Mafia Uses Same Initiation Ceremony, As Per Luchese Defector Testimony

The Mafia still makes 'em like it always did...

We're referring to the initiation ceremony -- the one that uses the gun, the knife, the picture of the saint, the pin...

John Pennisi, 49, a Luchese member who flipped last year, detailed on the witness stand his life in the New York Mafia, touching on his initiation ceremony and how members of the Brooklyn crew began moving to Staten Island, raising the existential question of whether Luchese wiseguys who live on Staten Island can still credibly call themselves the Brooklyn crew....

Pennisi was made in a 2013 secret initiation ceremony in the dark basement of a house on Staten Island. (In a refreshing twist, he was made on his wife’s birthday rather than his own birthday.)

Then-acting boss Matty Madonna, who was from the Bronx, presided.

“There was a gun, a knife, there was a picture of a saint, an ashtray, a lighter, and like a diabetic pin, needle to check your blood,” said Pennisi.

Madonna asked Pennisi which finger he used t…

One Of A Kind Convention Coming To New Jersey By The Fans For The Fans: Sopranos Con

By Nick Christophers

Comic Con, Eternal Con, Chiller Theatre, and Auto Show have been staples of large themed shows, drawing huge crowds of die-hard fans.

Now, on November 23-24, you can add Sopranos Con, an event organized in honor of the HBO blockbuster show that dazzled the nation.

The show is the “brain-child” of Michael Mota and two partners.

“It is great to do something you enjoy and put your heart into it. This is a passion project for me and my partners Joe and Dan. It is not the first Sopranos event I have had but this one is a bigger scale.”

The event will be held at the Meadowlands in Secaucus, New Jersey. Michael has done smaller Sopranos events that featured four or five cast members doing a Q&A either at his restaurant or some other venue. He and his partners decided to tackle something with a bigger “bada-bing”. They wanted to develop a Con like no other that would be a fan experience not just a bunch of booths of people selling items.

As Michael explained it is pr…

Luchese Soldier Eugene (Boopsie) Castelle Guilty Of Racketeering Conspiracy, Illegal Gambling

Luchese soldier Eugene (Boopsie) Castelle was found guilty of conspiracy to commit racketeering and operating an illegal gambling ring after a two-week trial before U.S. District Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein.

Castelle, 59, of Staten Island, New York, was arrested in May 2016 with five others for running a $13 million illegal gambling operation. (When they arrested him, he reportedly told law enforcement: "I don't shake hands with cops.")

Castelle also was among 10 wiseguys rounded up in January 2018. Those arrests were focused on alleged Bonanno acting boss Joseph Cammarano Jr. and John (Porky) Zancocchio, reputed consigliere, who were later acquitted by a jury after using a novel ethnic profiling defense.
He was found guilty yesterday of one count of conspiracy to commit racketeering, which carries a maximum potential sentence of 20 years in prison, and one count of operation of an illegal gambling business, which carries a maximum potential sentence of five years.

The jur…

Luchese Boss Vic Amuso Almost Went Very Old School On Some Bronx Wiseguys

The Luchese crime family apparently learned from its past mistakes -- and avoided repeating the stretch of murderous mayhem that happened back in the 1980s-1990s when over a dozen members were killed.

Consequently, Brooklyn-based Luchese mobster Michael (Big Mike) DeSantis bloodlessly succeeded Bronx-based (former) powerhouse Matthew (Matty) Madonna as acting boss, precisely as imprisoned-for-life boss Vittorio (Vic) Amuso had directed.

Amuso -- who alongside his top lieutenant, Anthony (Gaspipe) Casso, was responsible for that 1980s-90s bloodbath -- had sent a message (via coded letter) from his prison cell to underboss Steven (Stevie Wonder) Crea in 2017, as reported by Jerry Capeci on Gang Land News and the New York Post, noting that the news was based on testimony delivered during the racketeering trial of Eugene Boopsie Castelle.

(Amuso in turn was responding to a letter that had been sent to him by capos disgruntled about the family's seat of power shifting away from Brookly…

Reality Show Mob Wives, Joe Massino’s Machinations Left TG Graziano Out In The Cold

How unpopular was the VH1 reality show Mob Wives among New York Mafiosi?

