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Friday, November 21, 2014

Mafia Hitman "Confesses" to Assassinating Kennedy

We still believe in the lone-assassin theory (Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone) since reading Gerald Posner's excellent analysis of the assassination, Case Closed. But we don't claim to have the monopoly on wisdom, especially when guys like G. Robert Blakey believe exactly the opposite.

Blakey famously said:

"Jack Ruby all by himself is substantial enough reason to believe in the Mafia's involvement [in the assassination of JFK]... The Mafia profited by JFK's death. What's worse is, they got away with it."

In Galante’s Grip, Montreal “Wept and Bled”

Man of Steel...
By now, I am sure many of you are sick of reading about Cosa Nostra News: The Cicale Files, Volume 1: Inside the Last Great Mafia Empire. I am almost sick of writing about it...

We do have a couple of announcements to make. We are finally uploading the files for the print version, which should be available next week. I encountered some formatting problems (to put it mildly). Again, I want to note that this is not a full-sized book; it is about 70 pages and the ebook is $4.99, the price Amazon suggested.  Not sure what the print version will cost -- that is out of our hands.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Kill One of Ours, We Kill Two of Yours: A Bath Ave. Story

George Conte in the middle; on left is Gambino associate
Frank Mariconda.

In the late 1980s/early 1990s, mobsters and associates were routinely murdered in New York's five boroughs.

In places like Bath Avenue, the remains of violent gangland hits were found in car trunks or slumped over steering wheels; they ripened in the backs of trucks and vans. Some were buried, many never to be found. The victims were shot late at night or in the early morning when no witnesses were around. But bullets also flew in broad daylight, sometimes just across the street from a police station.

Often, law enforcement--NYPD, DA's detectives, the Feds--knew who the killer was, but knowing and having the evidence to prove it in court are two different things and can be worlds apart.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Day "Jimmy Gap" Almost Bought It

Jimmy "The Gap" Calandra, a well-known former gangster out of Brooklyn, provided me with an excerpt of a manuscript he is working on about the life and crimes of the Bath Avenue Crew.

I've been waiting for him to email me the thing for three goddamn days but I finally have it, am giving it a read and will post it later today.

Calandra made an appearance on National Geographic's documentary about the New York Mafia. He also made news last year when he visited his old stomping grounds and stepped into a Dunkin' Donuts on 18th Avenue. A couple inside recognized him and harassed him. The male, a local convicted hoodlum, shouted "rat" at him while the lady threw a cup of coffee in Calandra's face.

How Rizzuto Got His Revenge, Mafia-Style

Rizzuto was referred to as the Tall Guy.
Adrian Humphreys' National Post story is required reading for anyone interested in the Canadian mob war (which included both Cosa Nostra and 'Ndrangheta members) that reached its bloody crescendo under the stewardship of  now-deceased Montreal Godfather Vito Rizzuto.

The article focuses on new information regarding how Rizzuto swiftly took charge when he returned home from prison, marshalled his forces and with true Sicilian cunningness, set loose the dogs of war by first testing his own men's loyalty.

He seems to have taken a page from John Gotti's playbook by topping his death list with the names of those who blinked when he summoned them.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Kenji Gallo on Mafia's New Communication Tactics...

Kenji Gallo, blogger, asskicker, author of "Breakshot,"
one of the best books about the Mafia available.

From this week's Breakshot Blog by friend Kenji Gallo (a onetime associate of the Colombo family who became a turncoat charged with running a radio show for the feds. Kenji also wrote a great book about life in the mob -- particularly in the crazy madhouse known as the Colombo family. We wrote a little about Kenji and his book back in this post.) some interesting info on how the mob communicates...

"The Colombo’s were aware that the FBI and others were always watching or listening to them so they adopted some new tactics. A thumb across the cheek was how they referred to a made guy and a thumb across the back was their way of indicating a Capo. All the families used methods close to this, in Los Angeles they would point to the chest for a soldier, the shoulder for a Capo and the sky for Pete Milano the Boss.

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