You Live With John Gotti, You Die With John Gotti

James Cardinali was John Gotti's man....

Cardinali hung around the Bergin Hunt and Fish Club when Paul Castellano was still in charge of the Gambino crime family. Those days, the Pope proffered his regal wisdom in the form of gambling tips unto John Gotti, the rising Queens-based acting capo. At least once Castellano deigned to.

Gotti actually hated guys who gave him gambling tips --- and had a unique way to refer to them, describing them as: "Fucking fuck bastards with their fucking tips." When Gotti uttered that particular descriptor, the television had just revealed that he'd lost two horse races. One of his horses had even "run out" -- meaning bolted from the racetrack.

So steep were the losses on occasion that sometimes, the goodfellas at the Bergin, who in the glory days numbered at around 100, used to turn the television off before the boss arrived. Even confidential informants--who tended to generously encircle rising stars like John Gotti  -- could…

Newspapers Suffer From Gene Gotti Derangement Syndrome

Better run to the hills! Gene Gotti was spotted outside his Long Island home!

The mob is worried about how his release will impact their rackets! Saints preserve us!!!

We can already see the for-sale signs rising up on front lawns all over Long Island. Call the police! Maybe some priests while we're at it? (Though they may be too busy with other things these days.) And for god's sake, will someone protect the children!

While we didn't actually see such exclamations -- well, we did spot one of them, actually -- based on some of the more hysterical newspaper reports we've eyeballed, we certainly would not have been surprised if we had.

No, Gene Gotti isn't going to come and eat you. The younger brother of the late Gambino boss, John Gotti, was released from prison last week, and we don't know why newspapers continue to flog this. Is it really so surprising that the man has been seen? Gene Gotti does exist. He's not, like, fictitious.
 He has a real family, t…

FBI Mafia Hunter Who Helped Bring Down The Chin Died Last Week

FBI Mafia hunter, Mount Vernon Police Commissioner (who reduced the crime rate by 20 percent), and investigator of corruption in Westchester County, John S. Pritchard III -- the kind of man the world sorely lacks today, a goddamn good man -- died last Thursday.

Pritchard, who was 75, led the FBI team that helped  bring down Vincent The Chin Gigante.

The New York Times described Pritchard as a "tenacious investigator whose law enforcement career spanned more than three decades and six agencies in New York..."

Pritchard began as a beat cop who "eventually broke ground for black people in the top ranks of the New York City Police Department." And in addition to his role as an FBI chief, he was inspector general of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and of Westchester County. He was the acting chief of the Transit Police before it was absorbed into the New York City Police Department. He was also the police commissioner of Mount Vernon, N.Y., the Westchester cit…

Luchese Mobster Pleads Guilty To 2012 Attempt To Whack Bonanno Mobster

A Luchese mobster faces 15 years in prison after pleading guilty to attempted murder in federal court in White Plains, authorities announced this week.

Vincent Bruno, 34, was among 19 reputed mobsters arrested in a May 2017 sweep that targeted what has been described as "the Lower Hudson Valley's most notorious organized-crime figures," a roster that includes alleged Luchese underboss Steven "Wonder Boy" Crea of Tuckahoe.

The press got plenty of mileage out of the case based on the alleged gangsters' nicknames, which included "Joey Glasses" and "Jimmy the Jew."

Bruno pleaded guilty to attempted murder in aid of a racketeering conspiracy on Thursday (September 13) before United States Magistrate Judge Paul E. Davison. Specifically, he pleaded to attempting to kill, and conspiring to kill, a Bronx man described as a Bonanno associate, in 2012.

Last Year's Big Luchese Indictment
In May 2017, Bruno and 18 other members and associates of t…

Victim In Hamilton Hit Identified, Allegedly Was Killed In "Mafia Retaliation"

"The Mafia has a level of patience that is unprecedented."
- Stephen Metelsky, criminology professor.

While the man gunned down in Hamilton wasn't a mob boss (at least as far as we know; his job description was entrepreneur), sources tell organized crime investigators that the shooting was "Mafia retaliation" for the unsolved 2017 murder of gangland boss Angelo Musitano.

Albert Iavarone was a Hamilton entrepreneur and real estate agent, and someone hid in his bushes last night and shot him dead as he walked toward his Ancaster home.

Iavarone had links to associates in organized crime.

"The killer hid in bushes and lay in wait for Albert Iavarone to return home Thursday night," Det. Sgt. Peter Thom told The Hamilton Spectator today.

The 50-year-old was shot around 10 p.m. as he walked from his car, which was parked outside 32 Sunflower Cres. in Ancaster's quiet Scenic Woods neighbourhood.

Surveillance footage revealed that a male suspect arr…

Mob Boss Gunned Down Near Buffalo, New York, Last Night

A “well-known Mafia boss” who lived in Hamilton was shot dead last night, according to Hamilton’s Homicide Unit, which is investigating.

The shooting happened around 10 p.m. Thursday on Sunflower Crescent, near Highway 403 and Mohawk Road. A source with the Hamilton police department told CityNews that “the victim appears to be a well-known mafia boss who lives in the neighbourhood.” The neighbourhood of Scenic Woods is an affluent area with many large, single family homes.

Two cars remained in the driveway behind the police tape at the scene around 8 a.m. this morning.

This is the fifth homicide in Hamilton this year.

Police said the victim, a 50-year-old man, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Neighbors reported hearing several gunshots and then saw a vehicle speeding away from the scene.

Police said this was a targeted shooting. The victim’s identity has not been released.

Hamilton is in Southern Ontario on the western end of the Niagara Peninsula. Hamilton is roughly the midway po…

Vincent D’Onofrio To Play The Williest Of Mob Bosses in Harlem Godfather Flick

Vincent D’Onofrio has signed on to play—hold onto your hats, folks—Vincent (The Chin) Gigante in a forthcoming series called the Godfather of Harlem, slated to run on Epix, the premium cable network, it was exclusively reported this week.

We always wanted Chazz Palminteri for the role of Chin.

Godfather of Harlem purports to tell the true story of drug lord Bumpy Johnson (played by Forest Whitaker), who in the early 1960s returned from prison to find his old neighborhood fiefdom under the thumb of the Italian Mafia, specifically, the Genovese crime family whom Bumpy takes on to regain control.He allies himself with radical preacher Malcolm X, “catching his political rise in the cross-hairs of social upheaval and a mob war that threatens to tear the city apart.”

The show's larger theme is the juxtaposition of the underworld against the civil rights movement during one of the most tumultuous times in American history.

Gigante, a former professional boxer and protégé of Vito Ge…


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