Thursday, October 20, 2016

Cipollini's LUCKY Graphic Novel Emphasizes Truth in "True Crime"

The Lab, as Christian Cipollini calls it, where he writes his award-winning books and other things
The "lab," where Christian writes, muses, maybe smokes a cigar....

Christian Cipollini, the award-winning author of three true-crime books, has broken new ground with his latest effort, which revisits a somewhat familiar topic: Salvatore Lucania -- that's Charlie "Lucky" Luciano to you.

Cipollini is a standout in the Mafia-based true-crime genre. In addition to authoring three books -- Lucky Luciano: Mysterious Tales of a Gangland Legend, Murder Inc. and Diary of a Motor City Hit Man -- he's appeared on several high-profile television shows, including the Biography Channel's Gangsters: America's Most Evil and the History Channel's United Stuff of America (in addition to also serving as a consultant/producer for National Geographic Channel’s critically acclaimed series DRUGS, INC.)

Most recently, he appeared at the Las Vegas Mob Museum to discuss the Mafia's pre-WWII hit squad known as Murder Incorporated (the topic of his most-recent book for the Strategic Media label). He's also a Real Crime Magazine contributor. I know I am forgetting something....

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Kenji: Gambino Drug Trafficker Tried to Wangle Clinton's Pardon

Rosario Gambino was one of the leaders of the Pizza Connection heroin ring.
Rosario Gambino, Pizza Connection trafficker,
sought pardon from Roger Clinton.

This story is from Kenji Gallo's Breakshot Blog -- posted this past Sunday, it's titled Clinton Pay for Play with the Gambinos:

So much is in the news about the presidential race, most of which is blasting Trump. One can easily forget that the Clintons have been enriching themselves at our expense for decades.

The big question is how Rosario “Sal” Gambino, a convicted heroin trafficker and a member of La Cosa Nostra - who with his brothers flooded the streets of America with over 600 million dollars in heroin, got on the pardon list in the last days of Bill Clinton's Presidency?

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Boston-area Editors Cite Mobster's Case While Seeking Ex-Speaker's Release

The editorial infers that Gennaro "Jerry" Angiulo was a worse criminal than DeMasi, an elected speaking of the house
Five of the six Angiulo brothers in 1961. From left, Antonio, Michele, Nocolo, Gennaro, and Donato.

Do the right thing -- free Sal DiMasi, proclaimed the Lowell Sun's editorial, which was published online yesterday.

The editorial weighs Salvatore F. "Sal" DiMasi's crimes against those of legendary former Patriarca crime family underboss Gennaro "Jerry" Angiulo, who operated with his brothers a highly profitable gambling and loansharking operation. The vast revenue-spawning operation formed part of the bedrock foundation of the New England mob's empire.

Based in Boston's North End on the aptly named Prince Street, the Angiulo brothers ran their empire enjoying insulation from the probing eyes of law enforcement for decades. (How? By bribing cops and elected officials.)

Gomorrah Author Saviano Marks 10th Year in Protective Custody (Sort Of)

The people and elected official of Naples started backing away from Saviano when the police decided to snatch him
Roberto Saviano wrote an acclaimed best seller -- and has
lived under severe restrictions ever since. 

In October 2006, precisely 10 years ago yesterday, Roberto Saviano, the award-winning Italian writer who lives under police protection, received the phone call that changed his life.

Saviano's widely lauded Gomorrah was issued earlier that year in his homeland by Mondadori, one of Italy's top publishing houses. (It wouldn't be available in the U.S. until 2008.) It was the source material for an acclaimed film, an award-winning play and a television series in production today.

The Camorra, the Mafia in Naples -- the inner working of which Saviano's book had laid bare --initially chose to ignore the writer, reportedly under the belief that simply shooting him dead in the street wasn't worth the heat from both law enforcement and the media, which are feared equally in Italy, unlike in the U.S. But Saviano's influence continued to grow, which stimulated, then fed the Neapolitan Mafia's anger.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Violi's Revenge? Another Rizzuto Loyalist Whacked -- Just Last Night

Vincenzo Spagnolo, 65, a former Rizzuto advisor, was gunned down at his Laval home last night.
Montreal mobster Vincenzo Spagnolo was shot to death.

New info added (see below)
An alleged Montreal Mafia member was shot to death last night.

Vincenzo Spagnolo, 65, a Vito Rizzuto loyalist who served as a consigliere of sorts, was gunned down at his Laval home. The shooting appears to be linked to a "settling of accounts" within the Mafia, Sgt. Audrey-Anne Bilodeau told one newspaper.

Laval Police were called to the house, on Antoine-Forestier Street after reports of gunfire had reached law enforcement.