Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Gambino Mobster Johnny Gammarano Buried Today



John Gammarano died on July 22, 2017, a source told Cosa Nostra News earlier this week.

He died after suffering a long bout with a cancer-related illness, said the source, someone in a solid position to have knowledge of Johnny G.

The Gambino mobster was buried today, the source added.

Johnny G

Gammarano's death was noted on ObitTree by Brooklyn's Scarpaci Funeral Home, as per the website.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Michael Persico's True Status in the New York Underworld


Michael Persico, son of the infamous reputed mob boss imprisoned for life, was sentenced to five years in prison last week in a proceeding during which he was essentially convicted of a crime for which he was never tried and that he never copped to in a plea agreement.

Based on available evidence and this blog's interview with Michael (Mikie Scars) DiLeonardo, a onetime capo from the regime of former Gambino boss John Gotti, Michael Persico, a widower in his sixties who lives with his two daughters, is nothing like the man the judge sought to depict last week.
Michael Persico is a mob prince?

Desiree Persico, daughter of Alphonse (Allie Boy) Persico (Michael's brother) spoke with us as well. (We will incorporate new information from her remarks later today.)

The alleged Colombo associate copped to a loansharking charge back in 2012, but last week a judge in Brooklyn federal court said he was guilty of murder, which had been proven by "more than a preponderance of the evidence."

There was never a trial, there was a plea agreement.

There was a panel of judges that interceded on Persico's behalf when a judge first tried to hold him in jail following his arrest, claiming he was a menace to society.

There also was a homicidal maniac on the FBI's payroll for informing; correction: he informed on others while continuing to secretly murder people when it benefitted him. This cold-blooded, two-faced killer was the first to link Michael Persico to a 1993 murder that ended the Colombo civil war. Is this the acting capo the judge referred to last week?

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Colombo War's Last Hit Fueled Michael Persico's Extended Prison Sentence


Alas, how terrible is wisdom when it brings no profit to the man that's wise! 
― Sophocles, Oedipus Rex

Michael Persico, who the Feds say is a powerful associate in the Colombo crime family, was sentenced to five years in prison, two more years than prosecutors recommended, last Friday.

The judge factored in an uncharged murder when she sentenced him.

He was concerned about this happening all along; it is what dragged out his plea agreement for six years. 
Michael Persico of Colombo crime family, alleged
Michael Persico

Persico was sentenced in Brooklyn federal court by Judge Dora Irizarry, who spelled out the reason for the extra time, noting that prosecutors had proved Persico’s role in the 1993 gangland hit by "more than a preponderance of the evidence."

The Daily News reported that: "An acting Colombo capo-turned-informant said Persico helped with weapons for the hit and told him someone knew where to find (Orena faction underboss Joseph) Scopo."

Prosecutors for years believed Persico was involved in the murder of Scopo, who reportedly had ties to former Gambino boss John Gotti, himself a key player in the third Colombo war, which ran its bloody course from 1991 to 1993.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Genovese Capo Seeks Separation from Skinny Joey Merlino

NOTE: The attorney for Michael Guidici contacted me in comments yesterday, as some of you probably noticed, and sent me the minutes of the court proceeding. After reviewing them, I don't find the case compelling enough to cover here. Although Guidici was indicted with Bonanno mobster Vincent Asaro, his case is not mob-related, obviously....

One co-defendant in the so-called East Coast LCN Enterprise case, alleged Genovese capo Eugene (Rooster) Onofrio, wants to be tried separately from Joseph "Skinny Joey" Merlino.

The reputed Genovese capo runs crews in Manhattan's Little Italy and in Springfield, Mass.

One of the alleged mobsters arrested last August.

Apparently, he has deep concerns that Merlino’s "alleged misconduct could prejudice the jury against him at trial," the Daily News reported, citing court records.

Onofrio and Merlino were arrested last August as per United States v. Pasquale Parrello, et al.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Ex-Philly Mobster on East Coast LCN Enterprise Case; Hammonton Mafia History

We spoke with a longtime Philadelphia source about our previous story, on why the Fed's sought to limit the scope of the FBI's investigation into the so-called East Coast LCN Enterprise (see indictment, here).

Was it out of hubris or incompetence, we wrote.

Our source noted that the FBI's local office in Philadelphia continues its investigation of the Philadelphia mob no matter what happens in New York's Southern District's case.

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