Manhattan MCC, Where Jeffrey Epstein Died, Such A Sh*thole, Even John Gotti Complained

John Gotti was only “invited to the roof of the MCC at 7:45 a.m. in freezing temperatures and in snow." —Bruce Cutler

Jeffrey Epstein—the billionaire sex-trafficking pedophile who magically metamorphosed into the most reviled/wanted man in America after he was arrested, although his crimes were laid bare for years -- hung himself at Manhattan’s Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC).

The very notion that the most high-profile inmate in modern American history could hang himself while in federal custody is patently ludicrous. That he could do it only weeks after an earlier, failed attempt truly carries us off the map. The conspiracy theories surfacing in this case almost seem warranted, and not just regarding Epstein's suicide.

Epstein was charged with sex trafficking in July and was at the MCC awaiting trial. (An investigation into his crimes continues to break news.) If found guilty, he faced up to 45 years in federal prison. Epstein had been on suicide watch after being fo…

Epix TV Series Godfather Of Harlem, With Chin Gigante Character, Debuts This Month

Vincent D’Onofrio plays onetime Genovese boss Vincent (The Chin) Gigante in the Epix cable series Godfather of Harlem, which debuts this month and has been billed as a prequel to Ridley Scott's 2007 film American Gangster, which highlighted the story of 1970s Harlem drug dealer Frank Lucas.

Godfather of Harlem, which takes major liberties with Mafia history, premieres on September 29 and tells the "true" story of drug lord Bumpy Johnson (played by Forest Whitaker), who in the early 1960s returned from prison to find his old neighborhood fiefdom under the thumb of the Italian Mafia, specifically, the Genovese family, whom Bumpy takes on to regain control.

He allies with radical preacher Malcolm X, “catching his political rise in the cross-hairs of social upheaval and a mob war that threatens to tear the city apart.”

The show's larger theme is the juxtaposition of the underworld against the civil rights movement during one of the most tumultuous times in American histo…

Quebec Police Probing New Leads In 2016 Gangland Hit

Quebec police are seeking help from the public identifying two individuals seen fleeing the scene of a 2016 gangland hit involving a confidant of one-time Montreal Mafia boss Vito Rizzuto.

Police say the two were on a black motorcycle that was seen after Rocco Sollecito was gunned down, and they have posted several images on their website in hopes of identifying them.

This seems to diverge from information released in 2016, around the time Sollecito was killed. Then, police identified the suspected shooter as in his 30s and wearing black clothes. Also information shared with the media then suggested the gunman had waited at a bus stop beside a stop sign when at around 8:30 am, he fired several shots through the passenger-side window of Sollecito's white BMW SUV as it halted at the stop sign.

It also was suggested then that the shooter(s) appeared to know Sollecito’s morning routine.

Investigators also were seeking to find the driver of a vehicle that appeared to slow down beside S…

Italian Mob War Underway; Scampia's Reviled Towers; Singing Mafia Sympathizers

Two grisly hits in as many days have prompted Naples law enforcement to announce that a mob war may be in progress.

Specifically, Italian police say that the Camorra has broken out into an internal shooting war, likely for control of the drug trade in the residential area near the notorious Scampia towers, known locally as "Le Vele," or “the sails,” those unusually shaped concrete buildings on the outskirts of Naples that Gomorrah fans will be familiar with. (More about the towers below.) 

Police and anti-mafia investigators (DDA) discovered the body of Domenico Gargiulo, a well-known member of the Camorra, in the trunk of a stolen Ford that was abandoned in the town of Scampia. He was wrapped in a sheet with a towel around his head to soak up the blood from the bullet hole in the back of his neck.
One day prior, another local mobster, Giuseppe Sorrentino, was gunned down in his car by a shooter driving alongside him on a moped, also  near Scampia.
Police said Sorrentino wa…

Alleged Philadelphia Wiseguy Phil Narducci Is Sentenced And Could Be Free Next Spring

“He’s a killer, you ... idiot. He’s killed eight ... people.”

