Cosa Nostra News focuses on New York's Five Families and seeks to  illuminate lesser known spaces in American Mafia history. Ed Scarpo is a pseudonym for an independent journalist who launched this blog in 2011. 

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Ed Scarpo is a pseudonym, not an identity. Understand the difference? I don't walk around pretending I'm Marlon Brando or Joe Pesci (though I can do a pretty damn good impression of both).

My approach is journalistic, meaning I'm not a "wannabe" .... 

I'm trying to be serious, but instantly that line brings to mind what Gregory Caponegro once said while attempting to shake down his own tenant. While Caponegro issued the taped threats, below, in his post-mob life, his words capture the wanton criminality and cruelty endemic of LCN.

To read more about Greg, check out Ex-Genovese Wiseguy Joey Waterbed and Bro Greg Caponegro Terrorized Residents Of The Garden State

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