New Frank Grillo Mob Flick Streams on Netflix Friday

Frank Grillo's new mob film — Wheelman — streams on Netflix this Friday.

It's not set in Philadelphia -- nor is it based on The Last Don Standing. Grillo starred in films including Captain America and two Purge franchise entries .

In Wheelman, set in Boston, he plays a getaway driver who is double-crossed during a job after he gets a call on his cell and is told to leave two extremely well-armed robbers behind. Why? "They're going to fcking kill you," is why.

Why Is This Wealthy Genovese Soldier Even in the Mob?

You've heard of On the Waterfront? This guy apparently owned it.... Well, huge swaths of it, anyway.....

Reputed Genovese soldier Salvatore (Sallie) DeMeo, 77, was busted on tax-evasion charges this past Thursday for failing to report $2 million in capital gains income and not ponying up about $367,000 in taxes.

However, it's not mob-related, the Feds say. The mob-related stuff was last month. DeMeo got off in September with five years' probation. In Brooklyn Supreme Court he copped to participating in a loansharking and gambling racket.

RIP: Colombo Mobster Joe Legs, Who Helped "Clear Path" for Vic Orena

Joseph (Joe Legs) Legrano, a Colombo soldier serving life for murder -- and a "(l)oving family man" -- died on October 3 at age 75, according to the BOP.

Legrano and Dennis (Fat Dennie) DeLucia, also a soldier as per federal prosecutors, were convicted for the 1988 murder of former Colombo crime family consigliere Vincent (Jimmy) Angelino, a slaying later considered to be a precursor to the Colombo war, which formally commenced three years later.

Happy Birthday, Bill Cutolo


William Cutolo Jr. wasn't someone we'd expect to hear from.

We've written about him without reaching out for comment. In our defense, we honestly had no clue how to contact him for comment at the time, however.

What we wrote was based on information from sources and published reports.

When we initially heard from Bill, he wasn't very pleased with us.

Everything to Know About the Kidnapping/Murder of Carlo Gambino's Nephew

Jerry Capeci nailed the "what the hell?" story about James McBratney and Henry Sentner in a column titled Ralph The Wig Pulled The Trigger; Gotti Got The Glory that ran back in September 2011....

McBratney and Sentner were separate incidents.....

We did make an interesting discovery, however, a transcript of an interview with an FBI agent who was part of the Manny Gambino kidnapping investigation.

An Enduring Mafia Mystery: What Really Happened to Carlo Gambino's Nephew?

"One time Carlo Gambino’s nephew was kidnapped and held for ransom. I had heard the details later on. 

My father had been sent for by Neil Dellacroce, who brought him to Carlo Gambino’s home in Massapequa, Long Island. He had met Carlo two times before with Neil in Manhattan. On the way over, my father was filled in on the details of what Carlo wanted. The five Families had search and destroy teams out looking for the guys who had been kidnapping members of their Family. Neil had chosen my father to lead the Gambino team.

He "Accidentally" Killed Carlo Gambino's Nephew and Was Arrested for It

Henry Sentner, of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, was pulled over on Interstate 80 in southeast Wyoming by a state trooper for speeding.

He would've been lucky to get off with a speeding ticket, turns out. Ol' Sentner wasn't alone in the vehicle. He was hauling 35 pounds of marijuana.

Why do I write about this, you ask? The article -- attributed to the Associated Press -- makes the following claim about Senter:

He was convicted in the 1970s killing of a nephew of notorious mob boss Carlo Gambino -- and this week he was arrested in Wyoming on drug charges.