a number of times. Moscatiello was the chief officer of a plasterers local union, and he used to deliver money to Fat Tony periodically in connection with that union.

In approximately 1981, Vinnie DiNapoli, Teddy Maritas and others were indicted for crimes relating to the District Council. In approximately 1982, Vinnie DiNapoli approached me on the street in East Harlem, and told me that he was worried about Teddy Maritas. I understood that DiNapoli was worried that Maritas might cooperate with law enforcement, and that DiNapoli was seeking approval to murder Maritas. I told DiNapoli that, instead of talking to me, he should go and see Sammy Santora. Shortly after this conversation, Maritas disappeared.

Vinnie DiNapoli went to jail in approximately 1983. While he was in jail, Vinnie DiNapoli's rackets in the District Council were managed by Louis DiNapoli and Louis Moscatiello.

B. Pete DeFeo's Involvement in the District Council

Pete DeFeo, a Capo in the Genovese Family, also ' exerted influence over the District Council. .DeFeo's crew is based downtown, in Little Italy. Alex "Black Alex" Morelli, a made member of the Genovese Family, reports to DeFeo and acts as a Capo in DeFeo's absence. DeFeo's primary representative in the District Counoil was Marcello Svedese, a carpenters union officer who worked out of the Bronx.

When I wanted to use Svedese's influence in the District Council on behalf of Fat Tony Salerno, I first had to obtain permission from DeFeo. Salerno, Louis DiNapoli and I went to see DeFeo at a restaurant in Little Italy to seek permission to use Svedese's influence. Morelli was also present. DeFeo told Salerno that he should feel free to use Svedese.

C. The District Council and The Convention Center

10. The Genovese Family controlled the hiring of carpenters union members, first at the New York Coliseum, and then at the Jacob Javits Convention Center (together, the "Convention Center"). Jobs at the Convention Center are very desirable because they involve easy work, overtime, and opportunities to make additional money through various rackets at the Convention Center. Many organized crime associates are given positions with the carpenters union at the Convention Center. Several different La Cosa Nostra Families have influence at the Convention Center, but the Genovese Family has primary jurisdiction over the Convention Center.

I had considerable influence in determining who would be hired at the Convention Center for carpenters union positions. Vincent "Jimmy" Angellino, a Capo in the Colombo Organized Crime Family, also exercised control over hiring carpenters at the Convention Center. Angellino controlled hiring at the Convention Center on a day-to-day basis, but I had the power to approve any major decisions.

One of the organized crime associates for whom I obtained a carpenters union position at the Convention Center was Nick Cirillo. Cirillo is related to Dominick "Quiet Dom" Cirillo, a Genovese Family member. Nick Cirillo worked for me in my numbers rackets for several years, until I was forced to lay him off. When I laid him off, I got Cirillo a Convention Center job with the carpenters union.

D. My Involvement in the District Council

While Vinnie DiNapoli was in jail, it became clear to me and Fat Tony Salerno that Vinnie DiNapoli was making a tremendous amount of money through the District Council, but was not sharing that money with Salerno. By virtue of his position of authority over DiNapoli in the Genovese Family, Salerno was entitled to a share of DiNapoli's profits.

Because Vinnie DiNapoli had failed to give Salerno a fair share of DiNapoli's profits from the carpentry industry, Salerno authorized me to take over DiNapoli's rackets in the industry, including the District Council. In approximately 1985, I began to take over.

Onofrio "Frankie the Zip" Arcamone, a member of the carpenters union, was the primary person through whom I worked in the District Council. At my request, Arcamone set up a number of meetings with carpenters union officers, at which I told those officers that I would be taking over the Genovese Family's operations in the District Council. One such meeting took place at a German restaurant on East 86th Street; another meeting took place at a restaurant in the Bronx. Among the carpenters union officers with whom I met were Marcello Svedese, Benny Schepis and Sam Palminteri, all of whom were officers in the Local Union which had responsibility for the Bronx.

Benny Schepis, who reported to Louis Moscatiello, was the Delegate to the District Council for the Bronx Local. I directed Schepis to resign his position, and he did so. I also directed that my representative, Arcamone, should be appointed to replace Schepis as Delegate.

In addition, I consolidated my power over the District Council's operations at the Convention Center by installing Philip "Philly" Masullo to direct those operations. Masullo was an associate of the Genovese Family, who reported to me.

When Vinnie DiNapoli, who was still in jail, learned that I was taking over the District Council, DiNapoli protested to Sammy Santora and Fat Tony Salerno, through his brother Louis DiNapoli. Vinnie DiNapoli protested that it was unfair to strip him of his rackets while he was doing time. Salerno gave in out of sympathy for Vinnie DiNapoli, and directed me to return the District Council to Vinnie DiNapoli. I followed Salerno's directions, and returned the District Council rackets to Vinnie DiNapoli's control.

E. Additional Organized Crime Figures

Liborio "Barney" Belommo is a member of the Genovese Family. I sponsored Belommo into the Genovese Family, at his father's request. Belommo became a member of Sammy Santora's crew, and eventually became an acting Capo who would take over from Santora as Capo of the 116th Street crew.

I knew Carmine Fiore to be an associate of the Gambino Organized Crime Family.

I knew Basil Robert "Bobby Cherry" Cervone to be the chief officer of a construction local union in Queens.

Cervone answered to Sammy Santora. Cervone visited Fat Tony Salerno at his social clubs around Christmas each year, bringing a gift of cigars for him.

Organized Crime Influence Over Certain Union Officers

A. Frank McHale

In approximately 1985, when I took over the District Council from Vinnie DiNapoli, I wanted to see to it that more associates of the Genovese Family and other La Cosa Nostra Families were hired for carpenters union jobs at the Convention Center. I directed Frankie the Zip Arcamone to set up a meeting with Paschal McGuinness, the President of the District Council, to discuss the matter.

The meeting took place at an Italian restaurant on the east side of Manhattan. However, instead of Paschal McGuinness, Frank McHale appeared on behalf of the District Council. Arcamone, Marcello Svedese and Frank Calciano were also present. I told McHale that more La Cosa Nostra associates should be hired to fill union positions at the Convention Center. McHale agreed to my request.

B. Paschal McGuinness

24. After I met with McHale concerning hiring at the Convention Center, I still wanted to meet with Paschal McGuinness, as I had originally requested. Once again, I directed Arcamone to arrange a meeting between me and McGuinness.

I met with McGuinness at a restaurant on the upper east side of Manhattan. Philly Masullo and Frankie the Zip Arcamone were also present. I told McGuinness, as I had told McHale, that more La Cosa Nostra associates should be hired at the Convention Center. McGuinness agreed. McGuinness also asked me whether the Genovese Family would support McGuinness. I told McGuinness that if he behaved correctly and if he stayed away from the Convention Center, the Genovese Family would continue to support him.

C. Other Union Offioers

The Genovese Family exercised influence over other carpenters union officers as well. For example, Vinnie DiNapoli controlled Artie Giangrande, who was then an officer of the District Council. Giangrande would occasionally visit Tony Salerno's social clubs. Vinnie DiNapoli first introduced me to Giangrande at the offices of Cambridge Drywall.

Also, I had union-related dealings with Frank Calciano and Sam Palminteri, both of whom were carpenters union officers who worked in the Bronx. Vinnie DiNapoli had a close relationship with an officer who worked in midtown Manhattan named "Tillio." Vinnie DiNapoli introduced me to Tillio at the offices of Cambridge Drywall. DiNapoli also had influence over another Manhattan carpenters union officer whom he referred to as "Izzy."

I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct.
Executed: August , 1990

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