Sunday, April 19, 2015

"The Worst-Kept Secret" in the Mafia....

Gerard “Gerry” Chilli

A longtime source told us he found himself recalling a list of suspicious things about the guy we refer to as "the mole" after he read the story.

He called it "the worst-kept secret" in the New York Mafia.

In particular, he recalled a Bonanno Christmas party at Long Island's Harbor Club in the early 1990s. (It was once owned by "Junior" Gotti but the Bonanno family had taken over, according to the source). The crime family treated the holiday affair with the secrecy of an induction ceremony.

A Warning for the Bonanno Crime Family...

We didn't know how to proceed in the face of the reaction to our previous story. Our source cannot be identified and we were getting a lot of flack about him.

We shouldn't throw a guy to the wolves -- based on info from a source who may have held a longtime grudge against "The Mole," etc. and so forth.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

"How Stupid Can They Be?" Mole in Bonannos' Midst

Bobby Lino, left, Russell Mauro, on right.

Our source was inducted into Cosa Nostra's Bonanno Family in 1975, when the books were opened for the first time in a long time. He started out under Nicholas Marangello, aka "Little Nicky Glasses," underboss at the time, and became acting capo for Mickey Zaffarano.

"In that regime was all the guys that no one wanted," he said. "Anthony Bruno Indelicato, Anthony Rabito, Tony Mirra, Sonny Black Napolitano, James Episcopia, Louis "Louie HaHa" Attanasio and Vinny Asaro.

"That crew broke up when Lilo got hit. They took down all Lilo's guys."

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