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Thursday, October 23, 2014

CNN Transcript of 2006 Philip Carlo Interview

Writer Philip Carlo is on the right.
This transcript and a new page I posted tonight about the "Ice Man" Richard Kuklinski convey what I've always believed. Richard Kuklinski was full of shit. And, I have begun doubting my previous thinking about author Philip Carlo. There's a difference between making a mistake and concocting what you should know is false information. Carlo seemed to be working with a damaged filter. I'll leave it there. Enjoy this transcript and the new landing page, Last Word on Kuklinski - Transcripts: "Aired June 26, 2006 - 21:00   ET

JOHN ROBERTS, GUEST HOST: Tonight, exclusive, inside the chilling double life of a convicted killer who claimed to be a brutal Mafia hit man with more than 200 victims. Now in their first ever interview his own family, who he terrorized but didn't know about his deadly secret life until he was arrested next on LARRY KING LIVE.

And good evening, I'm John Roberts sitting in for Larry King tonight. Over the next hour we have a chilling story to tell you of a man who brutally murdered as many as 200 people. His name was Richard Kuklinski, also known as the "Ice Man." Here's his story.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

As "The Godfather" Played, The Mafia Committed a Massacre

Albert Gallo under arrest.
While researching a story about Mario Puzo and The Godfather, I found this interesting article regarding a "Mafia hit" that occurred in August 1972 in New York while The Godfather was still playing in theaters.

I had heard of what is widely viewed as one of the worst blunders ever committed in the history of the mob while researching my story on Punchy Illiano, but I never realized that the mob killing of innocent businessmen at the Neapolitan Noodle restaurant located at 320 East 79th Street in Manhattan had actually occurred while the Godfather film was in theaters.

"Yeah, I left it noisy. That way it scares any pain-in-the-ass innocent bystanders away."

"The Godfather" was still playing in New York theaters five months after its release and audiences were still greeting that line with nervous laughter when, on Friday, Aug. 11, 1972, a hit man from Las Vegas walked into the Neopolitan Noodle, an Italian restaurant on Manhattan's East 79th Street, at the height of the dinner hour rush.

Franzese Film Rated R; Ex-Capo Says MPAA "Out of Touch"

God the Father, slated for release on October 31, the day Michael Franzese became a "made man," does not shy away from the real world Franzese once inhabited.

But a scene of Christ's Crucifixion, plus stock footage of mobsters, helped tip the scales at the MPAA, which gave the film an R rating.

"I spent over 20 years on the street, every day in violation of both God's laws and the laws of man," said Franzese. "And the powers that be have a problem not only with Mob reality being seen, but also with Biblical history?  You see worse images and stories on the 6 o'clock news! The entertainment business can't afford to be out of touch with real world problems our youth are experiencing, from gangs to drugs and violence.  Anyone over 13 needs the opportunity to see this film."

"Its real world stuff (the Mob scene footage) that is around us all the time," says Franzese.  "It's not the gratuitous violence most movies include for the audience reaction, but real life, real crime and real people. All ages need to see this, but especially our young people who are confronted every day with opportunities to go down the wrong path… This film was created from my reality, for all to see a life outside of the Mob, a way out… but you have to see the reality of it to understand the impact of the redemption that can occur, as what happened in my own life."


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Genovese Family Remains King of the Volcano

Daniel Leo, Genovese acting boss
We were reminded of this story published on February 21, 2013, following the news about Christy Tick. This story has been steadily getting a lot of hits. Don't think much has happened to change the details.

With little fanfare -- and no media coverage that we could find -- Genovese acting boss Daniel Leo is back on the streets, having been released from prison on Jan. 25, according to the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

The Genovese crime family is deemed to be the most powerful criminal group in America -- and now, according to sources, free on the streets are its acting boss, street boss, underboss, consigliere -- and supposedly the capos who run a trio of the family's most powerful crews.

"The Genovese crime family is still the best organized, and has the deepest bench," the chief of investigations for the Manhattan district attorney has said.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

"Veil of Secrecy" Hangs Over Christy Tick Release

Christy Tick Furnari
Jerry Capeci recently confirmed our story about Christopher "Christy Tick" Furnari getting out of prison last month--and even the storied mob scribe himself is puzzled over this one...(Yes, it does kill me to have to still write this kind of story.)

As we noted in a recent post: Christopher "Christie Tick" Furnari, Sr. walked out of prison last month without a peep. He'd been serving a 100-year stretch he'd been sentenced to back in 1986 as a defendant in the storied Commission Case.

As Mr. Capeci wrote in his last column: "...The end result of the historic Commission case in 1987 was that seven old-school wiseguys were hammered with unprecedented 100 year prison terms, sentences intended to send a message to gangsters everywhere. Under their labor racketeering convictions, none of them were ever supposed to see the light of day outside of a federal prison.

When "English Shaun" and "Sammy Bull" Nearly Collided

Shaun Attwood.


I met Shaun Attwood in prison.

Actually, he was in prison and I was in an office in Manhattan reading his blog, Jon's Jail Journal, during my lunch break. The blog then consisted of stories about horrible jail conditions: the roaches, the boiling humidity arising from the facility's broken swamp cooler. He'd written the blog stories on toilet paper and smuggled them out.

Shaun, who was since featured on NatGeo, came to America, Arizona specifically, from England to seek his fortune and was busted for running a drug empire. He spent a couple of years in one of America’s toughest jails—run by Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County.

I have posted a few stories about Shaun aka "English Shaun" who I consider a good friend. Stories about Shaun have also proven to be quite popular with my blog readership, especially one about an old-school mobster with whom Shaun had done prison time. The two became quite close, actually. RIP, TwoTonys...

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