Longtime Colombo Big-Shot Sonny Franzese Outlived Generations

“My father went through twenty damn years of aggravation, my mother’s a nervous wreck, my brothers and sisters are all wrecks. Where is all this honor and this baloney? You can’t believe in this damn oath when you’ve got a family to think of. What about them? My mother’s been alone for seventeen years. So which is the more honorable stand? My father’s position is: This is how I’ve lived all my life, and I don’t want anybody to ever say that I was a rat or a snitch, so I’m gonna die this way. O.K. I guess I can relate to that. But I’m in a different position. I’m thirtysomething years old. I’ve got six children, I’ve got a young wife. And I’ll be damned if I’m gonna put them through what my family had to go through. Especially for something I no longer believe in."
--Michael Franzese
John (Sonny) Franzese was convicted of masterminding bank robberies back in the 1960s. Many have long believed Franzese was framed.

A classic bit of self-justifying bullshit among idiotic law enforceme…

John "Sonny" Franzese Released from Federal Prison

Gangland legend/longtime Colombo wiseguy John (Sonny) Franzese — who set the record for being the oldest inmate in the federal prison system — was released Friday from a Massachusetts lockup.

He's shockingly frail looking but then he turned 100 this past February (we wonder if President Trump sent him the birthday card) and just finished an eight-year bid. Guys facing less time than that have flipped -- nevermind emptying your pockets at 93 years of age.

He served his sentence at the Federal Medical Center in Devens, Mass. for shaking down the Hustler and Penthouse strip clubs in Manhattan.

Top Journo References DeCavalcantes in Story on Republican Leaders

Comparing politicians to Mafia members is rote enough to be a cliche, but seldom have I seen it so well done.

It's no wonder then that the writer in question here is New Yorker editor/consummate journalist David Remnick.

Death Before Dishonor: Major Mob Hits

Another story by Marla Eggar. This appeared yesterday on Newzbreaker, and site owner Brad kindly allowed me to publish it here.

Murder in the mob often comes in the form of those you trust. Its necessity helps to maintain control and reinforce a strong mandate… “Death before Dishonor.”

Protecting the pride of its members and maintaining the integrity of the organization is a key component to the mob’s reputation and survival. Upholding the code of honor sometimes comes at a high cost. Listed below are my picks for the most shocking and appalling murders committed by the mob.

FINALLY: Scrutinizing Donald Trump's Alleged Mafia Ties

A decade ago, an impetuous real estate mogul was compelled to answer a series of questions under oath, a result of his own legal maneuverings.

He had filed a libel lawsuit against a writer for authoring a biography of the mogul.
And the wealthy developer who's been part of Manhattan's landscape longer than I have been alive is of course today's President of the United States. The book he filed the lawsuit over was TrumpNation.

Trump lost the case in 2011 -- free speech and all makes winning frivolous libel suits rather cumbersome -- but the deposition remains -- a relic of a dead legal case. Contained within it is an acknowledgment that, in more than 30 instances, Tump lied extensively and proficiently on a range of issues.

Was John Gotti The "Last of the Mohicans"?

Marla Eggar (bio at end) wrote the following, which originally appeared  on NewzBreaker herePublished with kind permission of NewzBreaker owner Brad. We previously published How a Midwest Pizzeria Put the Fed's Onto Mob's Las Vegas Skim from Newzbreaker, and have additional stories slated....

John Gotti has been a controversial figure in the mob world since he stepped on the scene. Known for his vitality and brazen attitude, John Gotti was (and still is) loved, hated, respected and loathed.

It’s hard to have a conversation about La Cosa Nostra and not include the name Gotti. To some, Gotti’s character embodies the very definition of a gangster. To others he’s the very reason for its downfall.

Genovese Wiseguy Cops to Illegal Gambling; Was Once Tied to Fritzy

A reputed Genovese crime family member from Staten Island who was among the 46 alleged wiseguys arrested and charged with racketeering and other crimes in last August's "big bust," has pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of running an illegal gambling business.

Alex Conigliaro, 56, was accused of attempting to extort a man who allegedly put him in the hole for nearly a half-million dollars in February 2012. The man, a bookmaker, had accounts with codefendant John (Tugboat) Tognino, who allegedly worked for Conigliaro.

Conigliaro suspected the bookmaker had allowed professional bettors to place wages, which put Conigliaro on the hook for nearly half a million -- the amount he owed the winning bettors, the Feds alleged.

The bookmaker was summoned to a Bronx restaurant (Pasquale’s Rigoletto?), where Conigliaro, a capo, and another alleged mobster confronted him in the basement and threatened him.

Queens DA Organized Crime & Rackets Bureau Statement

The following was released last month by the Queens District Attorney's Office.

It highlights numerous mob-related investigations, including one that resulted in the arrest of more than 80 who'd robbed around $14 million in property from facilities in and around JFK Airport.

Auto theft also is highlighted in the form of, among other things, the bust of Gambino mobsters operating a scrap metal enterprise in Willets Point.

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