The stories listed below are based on interviews with mobsters -- and former FBI agent Joaquin "Jack Falcone" Garcia, who worked undercover as one of them.

From Mafia capos to mob associates who worked with some of gangland's most notorious figures, we give you the real deal here.

Also included are "scoops," news this site broke first. (This page is not comprehensive yet, either.)

Michael "Mikie Scars" DiLeonardo

Michael DiLeonardo On the Gotti Reign

Joaquin "Jack Falcone" Garcia

Interview With "Mob Wives" Cast Member

Cosa Nostra News Exclusives
Genovese Boss Who Took Lie Detector Test Dies
FBI 302 Proves John Gotti Junior "Talked"

Defamation Case Settled by "Undercover Cop" Publisher


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