Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Mafia Reality Show a "Bigoted Libel of the Amish"

Levi, a phony "mob boss," and his crew of half wits.
From Philly.comPlain untruth -- Amish Mafia, the Discovery Channel series being shunned by many Pennsylvania politicians, attributes systematic violence to a pacifist community that's among the least likely to produce it - probably because any claim so counterintuitive is bound to attract eyeballs. We're apparently meant to imagine a gang whose threatening horse's head once had a buggy attached, and whose Dutch-country consigliere intones, "Leave the gun. Take the shoofly.

In the absence of a budget for competent writing and acting, the appeal of this thin conceit depends on the notion that the depicted events might have happened. Amish Mafia's producers encourage this idea among the unsuspecting with Orwellian disclaimers noting that "the Amish church denies the existence" of the mob and that "select" scenes are concocted - slyly suggesting truth by acknowledging falsehood.

The MVP Who Allegedly Robbed the Mob

McLain in 1968
Playboy Magazine: Denny McLain, Star Pitcher or Mafia Traitor?
Excerpt from the story by Matt Birkbeck

Bob Weaver, then head of the Secret Service’s New York Electronic Crimes Task Force, was trying to make sense of the trove of transcripts from the wiretaps, a difficult task since gangsters often spoke in code. Of particular interest were discussions among several men about long-distance phone cards, including this 1996 conversation between Junior Gotti and his driver and lieutenant, Anthony Plomitallo. The gangsters were concerned about the need to have several brands of phone cards lined up to replace the ones that would eventually be shut down once the carrier realized it was never getting paid.

“You never get jammed up,” says Junior on tape. “But if it happens we have several cards, you come right to their stores and you bring the other cards in. Pump them right in. Tell them having a problem with the other card, ‘Here, take this card.’ ”

Mob Propaganda About Tommy Karate's Voice

Tommy looks like Peter Lorre. 
  1. There is a Tommy Pitera prison interview and it was posted on Philip Carlo's website shortly after he died.... His voice was not odd at all. I read so much about it in the Carlo book that I expected Michael Jackson's voice... a few weeks later it was taken down and never heard anything else about it. 
  2. And as I said before that thing about Tommy having a freakishly high voice is 100% Carlo BS. Don't take my word for it check out the book "Bringing Down the Mob" the agents mention he sounded like Richard Widmark in "Kiss of Death."  
  3.  I know someone who was very recently his cellie and his voice is high pitched. So you saying his voice is normal is wrong, unless you hear differently than anyone else.  
  4. As far as i can tell, carlo almost never got his facts right on anything. He repeatedly allowed psychos to use his name to publish essentially highly positive apologetics about their lives.

Hmmmm... A mysterious Tommy Pitera interview posted on a website -- and wiped away... An "As I said before" but No. 2 does give us an interesting reference -- only he obviously hasn't seen the film and doesn't know Widmark indeed sounds like a cartoon character in Kiss of Death wherein he plays a psychotic murderer...

Sunday, August 31, 2014

With Friends Like Rob Sasso, Who Needs Mafia Hit Men?

Sasso doesn't look like
Mafia. Rather, he looks
more like a gang banger...
It was not a mob hit; it was personal.

Robert Sasso, 33, the grandson of a Teamsters boss who worked for John Gotti, allegedly shot another man four times early on Friday. The victim, who was described as a "pal,"  called 911 as he lay dying.

Earlier, Sasso, 33, had picked up Dean Oku, 29, in a white Ford Fusion and drove him to the Whitestone jetty so the pair could smoke weed at close to 2:30 am. While parked, overlooking the water, Sasso pulled a gun and shot him in the chest and thigh. Sasso then drove off, leaving the man on the jetty.

Oku called 911 and when the police finally arrived, he was asked, “Why’d he shoot you?”

“An old beef,” Oku said.

He was taken to New York Hospital in Queens and nearly died, but reached surgery in time to have his condition upgraded to critical.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Violence of Italy's Fifth Mafia "Second to No One"

La Stidda ("star")
La Stidda (Sicilian for "star," a tattoo of which all members wear) is a fifth Mafia group, a direct rival to Cosa Nostra that is also based in Sicily.

The mob killer who wrote his memoir, mentioned in the previous story, was a member of Stidda.

In addition to the Cosa Nostra, there are two other historical Mafias in Italy: the Neapolitan Camorra and the Calabrian Ndrangheta. A fourth also is recognized, the Apulian Sacra Corona Unita, which was originally formed in the 1970s to rival the traditional Camorra.

La Stidda is something like Sicily's version of the Sacra Corona Unita.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Mafia Killer's Memoir Prompts Literary Critic's Resignation

From IBT: The autobiography of a jailed Mafia killer has been selected as finalist for a Sicilian literary award, prompting the resignation of a juror who claimed the choice offended the memory of the author's victims.

Literary critic Gaspare Agnello said that the decision to admit a book by Cosa Nostra affiliate Giuseppe Grassonelli (titled Malerba) to the final has soiled the name of the prize dedicated to Leonardo Sciascia, a late Sicilian writer who helped raise awareness on Mafia issues through his work.

Noting that the mobster never repented of his crimes, Agnello said that awarding him "would be an offence to his many victims, whose blood is still fresh".

To add to the controversy, one of the other selected finalists, Caterina Chinnici, is the daughter of a prosecutor killed by the Mafia in a 1983 bomb attack in Palermo.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Stephen "Most Dangerous" of Basciano Sons, Says Ex-Bonanno Capo

Vinny Gorgeous
"Stephen has a nine millimeter handgun with a fitted silencer
that I had given him before my arrest in 2005.
That deadly weapon was mine."
--Dominick Cicale, former capo under Vinny Gorgeous

UPDATED: Former Bonanno capo Dominick Cicale, a key government witness against ex-acting boss Vincent "Vinny Gorgeous" Basciano and other crime family cohorts in 2012, is calling for the judge to throw the book at his erstwhile boss's son, Stephen Basciano.

[And, as if on cue, the judge slammed Basciano today with a three-and- one-half-year sentence in federal prison.]

In a letter obtained by Cosa Nostra News, which was not sent to the judge, Cicale noted:
Stephen is a career criminal who has sold drugs and committed various crimes since 2002. Out of all the Basciano sons, Stephen is the most dangerous due to his impulsiveness. Basically he acts without thinking.

Stephen has been recorded on tape bragging about owning a gun with a silencer. That is true. Steven has a nine millimeter handgun with a fitted silencer that I had given him before my arrest in 2005. That deadly weapon was mine.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Video Offers Rare View of Ndrangheta's "Bizarre Rituals"

The Calabrian Ndrangheta held a small gathering in the Swiss town of Frauenfeld, outside Zurich.

The event was filmed by Swiss and Italian police as part of a two-year investigation.

Germany’s Der Spiegel was the latest to publish the video – released by Italian investigators – following the arrest last Friday of at least 16 Ndrangheta suspects by Italian and Swiss police. It marked the culmination of Operation Helvetia, launched in 2012.

The video [seen on the jump page] offers a rare insight into the secret world of the Calabrian Mafia and its bizarre rituals.

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