Wanna Know Each Mob Wife's Net Worth? Read On

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Mob Wife Drita D’Avanzo’s net worth is $3 million dollars.
Drita D'Avanzo is up there but Big Ang
is the wealthiest of all...

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So, of course, we immediately checked out what the low-down was, according to the site, for the ladies who star on one of our favorite reality shows, Mob Wives.

However, these net worths are not the most recent, as Karen Gravano's, for example, fails to take into account sales of her New York Times best-selling book. It seems like these figures were calculated sometime after season one and before the end of season two, we'd calculate.

Inexplicably, the website also fails to calculate the net worth of Jennifer Graziano, no doubt because she is not technically on "Mob Wives," as she is behind the scenes, having created the show. Hogwash, really -- I'd say she is a major celebrity in any event.

From Celebrity Net WorthWhat is Drita D’Avanzo’s net worth?

Drita D’Avanzo’s net worth is $3 million dollars. Drita D’Avanzo grew up in an immigrant family from Albania. Her home life was quite traditional and conservative, so her parents are not pleased about her criminally inclined husband. She is married to career criminal Lee D’Avanzo, who has spent 12 years in jail, due to charges stemming from drug dealing and robbery. Consequently, they have only been able to spend two years of their marriage with each other. He is a former member of the New Springville Boys, and served time for attempting to rob a bank. He is also the former boyfriend of fellow “Mob Wives” cast member, Karen Gravano, which has created some tension between Ms. D’Avanzo and Ms. Gravano. Ms. D’Avanzo has two children, and [had initially] decided to file for divorce from Lee, as he was unfaithful to her during Season 1. 
But as of Season 4 and 5, he has been home and regularly talking to her on the telephone from places unknown....

Other Mob Wives' Net Worths:

Natalie Guercio's Net Worth: $500,000

Big Ang Raiola Net Worth: $5 million

Karen Gravano Net Worth: $400,000

Ex Mob Wife: Carla Facciolo Net Worth: $1.5 million

Renee Graziano Net Worth: $2 million