Feds Focus On Rhode Island Mafia And The Foxy Lady Strip Club

On Tuesday Federal prosecutors asked a judge to dismiss a perjury case against a Rhode Island mob associate/bookie.

Gaythorne (Poochie) Angell Jr., 84, was indicted in 2016 for lying to a grand jury about shakedown money paid to the mob by the Foxy Lady strip club. He is the Angell family’s patriarch — whose friends range from Smith Hill politicians to Federal Hill wiseguys.

Poochie has long denied he was anything but a consultant. But a 2009 court document signed by a Foxy Lady lawyer showed that Angell had a previously undisclosed financial interest in the club, raising questions about the city’s oversight of its liquor-licensing laws.

He since successfully completed a pretrial diversion program, as prosecutors noted in a filing in U.S. District Court, Providence.

If a judge agrees to the dismissal, Angell, of East Greenwich, will not face the perjury charge in federal court.

Jim Martin, a spokesman for the U.S. attorney’s office, said that prosecutors and Angell agreed last Decembe…

See Where The New York Mafiosi Lived And Breathed (And Killed)

Robin London, New York City native, tour guide, and history buff, runs NYC Gangster Mob Tours, which offers a range of walking and driving tours of destinations in New York City where mobsters once lived and played (and killed and died).

A third-generation Brooklynite, Robin knows wiseguys and can tell you everything you ever wanted to know about them while showing you the places where it all actually happened.

Her tours showcase a wide range of organized crime figures, from historical times to the present. She will show you and tell you all about Arnold (The Brain) Rothstein, Lucky Luciano, and Meyer Lansky. She also can show you where on Staten Island former Gambino underboss Francesco (Franky Boy) Cali was gunned down earlier this year.

"If you are a real mob fan, you have to let me show you New York City. We go into Sparks Steakhouse (where Gambino boss Paul Castellano was slain in December 1985 by John Gotti and his "fist" of conspirators). We go into the back room…

How Gambino Family's Plot To Kidnap Curtis Sliwa Went Sideways

 “He deserved it. He had it coming. He was slamming our family all over the place. Especially John the boss, (who) didn’t deserve that.” -- Gambino capo Mikie Scars

In October 2018, Curtis Sliwa, as leader of New York’s Reform Party, spent a Saturday on Long Island campaigning with his wife, an animal-rights activist then running for New York state attorney general.

The couple were at the Oyster Bay Oyster Festival when John Junior Gotti, former Gambino acting boss and son of the former official boss, approached the Guardian Angels founder and, between puffs on a cigar, told him, “You know, I’m a supporter of animal rights.”

“He wasn’t being a wiseguy. He was serious,” Sliwa later told the New York Post, which reported on how Gotti and Sliwa had spent a cordial five minutes chatting and then shaking hands.

What a sight that must have been to onlookers.

It wasn’t real.

“I had to put (the bad blood) aside that day for the good of our Reform Party mission,” Sliwa later said.

One year pri…

Coming Soon: Exclusive Interview With Sammy the Bull Gravano Like You’ve Never Seen Him Before

"Come down and put the fcking gloves on with me -- I'll show you how scared I am, of you…”
"Paul got killed and John Gotti became the boss, but that’s not the story..."
"I was basically the guy who planned the hit."
"I rigged the trial, I threatened people, I fcking bribed people, this is all fact. And he turns on me."
Some of those murders “tore me the fck apart”

"This is Cosa Nostra to the core – this is true Cost Nostra..."
Who is the you and he that Salvatore (Sammy the Bull) Gravano is talking about? We have some thoughts....

Those quotes prefacing this story are Sammy the Bull speaking in what's billed as the first exclusive interview with the former Gambino underboss since Diane Sawyer spoke to him on primetime television in 1997. The trailer is posted below, on this page.

Patrick Bet-David is the entrepreneur behind Valuetainment, the company that will release the interview with the former Gambino underboss.

