Una Famiglia: Carlo Gambino's Aborted Plan to Protect New York Mafia?

“Carl wants to swallow up everybody."
--Unnamed Mafia boss via surveillance recording

At the end of 1972, Carlo Gambino was working on a "dramatic reorganization" of New York's Five Families, the likes of which had not been seen since 1931. As radical as this sounds, it is not unbelievable considering some events leading up to it.

Gambino wanted to rid New York of hundreds of Mafia members, then rebuild by inducting only select men who'd proved their loyalty. (He was preparing to open the books in 1973.)

Gambino, 70 at the time, believed the "Mafia must retreat to the past in order to survive," law enforcement officials said.

The first two crime families on the block were to be the Luchese and Colombo crime families. Then the Bonanno crime family.

"Twenty percent of known Mafia members in New York are currently under indictment in cases developed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation alone."

Gambino's ultimate goal was one crime f…

Feds Drop Case Against Bonnano Wiseguy for Saying "Do Something" and "Handle This"

Brooklyn prosecutors have abandoned efforts to pin 82-year-old wiseguy Vincent “Vinny” Asaro to the alleged planned execution of a federal agent.

That said, prosecutors still want the Bonanno mobster to rot in jail for as long as a judge will allow, which could be 15 years. As for Asaro, he’s been seeking to get out on bail for alleged health-related issues.

 Prosecutors had said, under the circumstances, he should never be released. Also, they noted, he can get adequate health care in jail. (Incidentally, the Feds raised allegations about Asaro’s “death threats” a few days after Asaro made his pitch for bail. The timing is interesting, is all…)

Prosecutors made the new concession in a letter to the judge this past Monday. Still, prosecutors charge, Asaro deserves a long sentence given his "lifelong allegiance to a dangerous criminal organization and his participation in a litany of crimes."

Note: Gang Land News today reported:
Federal prosecutors in Brooklyn have ow…

Working in Philly for Papa Smurf, a High-Level Genovese Wiseguy

 "Down here it’s called franchising. Where I come from, it’s called racketeering."
-- Louis DiVita, author of A Wiser Guy

It's a book that reads like a whos-who of the New York/New Jersey/Philadelphia crime families. Louis and his family crossed paths with a lot of figures you've read about, including Willie Moretti, Albert Anastasia, Charles "Lucky" Luciano and Vito Genovese.

His forebears wound up in New Jersey's Mafia landscape but first played a decades-long role in upstate New York where they were closely allied with mobsters such as Stefano Magaddino and Joseph DiCarlo.

The Palmeri brothers both backed their countryman Salvatore Maranzano when the New York Mafia split into factions and used murder to finally end an ongoing feud as to who was going to be who. Afterward, the modern-day Mafia was created.

Louis's grandfather, Paolo Palmeri, was a high-ranking mobster associated with Stefano Magaddino, the Mafia boss of Buffalo, New York, whose domi…

Antonio Nicaso: Mafia Helped Italy Prepare for Terrorism

During Christmas, more visitors head to the Vatican, which requires the addition of extra security. In fact throughout Europe, law enforcement is on heightened alert this holiday season.

It was around this time last year that in Germany a terrorist rammed a truck into pedestrians at a Berlin holiday market, killing 12. In recent years, Paris, Brussels, Barcelona, and Nice also have been attacked by terrorists.

The Vatican, however, was targeted specifically this year based on a chillingly specific threat: ISIS has called out for  "lone-wolf" terrorists to do their part to spill "Christmas blood' at the Vatican."
NPR Special correspondent Christopher Livesay recently reported on what Italy learned about deterring terrorism from years of tracking the Mafia. 
"Italy has remained remarkably unscathed," NPR noted. Has Italy learned a few tricks as the birthplace of the world's foremost organized crime groups?
In Rome, special correspondent Christopher …

Reputed Springfield Genovese Member Faces Trial in a Week

Five alleged members of the Genovese crime family's Springfield crew were arrested on Aug 4, 2016 as part of the "East Coast LCN Enterprise" case that alleges wide-ranging Mafia-related activity in New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Florida (and New Jersey).

Arrested were Ralph Santaniello, Giovanni (Johnny Cal) Calabrese, Gerald Daniele, Francesco (Frank aka Sammy Shark) Depergola, and Richard Valentini.

In the time since, Santaniello, Calabrese, and Depergola have copped out in this case, while Depergola issued an intent to plead guilty. 

As of November 28, only Valenti faces trial in this case, which the Feds describe as a Mafia extortion case. Valenti's attorney Jared Olanoff, however, is filing a "flurry of motions" to get a change of venue before the jury trial commences on Dec. 11 as scheduled, as Stephanie Barry reported on November 27 on MassLive.
Olanoff argues that his client was unfairly portrayed as a mobster who squeezed Springfield tow…

Did Midlevel Wiseguy Flip on Philadelphia Mafia Family?

A "midlevel" member of the Philadelphia Cosa Nostra with a long memory may be talking to the Feds.

That is what's "stirring the pot" in the Philadelphia streets based on this week's Mob Talk Sitdown with George Anastasia and Dave Schratwieser (see below), who recall that it was 22 years ago around Thanksgiving time that former Philadelphia boss John Stanfa was convicted and sentenced to five consecutive life sentences for racketeering, extortion, loansharking, murder and conspiracy to commit murder.

New York, specifically the Gambino crime family, charged Stanfa with putting the Philadelphia Cosa Nostra family back together in the post-Nicky Scarfo era. But Joseph Merlino didn't accept him as legitimate, preferring to "report" to "boss" Ralph Natale (who may not have even been made). Stanfa's reign ended in dismal failure.

Anastasia recalled how the Stanfa trial kicked off, with prosecutors playing tape recordings from a …

Busted: Twin Brothers Charged in Brooklyn Murder of Luchese Mobster

Louis and Vincent Iacono, twin brothers, were charged this week with the murder of a Luchese mobster found floating in an inlet tied to a cinder block.

They were actually arrested months back, on Sept. 6 while driving through Indiana and leading local police on a high-speed chase. Local police discovered prescription pills and heroin in the car, as well as the potential murder weapon.

The brothers, 36, were extradited to New York this week.

Carini Jr., 35, the son of a Gambino crime family associate by the same name, was found on Sept. 2 floating in the Mill Basin Inlet off E. 58th St. and Avenue U, a few blocks from his apartment. The body showed signs of massive head trauma, with both the skull and jaw broken.

Police now say that on or around Aug. 30, Louie Iacono allegedly beat Carini’s head in with a hammer in an attempt to rob him inside an apartment on East 64th St. Brother Vincent is alleged to have helped dispose of the body.

The Iacono brothers were the investigation…