Monday, February 27, 2017

Ex-Bonanno Capo "Shellac Head" Cantarella's Reality Show Slated

There's a busload of former Bonanno wiseguys out there in America these days. Ya all know what one of them (Dom Cicale) has been up to -- and now we can catch up with one of Dom's ex-cohorts....

We love the way the network, Oxygen, wrote up this press release (we're not sure if Richard "Shellac Head" Cantarella's old pals will feel the same, however; in fact one old-school Bonanno wiseguy told us: "That scumbag!" when we informed him about the show -- he refrained from further comment).... Anyhoo, we decided, hey, we'll post the frigging thing as is:

Going from a life of crime to life in the suburbs proves to be the ultimate challenge in Oxygen Media's quirky new half-hour docu-comedy series UNPROTECTED, premiering Tuesday, April 11 at 9pm ET/PT. (See trailer below.)

Richard "Shellac Head" Cantarella then....

The series follows the Cantarellas, a boisterous, old-school family that participated in the Federal Witness Protection Program after their testimony led to the conviction of one of the most powerful crime families in the country. (Not exactly, it is the Bonannos we're talking about here...)

Sunday, February 26, 2017

WHACKED REDUX: Inside the 2013 Luchese Associate Murder Probe

Michael Meldish, 62, was a Luchese associate who once ran the Purple Gang, a violent crew based in Harlem and the Bronx.

He was shot in the head in 2013 while he sat behind the wheel of his car. One bullet had been fired into the right side of his head at close range as if the shooter were seated in the front passenger seat. And he likely was sitting beside Meldish as a getaway car tailed them. (Ironically, the front passenger seat is usually referred to as the "death seat" in mob parlance.)
Terence Caldwell allegedly murdered Michael Meldish in 2013.
Surveillance video allegedly caught gunmen
Terence Caldwell.

Police found Luchese associate Meldish within a very short timeframe following the shooting. He was bleeding from both ears, and his body was still warm when police arrived on the scene, summoned by a 911 call from a neighbor.

Did Luchese Mobster's Son Die at Rikers Island Under Mysterious Circumstances?

A Staten Island man died while at Rikers Island last November.

On Nov. 8, six days after he was brought to Rikers, Eugene (Sonny) Castelle "was found unresponsive at the Anna M. Kross Center at 8:40 a.m.," Department of Corrections (DOC) officials noted in a statement.

Sonny Castelle died on Rikers Island apparently of drug-related causes.
Sonny Castelle.
According to a published report, a YouTube video (see below) and a Facebook message we've received, he's the son of Luchese crime family mobster John Castellucci. (Yes, the names are spelled differently; however, Castelluccci has two brothers who use the surname Castelle.)

The New York Daily News reported on the incident, making no mention of alleged Mafia ties, though the YouTube video identifies him as the son of the crime family's underboss.

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