Bonanno Boss Mikey Nose Reportedly Making The Pelham Bay Rounds (And Mentions Cosa Nostra News, Too)

Cosa Nostra News Exclusive

Bonanno boss Michael (Mikey Nose) Mancuso (or should we write, Mr. Mancuso, sir?) apparently has been commuting between the Bronx halfway house he was relocated to in August and the Pelham Bay neighborhood, Cosa Nostra News has learned.

He's "all dressed up" and "playing the part," and "reminding people who is in charge," a source tells us.

Mikey Nose also apparently has been telling people "he is all over the Internet and is actually mentioning your site!" So there you have it, folks, Michael Nose apparently has been reading all about himself here on Cosa Nostra News.

He's also become partners in a realty firm.

"I'd love to see him hold open houses," the source added.

Our source, who we hope keeps in touch, is knowledgeable about certain doings up in the Bronx and we're not going to name him, as per his request.

Mancuso became boss of the Bonanno crime family while serving a 15-year pr…

Alleged Bloods Killers Used GPS To Execute Reputed Luchese Associate Sally Daz

The killers used a GPS device hidden under Sally Daz's car to track him and whack him, according to prosecutors Friday.

Assistant US Attorney Lindsay Gerdes said the feds found the device under alleged Luchese associate Sylvester “Sally Daz” Zottola's car.

Zottola, 71, was sitting in his car waiting for coffee at a McDonald's drive thru in the Bronx when he was shot to death on October 4.

His 41-year-old son survived an attempted hit in July that was caught on camera.

An investigation into the GPS device led authorities to an address where surveillance footage from the day the device was activated caught some of the accused killers — all alleged Bloods members— coming and going.

The GPS was activated on September 29, days before  Zottola died.

DNA from Bushawn “Shelz” Shelton, one of the accused, was also allegedly found at the scene of the attempted shooting of Salvatore Zottola a month before the murder.

The suspects sat together in the jury box surrounded by US Marshals…

Operation Goodfellas Drug Probe Smashes Mob-Linked Ring

In November 2000, David Antinuchethreatened an Assistant District Attorney with whom he found himself in a Queens courthouse elevator. 

"I've got a trophy for you for loser of the year," Antinuche told the prosecutor. That prosecutor today is likely thinking, wonder who the loser is now....

David Antinuche, 51, and four alleged accomplices were busted following a 10-month narcotics probe in Queens and Brooklyn dubbed “Operation Goodfellas.”

Undercover officers made 19 purchases, buying a total of 300 grams of cocaine and 150 grams of heroin with a combined street value of $35,000. At least two batches of the heroin contained the synthetic opioid fentanyl.

The undercovers convinced Antinuche, an alleged Gambino associate, to introduce them to his suppliers, said Deputy Inspector Dominick D’Orazio, commanding officer of the NYPD’s Criminal Enterprise Investigative Section.

Antinuche’s rap sheet includes previous busts for attempted murder, robbery and drugs.

He was o…

John Junior Gotti Was Back In Queens Court This Week But Not As A Defendant; He Was An Athletic Supporter

You'd think a guy like John (Junior) Gotti would've had enough of courtrooms to last five lifetimes.

Yet even though he's survived four racketeering trials, as he never fails to remind, each of which ended in a hung jury, and even though he was detained without bail for 30-something months, apparently Junior has not had enough.

The Dapper Don's son/former lead decision maker on a Gambino crime family ruling panel made an appearance at Queens court earlier this week, on Tuesday, to stand tall for an MMA fighter-turned-accused bank robber.

And the MMA fighter in question was NOT Junior's son, John Gotti III, who's also an MMA fighter.

Rather, the accused was Sergio DaSilva, who robbed an Astoria CitiBank in August 2017. Donning a ski mask, leaping over a three-foot glass partition, and allegedly threatening to shoot people, he dashed off with around $45,000. And was promptly arrested.

Cops reportedly identified DaSilva via the telltale fi…

Genovese Capo Angelo Prisco Wiretap Transcript: "I Hate Them F---ing Gangsters, They Single-Handedly Destroyed This Whole Life"

Shoutout to "John," thanks for the tip.... I appreciate ALL tips. Please keep em coming....

Following is a transcript of Genovese capo Angelo Prisco; the recording on which it is based was made on December 24, 2004.

Prisco apparently is relaxing and speaking candidly about a range of topics with his driver, Jeff Santini, who Prisco had considered a protege of sorts.

But don't think for a moment that the seemingly easygoing Prisco was slowing down. The man you hear casually shooting the breeze was, at that very time, helming a crew that engaged in violent home invasions during which victims were tied up and beaten inside their homes. Not even other wiseguys were off limits.  As the FBI later alleged: Prisco had told his crew members about his own personal robbery "policy" -- specifically, that they should "play dumb" if it turned out that they had robbed someone with organized crime ties.

Santini was driving Prisco to a meeting …

In 1977 Wealthy Queens Businessman In Lottery Ticket Business Was Target Of "Well-Planned Execution"


One cold, snowy night in February 1977, Arthur Milgram, the owner of New York State's biggest lottery ticket vending company, drove to a luxury apartment building in Little Neck, Queens, where he'd been staying the past month.

He wasn't living in the swanky Monte Excelsior apartments. Rather, Milgram, who was separated from his wife, had subleased one of its apartments.

He was hiding out there in fear for his life.

Built in 1964, the 240-unit Monte Excelsior still stands. Among its amenities is an onsite parking lot -- and it was across that snow-covered unlighted parking lot that, on that February night, Milgram drove his rented 1977 Buick Electra 225 and parked in one of the spots.

At around 11:45 pm Milgram exited the car and headed towards the building's rear door. As he stepped onto the stretch of concrete between the parking lot and the building, a gunman opened fire.

Because there were no witnesses and his body wasn't found until ear…

Was There Really An East Harlem Mafia-Linked Purple Gang, And Who Named Them?

In November 2013, after a Luchese associate was murdered in the Bronx, a flurry of mainstream news stories referenced an obscure 1970s gang with reputed Mafia links.

The so-called Purple Gang, which roamed the South Bronx and Harlem, whacked and in most cases, dismembered its victims, a butcher's bill that was, in December 1977, pegged at 17, including police informants.

The gang was involved in the large‐scale distribution of "kilos" of heroin in Harlem and the Bronx; it was known to pull off "muscle” jobs for Mafia families, too.

Apparently the Purple Gang seized opportunity by stepping up when law enforcement cleared away existing narcotics trafficking rings such as the one that was part of the "French Connection" case. The Purple Gang also supposedly entered the contract killing business after it got into drug trafficking. Prior its members essentially cut their teeth as glorified coffee boys in decade-long apprenticeships.

Remember the "young Hen…

Murdered Luchese Associate Was Beloved Father And Grandfather

Sylvester (Sally Daz) Zottola, 71, was fatally shot five times while waiting on a cup of coffee at a McDonald’s drive thru in the Bronx on Thursday, October 4.

He was allegedly killed for a Joker Poker business. Five men have been nabbed to date for the murder, though the Albanian gangsters who are reputedly the true driving force behind the shooting have yet to be identified.

The alleged Luchese associate was laid to rest at St. Theresa Catholic Church in  the week after the shooting. Reportedly nearly 300 people attended his funeral.

A police source told the Daily News that Zottola was “a real old-fashioned mobster” reputedly  involved in gambling and loansharking.

Zottola's daughter, Debbie Zottola, shortly after her father's funeral, gave a heartfelt interview in which she said that she'd like to see her father remembrered in a "good and proper light."

In an effort to provide a more balanced view of the man, we want to share some of the sentiments she express…


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