The Mafia in a New Golden Era?

UPDATED on JAN, 22; 10:02pm

Michael DiLeonardo answered a slew of questions -- most of the ones that were posted. 

Mikie Scars was a capo in the Gambino crime family when John Gotti was boss. If you look below in the comments section, you'll see questions people have asked Michael about the Mafia, with his answers. I'm keeping this going indefinitely, as long as Michael doesn't mind. Feel free to ask away. Just remember it may take a few days to get answers, so please don't delete your questions....

With Mafia-related murders at an all-time low and cases involving major drug trafficking on the wane, we could very well be in an era that historians will one day recall as the American Cosa Nostra's golden age.

That's Michael DiLeonardo's assessment of the state of the mob today based on his recent interview on Intelligent Talk. For nearly an hour, DiLeonardo discussed Cosa Nostra life with Ralph W. McElvenny. With his usual pluck and candor, Michael touched on a…

Felix "Skinny Razor" DiTullio, Mentor to Philadelphia Mafia Bosses, Poised to Gain Newfound Infamy in Scorsese's The Irishman

UPDATE THREE; JAN. 23; 6:13am
Felix (Skinny Razor) DiTullio played a crucial role in the lives of many young Philadelphia wiseguys.

DiTullio's lounge has been described as a veritable mob college, the place where Wiseguy 101 was taught by the consummate professional. (An awful lot of gangland hits allegedly occurred there, too.) Keeping the educational angle, the Friendly Lounge's most famous graduate likely was mob boss Nicodemo (Little Nicky) Scarfo, and the second, mob boss Ralph Natale.

Skinny Razor (that's right; not Skinny Joey) also is considered one of the Mafia's foremost assassins.

And now, with the new Martin Scorsese film The Irishman to debut on televisions nationwide in 2019, Skinny Razor stands to gain a much higher profile than he ever had (or would've wanted) while alive.
The film is based on the book I Heard You Paint Houses, which purports to tell the story of Philadelphia union heavy Frank Sheeran, who claimed to have killed both James R. Hoffa an…

Federico (Fritzy) Giovanneli, Notoriously Linked to 1986 Homicide of NYPD Detective, Dies

Federico (Fritzy) Giovanneli, who was charged with the 1986 murder of an NYPD detective, died Friday. He was 84. The cause of death was an illness, according to the New York Post.

Giovanelli faced charges for shooting Detective Anthony Venditti, 34, four times, including twice in the head, in Ridgewood, Queens. Venditti and his partner had been trailing the longtime Genovese crime family mobster when the shooting occurred.
Giovanelli went on to face four trials, all of which ended in hung juries, except for one federal trial, which convicted him, but for racketeering only. The verdict was overturned on appeal.

Venditti's partner, Detective Kathleen Burke, was wounded in the shooting.

Cold Blooded Murder At 8 p.m. on the night of Jan. 21, the two detectives trailed Giovanelli to a destination in the vicinity of Myrtle and St. Nicholas Avenues. The two were part of an organized crime taskforce and were staking out Giovanelli as part of an ongoing investigation into mob activities in …

Feds Find Mafia “Infamnia” in Home of Vincent (Chin) Gigante's Son

I love writing about old school wiseguys like Chin, and I'll seize any excuse. Those gangsters -- baby boomers, right? -- had such personality, such history (and let's face it, BALLS) compared to today's wiseguys, who simply don't compare with the who's who back when "everyone was killing everyone," as Mikie Scars said for Intelligent Talk. (It's incomprehensible that no filmmaker ever re-created the New York underworld of the 1980s. Such a lost opportunity, it's a tragedy.)

Five members and associates of the Genovese crime family were arrested last week, including a son of Vincent (Chin) Gigante, the legendary Mafia Don known for the crazy act. (Vincent Gigante was such a force, he impacted American pop culture; the HBO series The Sopranos based a key figure, "Uncle Junior," on him.)

The so-called Oddfather more than lived up to the nickname. To wit, the time law enforcement found him in the shower, fully clothed and holding an umbrella…

Bonanno Crime Family Acting Boss Joe Cammarano Among 10 Rounded Up in New York City

On Friday, 10 reputed mobsters, including the Bonanno crime family's acting boss, Joseph Cammarano Jr., 58, were arrested in raids on Staten Island, including one at Xcess Gentlemen's Club in Charleston, according to a report by NBC 4 New York. (The indictment purports to name two consiglieris.)

The bust also included two other mobsters from other crime families, one from the Luchese and another from the Genovese crime families.

All face charges of conspiracy to commit murder, extortion, loansharking, wire and mail fraud, and narcotics distribution. Prosecutors allege that starting in 2012 until this month, the group of extortionists and drug dealers conspired to commit murder and assault in furtherance of the Bonnano operation.

As per news reports:

Albert “Al Muscles” Armetta is singled out for earning his nickname by allegedly getting paid to tune up at least one victim on Bonanno family orders. Or, as the indictment put it, Armettta “did commit and aid and abet the commissi…

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