We believe it will b…

Does HBO Believe Sopranos Fans Are Nuts?

I have an unconrollable urge to eat capocollo (that’s gobagool to you non-Italians), kill my uncle, and then visit a psychiatrist...

Don't mind us. We’re just reacting to news about HBO adding mental health disclaimers to the beginnings of some of its shows.

That’s right. HBO has announced that it will add mental health awareness “bumpers” ahead of The Sopranos, Barry, Euphoria, and Girls among other shows in order to identify specific mental illnesses that appear in episodes and provide a call to action for anyone seeking help.
In addition, a short form content series titled “Doctor Commentaries” will include conversations on relevant scenes from HBO shows that focus on mental health illnesses.
These moves are part of HBO's “It’s OK" initiative, which aims to de-stigmatize mental illness and encourage conversation around mental health issues.

Earlier this year, the USC Annenberg Inclusion Initiative reported that it found that less than 2% of all film characters and roug…

Just When You Thought The Gotti-Alite Feud Had Finally Ended....

In a pending now-published post we analyzed the Curtis Sliwa shooting itself...see it here....

Why did Angel Gotti mention John Alite on Page Six of the New York Post, John Alite recently asked.

Angel was expressing her feelings about Curtis Sliwa, who her brother allegedly ordered Gambino mobsters to beat up in 1992 for insulting John Gotti Senior, only the two Gambino soldiers brought a gun -- and Sliwa, the founder of the Guardian Angels, was shot at point-blank range in the back of a New York taxicab, but escaped out the moving cab's window before they could finish him off. John Junior wound up spending a fortune defending himself against attempted murder and racketeering charges.

Anyway, while replying to Page Six, Angel suddenly pivoted -- and threw shade at Alite.
She told Page Six: “[Sliwa would] sell his kids for attention and publicity. I don’t know who is worse, he or [Gambino family turncoat] John Alite. Two [people] who can’t seem to get attention unless they’re lying…

Across US Violence Between Rival Outlaw MCs Rises

Providence, Rhode Island was once Raymond Loreda Salvatore Patriarca's fiefdom, and now it's where violent confrontations between outlaw motorcycle clubs are on the up.

Santo Trafficante Jr., once among the most powerful Mafia bosses in the United States. controlled organized criminal operations in Florida, where the Outlaws, or the American Outlaw Association, is the dominant outlaw motorcycle club.
Last year in Newark, New Jersey, a Hells Angels associate was brutally beaten with baseball bats in what law enforcement believed was part of a broader attempt by the Pagans Motorcycle Club to expand its territory into northern New Jersey.
Outlaw MC violence was spotlighted this summer in Las Vegas, when an undercover agent who infiltrated a Las Vegas chapter of the Vagos Motorcycle Club for two years offered a glimpse into the underworld of outlaw bikers as he testified during a federal racketeering trial.

“If the leadership decides to declare war,” Agostino Brancato, the lead u…

Latest Sentencing In Operation Fistful Probe Of New Jersey-Based Genovese Crew

The latest from Operation Fistful, a probe into New Jersey-based wiseguys and associates who were accused of running a multimillion-dollar criminal enterprise that was "a smorgasbord of mob schemes" allegedly in operation from October 2007 through to April 2016.

Reputed Genovese family associate Abel Rodrigues was sentenced on Monday to three years of probation for his role in an illegal multimillion-dollar check-cashing operation.

Rodrigues pleaded guilty to third-degree unlicensed check cashing, part of the schemes federal prosecutors have linked to Operation Fistful, the name of a probe into criminal schemes that generated millions of dollars through illegal loansharking, unlicensed check cashing, gambling, and money laundering, as outlined by Attorney General Gurbir S. Grewal.

The Attorney General’s Office recommended Rodrigues get probation and 364 days in county jail. In lieu of jail time, Superior Court Judge Donald Collester imposed 200 hours of community service and…


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