Skinny Joey Merlino Forces Fed's Hands

Last year, the Fed's invited Skinny Joey Merlino to what they said was gonna be one helluva party.  Only now they wanna cancel. 

Well, too bad for them, Joey says. He's gonna force them to throw it. And we, for some reason, can't help but feel: Good for you....

Bradley Sirkin, one of the East Coast LCN Enterprise case's wild cards, was a former driver for Philadelphia Mafia boss Joseph (Skinny Joey) Merlino.

He had extensive ties to the Mafia -- was associated with several crime families. He seems to have been one of the key threads running from New York to Florida. This mean anything?

Roger Moore Dies; Didn't Know Sinatra Once Considered for Honorary Mob Membership

Our first version of this story was posted in 2014 to some outrage. I was asked to delete it, etc. I understand the unusual animosity but have stuck to my guns. I wish I could tell you my source for this, but I promised him I wouldn't. 

I will add here and now that the Commission boss my source references in the story was none other than John Riggi, boss of the DeCavalcante crime family. Here's a story about Riggi you should read: John Riggi, Mafia's "Last Legitimate Boss."

So the first story was about an excerpt from Roger Moore's memoir that mentioned Frank Sinatra and blasted the notion that he had mob ties. I posted it and made a new friend... So ironically, thanks to "James Bond," I got one of my hottest scoops ever. (As for my source, he can contact me anytime he wants. Hope all is well -- thank you so much for the information.)
I'm updating and reposting due to Moore's  recent death 
Sir Roger Moore, the British actor who gave Jam…

Potential Power Shift in Gambino Family Circa 2002

COSA NOSTRA NEWS EXCLUSIVE The next installment of our Michael DiLeonardo-Salvatore Romano saga....

"Willie Moretti was nuts, that's why they killed him. That's a fcking lie. They killed him because he could've been a boss. Whenever they kill someone, he's suddenly a rat, or was gonna be a rat or he was losing his mind.

The guys in power can do that. They can kill anyone and call him a rat." 
A source speaking in confidence

The Corozzos were a faction of the Gambino crime family from Canarsie.

After John Gotti went down courtesy of Sammy the Bull, Peter Gotti was named boss. (Arnold "Zeke" Squitieri would be named acting boss in time). Jo Jo Corozzo was named consiglieri, and with that move it seemed that, for the first time in Mafia history, the power in the Gambino crime family was going to move to Canarsie.

Trump's Alleged Mob Ties; Fox News Founder's Death

FINAL: Stories about Donald Trump and his alleged Mafia ties continue to proliferate.

This nation may well be entering a period of historical importance unprecedented in recent decades. There's no time for unwarranted speculation so we will cut to the chase.

Trump may have done a lot of things but did he actually knowingly work with the New York Mafia, as many continue to allege? Is there a there there? (To use the parlance of our times.)

Our Inaugural Podcast: John Alite Unfiltered....

I could write a story using his information -- I have been doing it that way forever. Thing is, you can't hear him. I mean him, not the guy being interviewed on television, but the guy himself....

This is a podcast I filmed. It's a voicemail from John Alite, one of three he left me, consecutively while I was attending a birthday party.

You can hear the beep cutting him off. In part two, he picks up right where he left off. You will hear parts two and three, as well.John was reacting to a story I'd written. Since I hadn't written anything about John in some time, I wasn't certain what he was reacting to. In time, I realized it was a story I'd promoted on Facebook -- somehow, someone alerted John to the story -- and he was angry after he read it.

Penetrating the Mafia with a Bulls--t Story

So how do you crack open the Mafia and penetrate it in a deep-undercover investigation?

In the words of an ace undercover operator (and former FBI agent), "You need to know your source.”

Joseph D. Pistone, formerly Donnie Brasco of the Bonanno crime family, gave the keynote address before a gathering of senior case management and investigation professionals at Polonious World 2017, some kind of trade show held recently in Australia.

 "You have to know the organization that you’re trying to infiltrate. You have to know your enemy. Because if you don’t know your enemy, you aren’t going to defeat them. By knowing your enemy, it will help you infiltrate and help you stay alive,” Pistone said.