Read Best "Mob Wives" Tweets -- Courtesy of VH1

The VH1 Blog is offering fans of "Mob Wives" the opportunity to see the latest fiery tweets between cast members, apparently welding the social media site even more deeply into the reality show.

"This week, the ladies get to talking about the relationship between Love and Carla, which will soon come to light on the series, and get in a few hilarious side comments about their own personal dramas, too. Read the best tweets of the night right here," the blog proudly declares.

The show, now formally linked to all the Twitter antics, is starting to remind me of wrestling, and we all know how realistic wrestling is. In fact the feud between Carla and Renee was so sudden and inexplicable, one can't help but feel that the show may not be as "reality-based" as we'd thought.

And what was with wasting the first 10 minutes of episode two on having us watch Renee tell Ramona and Karen what we already saw with our own eyes last week? Was it supposed to be for the enjoyment of getting to see Ramona and Karen's reactions to Renee's version of her junky-whore argument with Carla? Oh, boy.

And by the way, whatever happened to the other new mob wife? Is she making a late appearance on the show -- or was she maybe cut out for some reason? (There is that Wikipedia glitch we wrote about...)