Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sinatra Once Proposed for "Honorary" Mob Membership

Frank with a bunch of unknown blokes?
We had to retitle our story after we received some news from one of our ever-reliable sources (the anonymous kind).

Anyway, turns out, Ol' Blue Eyes was actually proposed to get a button -- he didn't get it, but he was put up for it. That's formal induction into one of the Five Mafia Families of New York, for you general-reader types.

"Very few people know he was purposed to be made," our source told us, adding that it was a "sort of honorary member button." However, "a few of the bosses on the Commission shot it down. I got that story right from the mouth of a boss who sat on the Commission."

Friday, September 12, 2014

Vinny Limo, Victim of Meat Cleaver Attack, Arrested

Vinny Limo
REVISED, MORE DETAILS: Talk of the Sound reported that Vincent "Vinny Limo" Zarcone, 47, a former social club manager (what??), was arrested by New Rochelle Police on August 28, 2014.

He was charged with a misdemeanor: criminal mischief .

Some may recall Zarcone from a couple of earlier incidents -- one of which was the 2009 meat clever attack in which Vinny Limo's right hand was hacked off by Christopher Calise, assisted by Maurice Mann, who held Vinny Limo.

The vicious attack was believed at the time to be possibly connected to the remnants of a Westchester/Bronx Genovese family-run gambling ring busted up years earlier. The victim, Vinny Limo, had been arrested for his involvement in the operation.

In fact, it was reported at the time that the FBI's Organized Crime Task Force was looking into the club in which Zarcone worked. The cleaning lady insisted that he was a "good fellow," telling CBS2, "He works downstairs, the computer."

Good fellow or Goodfella, we wonder....

Thursday, September 11, 2014

If He Didn't Give You a Nickname You Were Dead

Gotti used pet names for
guys in his inner circle.
From the Archives: this story originally ran in July 2012:

Sunday is Mafia day at the New York Post, with reporter Brad Hamilton pumping out a longish feature story a week about goings-on in the mob.

This week's offering centers on Lewis Kasman, John Gotti's self-proclaimed "adopted son" who wore a wire against "dad" -- may have stolen millions from him, according to one source -- and helped destroy the upper echelon of the Gambino family back in the John Gotti days.

On the Curtis Sliwa show -- to listen, click here -- Kasman offered such fables as how in the early 1990s, Gotti and Jackie "Nose" D'Amico rode the Long Island Rail Road into the city two-three days a week to show up at no-work jobs in midtown.

Additionally Kasman, who became a paid FBI informer against the imprisoned-for-life mob boss in 1997, has already taken some potshots at Gotti family members, including Gotti’s brother Richard, a Gambino capo (whom Gotti referred to as "Pee-pee brain." Seriously).

The Truth About the Murdering Mob Rat


"He went around for months trying to help them find the murderer when it was him. It's hard to think of a bigger fraud than that. And he was waving to the guys he was taping not to say anything about the murder so the DEA wouldn't know. He is just about as dirty as anyone gets, forget about government witnesses. How do they embrace this guy? Why give this guy an opportunity to walk out of jail to put my guy away for life."

Since his arrest on separate armed robbery charges in November of 2011, he's been in jail. And prosecutors have already agreed to recommend leniency for him when he is sentenced this month. Hector "Junior" Pagan will not be prosecuted for the murder of James Donovan, as well as numerous crimes committed across a string of 30 years.

Wonder who will be lucky enough to be his new neighbor out there in the midwest. Good luck folks, cause this guys is a sociopath with no hope of redemption. We'd love him to prove us wrong....

Yes, all things considered, it seems quite likely that Hector "Junior" Pagan will not suffer the severe punishment scenario upon which we ruminated last week.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Unheard of Is Heard: Some Bonannos Granted Severance in Lufthansa Case

DiFiore has finally earned a victory in court, it would appear.

Vincent Asaro said categorically, "We're going to trial."

He should've said "trials."

A federal judge has granted a motion filed by  Thomas "Tommy D" DiFiore's attorneys that allows for the Bonanno acting street boss and two other Bonannos, Jack Bonventre and John "Bazoo" Ragano, to have a separate trial in the high-profile Lufthansa-related case. Sort of...

The court also vacated a prior ruling denying Ragano's motion for severance. But....

The difficulty is in the language of the judge's order -- or rather how to  interpret it.

"Bonventre, Ragano and DiFiore shall be tried on the extortion counts," Brooklyn Federal Judge Allyne Ross ordered, but "the government should determine whether Vincent and Jerome [Asaro] will be tried on the extortion counts in the same trial as the other defendants or in connection with a later trial" for murder and other charges.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Parole Violation May Send Skinny Joey Back to Prison

Merlino violated parole, Feds charge.

Philadelphia mob boss Joseph "Skinny Joey" Merlino is coming back to Philadelphia -- and may even find himself in prison; the irony is that his court-ordered supervision, which is scheduled to end this coming Thursday, will not -- assuming federal authorities have their way.

This is according to a Philly.com report.

The 52-year-old "former" Don violated the terms of his release in June with a night on the town with John "Johnny Chang" Ciancaglini, a captain convicted with Merlino back in 2001.

Also present were Brad Sirkin, a convicted fraudster and money launderer, and Frank Fiore, who has a record of his own and may have been the original target of the law enforcement operation.

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