Philadelphia Wiseguy Joey Electric Servidio Gets 15 Years For Dealing Drugs In Atlantic City Area

South Jersey resident Joseph (Joey Electric) Servidio, 60, a reputed soldier in the Philadelphia crime family, was sentenced last Thursday to 15 years (three years more than he reportedly faced) in Federal prison for pushing crystal methamphetamine, heroin, and fentanyl-laced pills.

 In June 2019, in Camden, NJ, Federal court, he copped to conspiracy to distribute controlled substances, including more than 200 grams of fentanyl and heroin, and about 300 grams of crystal meth.
He was arrested in March 2018 with two South Jersey associates of the Philadelphia mob family: Carl Chianese and Michael Gallicchio. The FBI described the case as a dismantling of a drug pipeline running nearly the length of the Garden State Parkway. Initially the FBI indicated that elements of the Boston Mafia also were involved in this case.

Among the charges outlined in the indictment: Servidio and Chianese plotted the revenge killing of a drug-dealing associate because the associate, identified as “Individual 3,…

Q&A #3 With Former Luchese Wiseguy John Pennisi

This is the third round of Q&As. Please email any additional questions or post them in the comment section of this story. Also, former Luchese wiseguy John Pennisi has started a blog, Sitdown News so be sure and visit. 

Question: I'm Paul from Italy. Do you know something about the active families outside New York (not only the Decavalcante family and Philly)???

John Pennisi: Paul, piacere, I had some dealing with and met a few Ndrangheta I believe they were from Canada. What impressed me with them was we were once in a restaurant and I was brought over to a table where about 12 of their people were sitting. I sat and talked for a while and then went back to my table. When they left in a line from young to old, with their boss being last, they came over to say goodbye. Very disciplined and full of respect.

Q: Why continue to follow Vic Amuso as boss? The Lucchese Family must recognize his poor leadership during the 90’s and his inability to control Casso so why continue to follow…

Q&A #2 With Former Luchese Wiseguy John Pennisi

The way ex-Luchese mobster John Pennisi tells it, he'd still be a true-blue wiseguy today if his capo and others had not wrongly suspected him of being a "rat." .... The following Q&A is part of our continuing coverage of John Pennisi's side of the story about what happened between him and the Luchese crime family. Some questions were lightly edited ...

Q: To an outsider today (today meaning pre-COVID) the mob seems smaller, better hidden, and less of a factor in daily life. In say 1988, if one night I went to a weekly poker game (and won BIG), then bought some blow and went to a strip club, then stopped by a guy to borrow money, it’d be a safe bet that the mob profited off every one of those activities. If I did that same “circuit” last week say what are the chances that the mob got a piece of all those activities?

JOHN PENNISI: The mob has learned from past mistakes, exposure is its enemy. Low key is about survival. I was always labeled paranoid but it paid off…

New Wise Guys Inc. Podcast Features Son Of Former Colombo Underboss Wild Bill

UPDATEDBill Cutolo, former Mob Candy editor Nick Christophers, and John DeSalvo have launched a new podcast called Wise Guys Inc.

The podcast available now features special guest Ronnie Kerner, "a bad ass mobster who was under mob boss Sonny Franzese of the Colombo family," according to the podcast's webpage on Soundcloud.
See the Wise Guys Inc. Facebook page.

Nick Christophers was the editor of Mob Candy magazine. He has authored several books, including the novels Destinies Vol II - No Honor Among Thieves and Destinies, and the non-fiction works, Mafia Ties - The Greek Syndicates, and Prison Rules (with John Alite).
John DeSalvo is a former University Professor and Dean, an author, and a TV and radio personality.
Billy Cutolo is the son of former Colombo underboss William (Wild Bill) Cutolo.
Wild Bill had been promoted to underboss of the Colombo crime family following the third Colombo war. In 1999, Cutolo was last seen en route to that meeting (ironically, Feds had been ta…

Q&A #1 With Former Luchese Wiseguy John Pennisi

The first Q&A with former Luchese wiseguy John Pennisi...These are the first few questions, followed by John's answers.
QUESTION: The prevailing thought on mafia hits is that they no longer happen. The 2013 Meldish rubout was seen as brazen and uncommon and of course Caldwell, Londonio and the entire administration paid dearly for it. However, in John's story there are at least two instances which suggest hits are still a viable option. 1) When Big John tells John two family members are wearing wires John immediately suggests whacking them without hesitation. 2) John eventually walks into the Federal Building when he becomes convinced the Lucchese family was planning to kill him.

So, my question is - how prevalent are mafia hits? Was the Meldish rubout in 2013 really the only one in modern mafia history (or at least since the mid-2000s)? Or does the mafia still carry out hits but either A) conceal the bodies and destroy the evidence so we don't hear about them or B) whe…