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Genovese Wiseguy Sally Demeo Cops to Tax Evasion

Reputed Genovese soldier Sal (Sallie) Demeo pleaded guilty to attempted tax evasion today in Brooklyn Federal Court.

Prosecutors charged that DeMeo had earned $2 million in profit in 2013 and 2014 when he sold shares in several downtown Brooklyn properties he inherited from his father in 1991. He's in trouble because he failed to report the capital gains on his tidy windfall.
DeMeo and others with shares in the properties -- located along Atlantic Ave., Pacific St., Bond St., and Schermerhorn St. -- sold off the lots for $18.2 million in total.

Demeo, 78, had his proceeds whacked into eight separate checks, which he then deposited into accounts that weren't his. For example, he put $1 million into the account of a plumbing business operated by another Genovese crime family member, according to court papers.

He also gave around $350,000 to someone who ran an unlicensed check cashing business, which funneled the money back to him for a fee. "I was aware I was responsible fo…

Upcoming Mob Flick Features James Ciccone

By Nick Christophers

James Ciccone has come a long way in the past year with his role in HBO’s hit show The Deuce and notching a part in Marty Scorsese’s The Irishman (2019).

He is an interesting actor who was once on the road to be a priest.Yet his love for acting pulled him the other way. Due to his rough upbringing and looks he has been offered gangster roles as of late. Yet he does not mind it as he believes “work is work”.

On The Deuce he has aced the part of mob boss Carmine Patriccia which has been slated for a second season. Based on his work on the HBO drama he has had guest appearances on popular TV shows like Blacklist and Gotham. Prior to these he had recurring credits for Shades of Blue and Boardwalk Empire. On the horizon is a new mob film called The Kitchen which he plays the part of Joey Goon.

The film is being released by New Line Film and directed by Andrea Berloff (Straight Out of Compton). The cast is filled with amazing talents like Melissa McCarthy, Tiffany Had…

John Gotti as Family Guy? So Says Hollywood Reporter in Biopic Pan

 At my first writing gig, my boss told me to research the word hagiography and make sure I never wrote anything that would fall into the category ever again...

The story he was referring to was about adult filmmaker Andrew Blake, so at least you can understand where I was coming from.... And you probably already understand where this is going ....

Yes, John (Junior) Gotti apparently still worships his father. Michael DiLeonardo, former Gambino capo, detailed for us Junior's bizarre proclivity for calling him chief, etc. 

And trust me: Listening to Mikie Scars tell you the real story would be endlessly preferable to this.
From THR: Most mafia movies, whether good or bad (and this one is bad), try to show that power corrupts, crime doesn’t pay and the price of allegiance to the Cosa Nostra is often too high to handle.
Such is not the case of Gotti, an altogether hagiographic — one could even say pro-mob — biopic that had its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival. Starring John Tra…

FBI Focusing on Elusive Genovese Capo Tough Tony?

Bottom line here is: I'm going to visit Park Side Restaurant one night, and so should you. The food is something else, I've heard.

The convicted owner of a trendy Harlem eatery borrowed money from an elusive (and supposedly retired) capo in the nation's most powerful Mafia clan, the Genovese crime family.

This was revealed in a report about an FBI affidavit that details the loan. Specifically, Hamilton Peralta, the convicted former owner of the now-closed Hudson River Cafe, borrowed $100,000 from Anthony (Tough Tony) Federici.

A source sent us the report, as well as unrelated YouTube links to interviews with Federici, who -- quite remarkably ---- sat down for several and  candidly discussed memories of his parents, his Park Side Restaurant, and his Corona, Queens, neighborhood.

In another he offers a tour of his restaurant, which once had a boxing ring in the basement, according to Federici.

One topic never mentioned, is Cosa Nostra, of course. Federici tells us about the …

New Trailer for Gotti Biopic (and Release Date Too)

The long-gestating film about New York mob boss John Gotti, now titled "Gotti," features a new trailer (see below) with clips of John Travolta playing an older Dapper Don, the legendary former boss of the Gambino crime family who died of cancer on June 10, 2002.

The film is slated to premiere at the Cannes Film Festival later this month and reportedly will be in theaters in June. Directed by Kevin Connolly, the film also stars Travolta's wife Kelly Preston, who plays Gotti's wife, Victoria, and his daughter, Ella Bleu, who plays daughter Angel.

Other cast members, Stacey Keach (as Aniello Dellacroce, it seems, holy fck), Pruitt Taylor Vince (as Angelo Ruggiero, aka Quack Quack), and William DeMeo as Salvatore (Sammy the Bull) Gravano.

Gotti will premiere at Cannes, "most likely on May 15" and will be in theaters on June 15.

Pitbull is composing the Gotti score, as per The Hollywood Reporter. This is the Miami rapper's first film score. The Gra…

Want to Avoid Getting Arrested? Here’s Tips from an Ex-Cop....

One night at around 2 am, heading home from Brooklyn, I was cruising along the Belt Parkway just where it turns into Nassau Expressway on Long Island.

And it happened.... Just. Like. That. I was pulled over for speeding, and it was not righteous.

I was driving the slowest-moving car on the road, which was thick with traffic despite the time.

The fearless NYPD had pulled me over for racing along at a tidy 11 mph over the speed limit. (Was I the lowest-hanging fruit?)

The two cops looked a bit worse for wear. To be frank, they looked more like lifelong criminals masquerading in costume than bona fide law enforcement officers. Thin, hungry. Like they worked nights because they liked to work nights. One had a pockmarked, scarred face and shifty eyes. I remember him vividly because he held his gun on me while he – and quietly, on the other side, his partner – walked up on me. Exactly who did these two clowns think they were pulling over?

If they were looking for a dopamine rush, they pick…

Former Hells Angels President "Mom" Boucher Plead Guilty to Conspiring to Kill Mobster Who Turned on Mob Boss Vito Rizzuto

 "I fcking love Mom Boucher."
 --Outlaw MC source, to Cosa Nostra News
There are many reasons why Maurice “Mom” Boucher, the former Hells Angels leader in Montreal, Canada, serving life sentences for murder, would've wanted to kill longtime member of the Montreal underworld Raynald Desjardins.

For the nonce, we can only speculate about the “why” of it, as Boucher’s motives were not included in the RCMP’s summary of facts presented during last month’s proceeding.

What is known is that Boucher and Desjardins communicated frequently with each other in 1993. Around two years later, Boucher, a charismatic, extremely violent leader of the HA's Quebec Nomads chapter, made millions via a drug-trafficking (primarily cocaine) alliance forged with Vito Rizzuto, Montreal’s legendary Cosa Nostra boss. 

Boucher essentially murdered, retired, or scared away every “independent” drug dealer in the province who didn't submit to him (allegedly, including other Hells Angels members;…