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Genovese Mobster Nabbed In Cold Case Murder Faces New Charges

Genovese wiseguy John Tortora, aka Johnny T -- who was arrested this past August for hiring others to commit  a 21-year-old stabbing murder outside a Yonkers tavern -- will face new charges in a few days from a superseding indictment.

The new charges are for destroying evidence, falsifying records, and obstruction of justice.

Geoffrey S. Berman, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, announced the filing of the new indictment on November 14. Tortora will be arraigned on the new charges this Monday, November 19, before the Honorable Sidney H. Stein at the United States Courthouse in Manhattan.

Tortora, 61, was previously indicted on charges related to the brutal stabbing death of Richard Ortiz in November 1997. He was arrested on August 2, 2018, and has remained in custody since that time.

Berman said: “As alleged in the Superseding Indictment, in an attempt to hide his illegal racketeering activity, the defendant was willing to destroy evidence and obstruct…

Two Alleged Gambino Wiseguys Arrested For Arson (One Of Them Seems To Know Skinny Joey Merlino Too)

If you threaten a guy and set his car on fire, don't do it in front of his security camera, or you just might get arrested. Another good idea would be, try to avoid setting yourself on fire in the process. Also, dare we bother to add, don't attend any high-profile mob trials in Manhattan -- and most importantly, avoid getting your photograph taken with the alleged boss of Philadelphia's Cosa Nostra...

That's this week's lesson, as learned by two alleged mobsters with ties to the Gambino crime family -- one of whom, above, doesn't even appear to be old enough to grow a mustache. (Three wiseguys were involved, actually; one of them already copped out in 2016.)

One more thing to note: the New York City Fire Department’s Bureau of Fire Investigation also played a role in this case, which makes sense considering...

A small business owner was being extorted by a Gambino capo to the tune of $400 a year. (That is the number reported by the Queens Daily Eagle. W…

Second Suspect, Gangsta Named "Taliban," Nabbed In McDonald's Murder Of Sally Daz, Associate Of Bonanno and Luchese Crime Families

Jailbird/alleged Bloods gang-banger Herman (Taliban) Blanco has been arrested for participating in last month's gangland shooting of Sylvester (Sally Daz) Zottola at a Bronx McDonald's drive-through, as well as the attempted murder three month's earlier of Sally Daz's son, Salvatore Zottola, Larry McShane of the Daily News reported yesterday.

Blanco, 33, of the Bronx, was arraigned Friday afternoon in Brooklyn Federal Court, McShane wrote. He's the second alleged member of the Bloods street gang to be arrested in the two Zottola shootings.
Bushawn (Shelz) Shelton, 34, was arrested last month for his alleged role.

FBI agent Michael Zoufal stated Blanco and Shelton offered to pay a cooperating witness to kill Sylvester Zottola and his son, Salvatore, though the failed attempt to kill Salvatore was "ordered in an effort to "lure out" the father, according to a federal criminal complaint.

Sally Daz, the 71-year-old old victim, was a longtime mobster asso…

Bloods Member Indicted For Conspiracy In Bonanno Associate's Murder Last Month

Reputed Bloods member Bushawn “Shelz” Shelton was indicted by a grand jury for murder for hire conspiracy and other charges in the October 4 murder of Bonanno crime family associate Sylvester Zottola, 71.

Zottola was gunned down in his car, picture below, while waiting at a McDonald's drive through window in the Bronx.

An unidentified cooperating witness testified that Shelton had paid him to kill Zottola and Zottola’s son, Salvatore Zottola, 41. The younger Zottola was shot outside his Locust Point home in July, but survived.

Law enforcement sources have alleged that the hit was ordered by Albanian mobsters seeking to control Zottola's “Joker Poker” video game racket.

One federal prosecutor estimated in court that the video game machines bring in as much as $7,000 a week. 
Shelton, 34, a reputed high-ranking member of the Bloods allegedly paid another man to try to kill Sylvester and Salvatore Zottola.

He also furnished the contract killer with drivers and …

The Donnie Brasco Days: Belinda Rossetti Q&A

We present here a Q&A with longtime friend Belinda Rossetti, who knew former Bonanno capo Nicky Santora intimately...

Santora, as noted, died recently. And we've written about Belinda previously...

July 26, 1981, was D-Day for Dominick “Sonny Black” Napolitano, and he probably knew it. He and his crew had learned that a small time burglar and jewelry thief who'd been hanging around with them for years -- Donnie Brasco—a man Napolitano had put up for membership, was actually FBI Agent Joe Pistone.

Pistone had fooled them all since 1976. He had popped up in Little Italy one day in New York City as a stranger and outsider, a man claiming to have been an orphan. He  started meeting a series of mobsters, gaining their trust by appearing to be a part of their life. All the while he was secretly gathering vital intelligence.

Pistone had to be sharper than sharp to do what he'd done for six long years. The most difficult part of his con was having to lie, convincingly and repeated…

Suspect #2: Member Of Patriarca "DeCologero Crew" Suspected Of Participating in Whitey Bulger Slaying

A second suspect has emerged in the killing of James (Whitey) Bulger -- Paul J. DeCologero, a member of a violent Patriarca crime family crew in Boston that robbed and kidnapped rivals, and murdered and dismembered a teenage girl.

More details in the Whitey Bulger murder Tuesday morning at Hazelton federal penitentiary in West Virginia also have come to light -- and Fotios “Freddy” Geas confessed to committing the brutal murder by himself.

Law enforcement sources say suspect Paul J. DeCologero also participated in the vicious murder of Whitey Bulger, according to the Boston Globe.

DeCologero is serving a 25-year sentence for racketeering and conspiracy.

(Some Boston officials believe prison guards allowed the inmates to attack Bulger.)

Law enforcement officials “with knowledge of the matter” said that DeCologero and Geas attacked Bulger less than 12 hours after he arrived at the prison.

The two men allegedly beat Bulger to death inside his cell with a padlock stuffed inside a sock. Bu…

Feds: They Tried To Slice Off Whitey Bulger's Tongue

If they weren't trying to gouge out his eyes, they definitely tried to cut out his tongue. That's the latest news from a federal source speaking on condition of anonymity.

The attackers who killed notorious mob boss/FBI informant James "Whitey" Bulger at a West Virginia federal prison tried to cut his tongue off, a federal law enforcement official said.

Bulger, 89, was beaten beyond recognition in the fatal attack Tuesday, one day after he was transferred there from another facility. Officials have said that federal investigators are eyeing several potential suspects in the murder, including Fotios “Freddy” Geas who is currently in solitary

The New York Times reported that "At least two inmates were quickly sent to solitary confinement after Mr. Bulger was found, according to three employees of the Federal Bureau of Prisons, who requested anonymity because the investigation was not public. Mr. Geas was among those sent to solitary, according to prison d…