Wednesday, July 23, 2014

PBS Theory Links Hoffa, Giancana, Rosselli Hits

Frank "The Irishman" Sheeran
Did Frank "The Irishman" Sheeran kill Hoffa?

As one journalist noted: Sheeran's "deathbed confession" is still the most believable theory ever to come to light.

“History Detectives Special Investigations,” “Who Killed Jimmy Hoffa?” -- which ran recently this week -- purported to take a fresh look at the slaying of Jimmy Hoffa, the former head of the Teamsters union who vanished from the face of the earth on July 30, 1975.

It was the perfect mob hit and a high-profile public figure, too.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Judge's Call to Mother Marked Him for Mafia Hit

Judge Borsellino
The Sicilian Mafia listened to the telephone calls of judge Paolo Borsellino before slaying him, gaining vital intelligence that assisted them in committing the hit in July 1992.

This is based on a conversation mob boss Totò Riina had with a fellow prison inmate that was recorded by the authorities, Reuters sources said.

Borsellino and five of his security officers were killed by a car bomb near his mother's house.

"We knew he was meant to go there because he said, 'Mom, I'm coming tomorrow,'" said Riina, who was one of the most feared of Cosa Nostra bosses. He held power from the early 1980s until his 1993 arrest.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Bonannos, Standing Firm, Reject Prosecution's Deal

Nicky Mouth turned down
absurd plea deal.
Nicholas “Nicky Mouth” Santora turned down a plea deal for 7-to-21 years in prison Wednesday in exchange for copping to a top count of enterprise corruption. The offer shaves about a year off the minimum term he’d face if convicted at trial on that charge.

Prosecutors also offered Anthony “Skinny” Santoro 9-to-18 years behind bars, the longest term after Santora, which his lawyer said he also wouldn’t accept, noting: “It’s ridiculous, it was a non-violent gambling offense."

Santora and eight associates were busted last August for a variety of mob rackets.

They each face a maximum of up to 25 years behind bars for their alleged roles in criminal activities including a host of traditional mob rackets: extortion, loan sharking, and gambling in New York City -- as well as the selling of prescription drugs ranging from oxycodone pain killers to Viagra, in addition to perjury and possession of firearms.

Chicago Outfit Members Arrested for Robbing Cartel Stash Houses

Robert Panozzo, 54, Paul Koroluk, 55, Panozzo's son, Robert Panozzo, Jr., 22,
Maher Abuhabsah, 33, and Koroluk's wife, Maria Koroluk, 53.

Members of a drug-dealing street crew tied to Chicago’s Outfit got their product by posing as police officers to gain access to Mexican Cartel stash houses, which the mobsters then pilfered for drugs.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the Mafia crew consisted of four men who are part of the Panozzo-Koroluk Street Crew. The men were known to utilize violent methods, once slicing off the ear of a reported cartel member who lied to them during one robbery.

The Outfit-tied crew members were arrested Thursday after investigators set up a sting operation in Chicago’s Hegewisch neighborhood.

Robert Panozzo, 54, Paul Koroluk, 55, and Maher Abuhabsah, 33, and Panozzo’s 22-year-old son, Robert Panozzo, Jr., were held without bail in Cook County bond court Saturday.

Milwaukee Phil Drove a "Hitmobile" Too

Milwaukee Phil
Something about the story we wrote last night on the killing machine on wheels discovered in New Orleans, the one driven by the son of the underboss of the Marcello crime family that several law enforcement officials insisted no longer exists, reminded us of something we'd come across in our general story research.

Another mobster had also retrofitted a vehicle for killing a lot of people. His name?

Felix "Milwaukee Phil" Alderisio (1912-1971) was one of the Chicago Outfit's most feared hitmen.Originally from New York, he moved to Chicago when he was still a child. As a teenager, he moved to Milwaukee where he fought as a boxer under the name of "Milwaukee Phil". .

He's said to have taken out 13 or 14 fellow .mobsters deemed unworthy of breathing. 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Murder Machine on Wheels Tied to "Defunct" Marcello Mafia Family

Carlos Marcello died in 1993,
but is his borgata still active?
A 1998 Ford pulled over for a traffic stop one night in early May in Old Metairie, a major part of the New Orleans Metropolitan Area, may have opened a can of worms for law enforcement officials in the region.

That is because it seems to indicate a Mafia family, considered long dead, may in fact be quite active.

Once the speculation begins regarding how active, you know it's a guessing game, and that no one really knows.

The van, which had stolen license plates, was driven by two men, one of whom was the son of the former underboss of the Carlos Marcello family.

When Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office deputies pulled the van over, they quickly discovered a disturbing scene in back. They had stumbled upon a virtual killing machine.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Leonetti Blames the Father for the Son's Crimes

BAD OLD DAYS: Phil Leonetti, back in his prime.
Leonetti Rips Uncle, Says Cousin Didn't Have A Chance | Big Trial | Philadelphia Trial Blog: "The younger Scarfo never had a chance, said his cousin, mobster-turned-government witness Philip Leonetti.

"He's really not a gangster," Leonetti, 61, said in a telephone interview with Bigtrial this week. "His father had him under his spell...I used to tell him, 'Nicky, get away from these guys.' And when he was talking to me, he would agree' But then he would talk to his father and..."

The words trail off, but the point is clear. Leonetti, the one-time underboss of the Scarfo crime family, followed his cousin's trial from afar.

Detroit Mob Boss Jack Tocco Dies

Tocco, Detroit mob boss, had a bachelor's degree 

Jack Tocco  pleaded for mercy -- perhaps for the first time in his life.

“My wife’s life and my life have been destroyed,” he said . “I would like the privilege of dying at home with my family.”

Tocco wasn't facing one of the hit men like the type he himself had probably ordered over his decades-long run as a mob boss. He was facing a judge in federal court in December 2003.

It was sentencing time for being convicted for running Detroit’s Mafia for 30 years.


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