Deborah Merlino Certainly Doesn't Exemplify the Stereotypical Mob Wife

Thet biggest bombshell in  Joseph (Skinny Joey) Merlino's federal racketeering trial in Manhattan arguably had nothing to do with any of the crimes listed in the indictment.

We love gossip, especially gossip about extramarital affairs.

Consider that the main charge facing Merlino is his alleged involvement "in a scheme targeting providers of health insurance by causing, and causing others to cause, corrupt doctors to issue unnecessary and excessive prescriptions for expensive compound cream that were then billed to the Victim Insurers."

Who really cares about poor victimized insurance companies? 
USA Today recently profiled some of the most-reviled companies in the United States, and wouldn't you know: "Few industries are as widely detested as the insurance industry." (FYI, "American consumers appear to especially dislike health insurance giant Cigna.")

Genovese turncoat John (JR) Rubeo, on cross-examination, revealed that an extramarital affair had…

Message to Skinny Joey: Next Time You Greet a Juror, SMILE!

Jurors for Joseph “Skinny Joey” Merlino's federal racketeering trial in Manhattan have yet to reach a verdict.

Last Thursday, they communicated to Federal Judge Richard Sullivan that they were deadlocked. Sullivan wasn't ready to spike the case by declaring a mistrial. Rather, he told them to continue and mentioned he might deliver an “Allen charge," an instruction to prevent a hung jury by encouraging jurors in the minority to reconsider.

The previous day, jurors deliberated for almost six hours and requested to listen again to eight tapes.

They also asked for the definition of conspiracy. Several requirements must be met to meet the definition of a criminal conspiracy. It's not enough to prove that two or more people together planned to commit a crime.

Read more about criminal conspiracy.

One source believes Merlino has a good shot at beating the case. Former Gambino capo Michael DiLeonardo, who is well-acquainted with the workings of major federal racketeer…

Did NYPD Know They Nailed a Colombo Wiseguy? Tweet Says, No

A 47-year-old man was caught with a gun at his Staten Island Kemball Avenue home and arrested last Saturday at 8:13 p.m.

Police arrived at the location, having been summoned by a 911 call about a violent domestic dispute, an NYPD Deputy Commissioner of Public Information source told a reporter.

Rocco Miraglia Junior's verbal dispute with his 49-year-old wife had escalated into a physical confrontation during which he allegedly punched her. Then, in a preemptive move, he broke a landline telephone to prevent her from calling the police. It didn't work.

Enter the cops, who put the cuffs on Miraglia and brought him in, where he was charged with felony criminal possession of a weapon and various misdemeanors, including assault, criminal mischief, criminal possession of a controlled substance, and acting in a manner injurious to a child.

The NYPD touted the incident on social media as a "great gun arrest."

Absent from all social media promotion was mention that the Staten…

Big Ang's Sister Wages War on Mob Wives Reboot, Calling Show "Mob Morons"

It could've been a scene on a, well, a reality show..... Mob Wives creator Jennifer Graziano and Carla Facciolo, an occasional star of the VH1 cultural touchstone (she was absent a season or two) , pay  a terminally ill Angela (Big Ang) Raiola a hospital visit. Big Ang debuted in season two and early on was a fan favorite...

At some point during the hospital visit, Big Ang told the two women, from her hospital bed, what's highlighted as a seemingly selfless and rousing admonition. 

"The show must go on," she said ....

Big Ang was suffering from cancer and died after filming of the sixth and final season of Mob Wives in 2016.

That's the scenario described in a recent Staten Island Advance report. And while it could've happened that way, the story smacks of a certain shameless self promotion. And further fueling that perception, we have Big Ang's sister saying the meeting never happened....

Janine Detore blasted the Mob Wives reboot in an interview of …

Book on Theresa Ferrara, Goodfella Tommy DeSimone's Alleged Girlfriend, Available

Nick Christophers wrote the following based on his interview with Maria Stewart, niece of Theresa Ferrara, Tommy DeSimone's alleged girlfriend

Stewart authored  Looking for Closure, the Theresa Ferrara Story.

There have been quite a few mob-related books and television shows told from a women’s point of view. Antoinette Giancana and Rosalie Bonanno, both of whom were related by blood or marriage to American Cosa Nostra royalty: one was a mob boss's daughter and the other was a wife of one.

A nonfictional work by Linda Milito, author of Mafia Wife whose late husband, Gambino mobster Louie Milito, had been Salvatore (Sammy the Bull) Gravano's compadre when the two were seeking admittance to the Gambinos. Depending on who you believe, Louie Milito may have gotten Sammy in with the Gambinos, rather than the other way around. Mlito made fatal mistakes, having the unfortunate luck to be imprisoned during John Gotti's rise so he was out of touch with the true power in the Ga…

Skinny Joey Merlino Is a Degenerate Gambler, Not a Mob Boss, Says Attorney

The East Coast LCN Enterprise Case finally reached court this week with the Manhattan premiere of the federal racketeering trial of Joseph (Skinny Joey) Merlino.

Merlino, 55, was among the 46 defendants arrested in the summer of 2016 Mafia crackdown of an alleged confederation of criminals focused on extortion, loan-sharking, gambling, credit card fraud, and health care fraud.

Dubbed the East Coast LCN Enterprise, the ring operated in New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Florida, and New Jersey, comprised of mobsters connected to the Genovese, Gambino, Luchese, Bonanno, and Philadelphia crime families, though the Philly family's participation is limited to Merlino, actually a Floridian.

Skinny Joey Merlino played a key role overseeing an alleged $157 million health-care scheme that involved bribing doctors to write prescriptions for pain cream, said Assistant U.S. Attorney Max Nicholas this week.

Merlino also sought to collect gambling debts—and worried about “rats.” Juror…

Genovese Mobster Vincent Esposito Schools Feds on New York's Five Families

New York's Five Families can expand their ranks each year and have multi-million-dollar slush finds. (The Genovese family's is below). We're being flippant, of course, taking literally what's been said in a court document.

That is noted in an appeal letter to US District Judge of New York's Southern District Victor Marrero from the interim-US Attorney. The appeal is regarding the pretrial release of Vincent Esposito, a high-ranking member of the Genovese crime family. Appeal letters are by nature extreme documents, with the Fed's essentially arguing their case and giving the judge the verdict, which they depict as inevitable. It isn't, of course, until Esposito exercises his constitutional right to a trial by a jury of his peers.

Esposito, a son of Vincent (Chin) Gigante, and four other reputed Genovese mobsters were arrested earlier this month and charged with running a longtime racketeering scheme involving extortion and other crimes.

Interim-US Attorney …