Gambino Boss Frank Cali Was "Everything Over There”

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Francesco (Frank) Cali was the kind of mobster who wasn't  supposed to exist anymore: Old school, shunning even the telephone; not prone to violence, meaning he wasn't buffered by the fear factor created by bosses like John Gotti.

In fact, Cali reached the pinnacle at such a relatively young age (30) that it rankled some Gambino wiseguys, and caused at least one  soldier to refer to Cali derisively during a wiretapped phone call.

The New York mobster with Sicilian blood had been arrested and convicted only once. Amazingly, he wasn't brought down after mistakenly allowing a confidential informant into his inn…

Family Of Remorseless Killer Of Gambino Boss In Danger; A Message To Anthony Comello

UPDATED:The Daily News asked Anthony Comello, 24, the man suspected of gunning down alleged Gambino boss Frank Cali last week, some questions in a very brief jailhouse interview yesterday conducted via video system. What Comello said pretty much seems to confirm what we were initially told about him: that he is batsh*t crazy. Comello—who once tried to make a citizen’s arrest of Mayor de Blasio (prompting a discussion we had with Mikie Scars about whether Comello would’ve shot de Blasio had he not erupted first against Cali)—told Daily News reporters Liz Keogh and John Annese that “You shouldn’t believe in stories. Don’t believe in fairy tales.” When asked if that meant he didn’t do the shooting, Comello responded, “I don’t need to clear my name. Have a good night. Be careful going home.” Before shutting off the video, Comello also had told the News: "I can’t talk to no press. I can’t.”

Get the f**k out of here before I blow your f**king head off.” —Mourner to ABC journalist at M…

Feds Charge Longtime Gambino Associate With Last October Murder Of Luchese Associate

An indictment was unsealed last Thursday (March 14) in Brooklyn federal court charging Anthony Pandrella, an alleged longtime associate of the Gambino organized crime family, with the Hobbs Act robbery and murder of 78-year-old Vincent Zito.

According to the indictment and detention letter, on October 26, 2018, Pandrella met with Zito, a friend of many years, in Zito’s home. While there, he shot Zito in the back of the head at close range, and stole the assets of Zito’s loan business. Pandrella then cleaned up evidence that might link him to the murder. Later that day, Pandrella returned to Zito’s home and met with his family, friends and relatives and tried to learn the status of law enforcement’s investigation. Pandrella was captured on security camera footage coming to and going from Zito’s residence at the time of the robbery and murder. Additionally, Pandrella’s DNA was recovered from the trigger of the murder weapon.

As reported last October, Zito, a loanshark with ties to the L…

Waving Pro-MAGA Slogans, Cali Killer Anthony Comello Also Waves Extradition To Staten Island To Face Charges

Anthony Comello, 24, appeared in court yesterday (March 18) waving his palms in the air to reveal pro-Donald Trump slogans—"MAGA Forever," "United We Stand MAGA," and "Patriots In Charge”—while awaiting a hearing in Toms River. We noted previously that he allegedly told the NYPD that he’d asked President Trump (and Vice President Mike Pence) for permission to kill reputed Gambino acting boss Francesco (Frankie Boy) Cali, and that he also claimed he’d heard voices.

Comello, in custody for shooting Cali to death, reportedly waived extradition back to New York City.

Comello's lawyer, Brian Neary, would not discuss the writing on his client's hand, nor would he say whether Comello is claiming innocence.  Neary referred questions to Comello's Manhattan lawyer, Robert Gottlieb, who said he was anxious to get his client back to Staten Island to fight the pending charges.

Comello has been held in Ocean County since Saturday morning when he was arrested at…

Wiretap Recordings Of Philadelphia Cosa Nostra Members

South Jersey resident Joseph Servidio is a made member of the Philadelphia Cosa Nostra, according to law enforcement authorities.

As reported in March, 2018, following a two-year probe, the FBI arrested a soldier and two associates of the Philadelphia mob in South Jersey on drug-related charges.

The FBI describes the case as a dismantling of a drug pipeline running nearly the length of the Garden State Parkway. The men, all of whom have drug convictions, were indicted and arrested on March 14, 2018, for selling drugs across the state. The case also involved confidential sources--one, CS-1 in the indictment, is "a made member of the Philadelphia LCN" who's been giving the FBI information since 2015; he's also "personally familiar with numerous associates and members" of the Philadelphia mob -- and undercover agents.

Joseph Servidio, 59, of Upper Township, New Jersey, was identified as a soldier in the Philadelphia Cosa Nostra by FBI Special Agent Mark R. Hin…

Murder Of Gambino Boss Frank Cali Was More Romeo And Juliet Than The Godfather

Anthony Comello, 24, has been in custody in New Jersey since he was arrested yesterday morning on the Jersey Shore. As things now stand, he faces charges on Staten Island, where he will be extradited (most likely tomorrow) for the murder of Gambino acting boss Francesco (Franky Boy) Cali.

There's no official word about the motive for the murder, which was widely thought to be a gangland hit. However, as we reported earlier, Comello killed Cali because Cali wouldn't let him date his niece. Our sources say the young man was troubled, with drug and mental health issues.

And we report again that Comello admitted to asking President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence for "permission" to shoot Cali.

The murder of Frank Cali leaves a hole at the top of the Gambino crime family, said someone who knew Frank.

"Frank (Cali) kept things stable since he took over as boss," said former Gambino capo Michael (Mikie Scars) DiLeonardo. "He made himself scarce and…

President Trump And Vice President Mike Pence Told Him To Shoot Gambino Boss Frank Cali

Anthony Comello reportedly confessed to shooting Frank Cali and is awaiting extradition back to New York.

Sources tell Cosa Nostra News that the man who killed the Gambino boss on Wednesday night had heard voices -- to the extent that he "asked" President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence for permission to kill the Gambino acting boss.

Anthony Comello, 24, above, has been identified as the suspect who shot Frank Cali, 53, multiple times on the street outside his brick mansion on Todt Hill on Wednesday night.

Sources say Cali, the mob boss, thought Comello, who worked odd construction jobs for a living and was known to have a serious drug addiction and mental health issues, was trouble.

Cali didn’t think Comello was worthy of associating with a woman in his family, the sources added.

Sources also tell us that Comello was dating Frank Cali's niece, until he'd been told he wasn't allowed to any longer, by Cali himself.

As per the New York Times,Comel…

NOT A SANCTIONED HIT, NYPD SAYS: Suspect In Custody For Gambino Boss Slaying

The New York Post is reporting that  a suspect is in custody in connection to the slaying Wednesday night of reputed Gambino mob boss Francesco “Franky Boy” Cali outside his Staten Island home.

Police sources told The Post Saturday that the suspect is a white male in his late 20s or 30s, and he is being questioned about the Wednesday night shooting.

Authorities got the suspect’s fingerprint off the license plate of Cali’s silver Cadillac Escalade SUV — which he handed to the mobster after allegedly smashing into the car, the sources said.

Cali, 53, was shot several times in front of his brick mansion in the lavish Todt Hill neighborhood at about 9:20 p.m. His wife and young children were inside.

He shook hands with the shooter before he was killed, a source said.

The hit on Cali was not sanctioned by New York’s five Mafia families, NYPD says
The shake was captured on surveillance footage from Cali’s brick mansion in the Todt Hill section of Staten Island.
Cali, 53, had rushed out of hi…


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