It reportedly almost cost one Gambino associate an eyeball, not to mention life on this earth...

In July 2015 at the medium-security federal prison in Fairton, New Jersey, Gambino associate Albert (Albee) Crisci was nearly beaten to death, as Gang Land News revealed a month later.

He was hospitalized after the brutal assault administered by a group of inmates in a prison yard blind spot during morning recreation.

Crisci, who had once been a DeCavalcante crime family associate, was then associated with Gambino soldier Joseph (Joe Boy) Sclafani (since around 2010). Crisci had played a minor role in Sclafani’s drug ring. (Sclafani had his own links to the show: he was going to marry Ramona Rizzo when he was arrested for drug dealing and sent to prison. Ramona nixed the wedding. Sclafani was serving his sentence at a different prison than Crisci.)

"Those who tell shall burn in hell."
Among the suspects alle…

TG Graziano, Former Bonanno Capo Done In By Reality Show Mob Wives And Turncoat Son In Law, Died At 78

Anthony (TG) Graziano -- a longtime member of the Bonanno crime family who served as consigliere and was a capo -- died at age 78 of unreported causes, though he suffered from health ailments including diabetes and bladder cancer.

Graziano's daughter Renee Graziano, the former Mob Wives star, posted word of his death on her Instagram yesterday (May 25).

Part of former Bonanno boss Joseph Massino's inner circle, Graziano was among the trusted aids whom the surveillance-paranoid Massino would travel with on "vacations" to places like Italy and Mexico.

Massino held Graziano in strong favor, and (as per sources) gave him advance word regarding the 1981 triple murders of the three "renegade" Bonanno capos, Anthony (Sonny Red) Indelicato, Dominick ( Big Trin) Trinchera, and Phil Giaccone in a Brooklyn nightclub.

Under Massino, TG had been given total control of Staten Island for the Bonannos.

Graziano served time in prison for various charges, most recently in 20…

John Gotti Was Linked To Murder Of Giovanni Falcone, The Legendary Anti-Mafia Judge? We Don’t Buy It

Newspapers overseas report that John Gotti, the former Gambino boss who rose to power following the midtown Manhattan execution of his predecessor in December 1985, played a role in the brutal bombing murders of two Sicilian judges.

A Sicilian turncoat pointed the finger at Gotti for ordering a made member of the Gambino crime family -- who was an explosives expert -- to train Sicilian mobsters to use the bombs that killed anti-mafia crusaders Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino.

The turncoat -- Maurizio Avola, 56, a convicted murderer who flipped in 1994 -- told prosecutors in Caltanissetta, Sicily, that John Gotti had sent the American mobster/explosives expert, who Avola described as “about 40 years old" with brown hair and dark eyes, about six feet tall, with a strong build, and he "dressed very elegantly."

Falcone, his wife Francesca Morvillo, and three police officers/bodyguards were killed in Palermo in May 1992 with a bomb comprised of 400kg of TNT explosives …

Producer Of The Irishman To Debut Film On Bonded Vault Heist Next Month

The Bonded Vault Company was a commercial safe-deposit business that occupied a vault inside Hudson Fur Storage in Providence, Rhode Island. It was an unofficial "bank" for members and associates of the Patriarca crime family.

Located at 101 Cranston St., the bank consisted of 146 safe-deposit boxes (each of which was 2 feet high, 2 feet wide and 4 feet deep).

Patriarca allowed his bookies, associates, and amici to store their valuables there. And they did, putting everything and anything -- cash, guns, gold bars, and jewelry -- in the Patriarca family's "bank."

A film dramatizing the story of the infamous Bonded Vault robbery is hitting theaters next month.

Partially filmed in Providence, Rhode Island, the film stars Theo Rossi (Marvel’s Luke Cage, Sons Of Anarchy), Clive Standen (Taken, Vikings, Everest), Emmy winner Samira Wiley (Handmaid’s Tale), Oscar nominee Chazz Palminteri as mob boss Raymond Patriarca, and Golden Globe winner Don Johnson (Django …