Reputed Philadelphia wiseguy Philip Narducci, 57, was sentenced to one year in prison on Tuesday after pleading guilty to extortion.

Narducci has already served four months of the sentence after asking to be taken into custody during a court hearing in May. He could be free next spring, with early release for good behavior.

Defense attorney Brian McMonagle said his client is eager to return to his restaurant Chick's — named after his father, purported mob captain Frank "Chickie" Narducci Sr.

A 15-count indictment unsealed in January  charged Narducci and an associate, James Gallo, with various crimes involving extortionate loans, conspiracy, and collections of loans by extortionate means.

Narducci, the son of a mobster gunned down in 1981 while on trial, was convicted on racketeering charges in the late 1980s and spent more than 20 years in prison.

He was released in 2012 and five years later opened Chick’s re…

Meeting Gotti Gunslinger Joe Watts At Raos And Other Excerpts From Last Of The Gladiators

In 1989, Gambino boss John Gotti put out feelers to trial lawyer James LaRossa, who Gotti wanted to hire to represent him as co-counsel for an anticipated prosecution for the 1985 Paul Castellano murder.

We mentioned this in a recent post about James LaRossa — the accomplished trial lawyer who died in 2014 at the age of 82 — who is now the topic of a biography written by his son, James. Last of the Gladiators, A Son’s Memoir is available now.

As we were noting, as per federal investigators, Gotti’s invitation included the proviso that if LaRossa were to decline, the noted attorney would find himself pushing up daisies a lot sooner than he would’ve thought possible.

When asked about the alleged threat, LaRossa wasted no time in declaring it a joke, and nothing more.
Prosecutors gave him a healthy out, in any event. They told LaRossa that he might be called as a witness because of his association with Castellano, who LaRossa represented at the time of his murder in front of Sparks.

State Supreme Court Refuses To Block New Trial For Gambino Wiseguy For 2001 Murder Of Miami Subs Founder

Because the Florida Supreme Court on Wednesday refused to hear a state appeal, alleged Gambino wiseguy Anthony (Big Tony) Moscatiello will get a new trial for the 2001 murder of the Miami Subs restaurant chain founder.

The Attorney General’s Office last year took the case to the Supreme Court after the 4th District Court of Appeal overturned Moscatiello's murder conviction for allegedly participating in a plot to kill Gus Boulis in Broward County.

The Supreme Court failed to detail its reasons for declining to hear the case, which is common, as per reports.

As reported in September 2018, Florida's 4th District Court of Appeal ruled that Moscatiello and co-defendant Anthony (Little Tony) Ferrari should get new trials — they were both serving life sentences.

Moscatiello and Ferrari initially faced the death penalty for the 2001 whacking of Konstantinos “Gus” Boulis, the founder of Miami Subs.

A third co-defendant, James “Pudgy” Fiorillo, also faced execution, but flipped, pleaded…

Bonanno Associate Faces 40 Years For Selling $40,000 Worth Of Cocaine

Bonanno family associate Salvatore Russo, 46, copped a plea Thursday for using a Manhattan gelato shop to sell narcotics—and faces up to 40 years in prison and a $5 million fine.

He plead guilty to distributing more than 500 grams—about $40,000 worth—of coke.

Under terms of his deal with Brooklyn federal prosecutors, he will serve a mandatory minimum sentence of five years, which he can appeal if he gets slapped with more time.

“He’s accepted his responsibility and hopes for the best,” defense lawyer Joseph Conway said outside court.

The beefy wiseguy is reportedly a naturalized US citizen who speaks with a Sicilian accent

He remains free on $500,000 bond pending his unscheduled sentencing.

He was busted last year in a coordinated, cross-border crackdown on mobsters operating in both the US and Canada.

He was indicted with reputed acting Bonanno captain Damiano Zummo, who was caught participating in a 2015 Mafia induction ceremony in Canada that was secretly recorded.

Also …


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