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Corleonesi Not Guilty of Killing Dr for "Unnecessary" Amputation

GazzettaDelSud reports today: "A Palermo appeals court acquitted Cosa Nostra Mafia gangster Antonino Madonia of murder charges in the 1981 death of a doctor. Prosecutor Vittorio Teresi had requested a life sentence for Madonia for the November 6, 1981 assassination of Sebastiano Bosio, chief of vascular surgery at Palermo's Civic Hospital.

Antonino Madonia is the oldest son of convicted Cosa Nostra crime boss Francesco Madonia, who investigators believe was a major ally of the Corleonesi clan and once ruled over the Resuttana neighborhood of Palermo. Investigators also believe Antonino served on a team of hitmen assembled by the Corleonesi's ruthless, powerful top boss in the 1980s, Toto' Riina.

Prosecutor Teresi in his indictment cited a long list of "penitent" law informants who had fingered Madonia as Bosio's murderer. One witness alleged Bosio was killed for opposing public bid candidates supported by Salvatore Lima, a politician assassinated in 1992…

Guilty Verdict in FirstPlus Financial Trial, However...

It looks like the waiting may be nearing an end for Nicodemo S. Scarfo and Salvatore Pelullo, both of whom are charged with taking over the Texas-based FirstPlus Financial mortgage company and looting its shareholders of $12 million.

But the question is: Who is guilty of what, based on note from jury....

"It looks like the jury has voted to convict in the FirstPlus Financial racketeering fraud trial," according to George Anastasia at Big Trial. "But at this point we don't know which one -- or how many -- of the seven defendants have been found guilty."

Cartoonist Laments Pope's Targeting of the Mob Rather than Big Government

Interesting response to the Pope's excommunication of the Mafia--well, the Ndrangheta, specifically, by Rick Kollinger, who also drew the cartoon with caption. I have made many of the same points about government assuming control of traditional mob-run businesses (NOTE: my personal politics differ vastly; I am not anti-abortion, for one thing. And I don't agree that no one is interested in the mob anymore, obviously). Here is a piece Kollinger recently wrote for Kent County News:

...Now the Pope has announced that “Those who go down the evil path, as the Mafiosi do, are not in communion with God. They are excommunicated.”

Pope Francis is hoping to point out that financial misbehavior is equal to sexual sins. To the Pope, love of money and violent or dishonest behavior is as much of a sin as abortion. The Pope has in the past condemned corporate financial sins, particularly for their socioeconomic consequences.

Excommunication means that someone is out of communion and cannot p…

Women and the Ndrangheta: Background of Marisa Merico's Story

The story of Britain's Mafia Princess was to have been made into a film. On Jan 30, 2013, the above video was posted, described as "an exclusive preview of the documentary "Mama Mafia, one woman's story of her mafia family."

The film apparently was never made, which may have something to do with an acquisition of one of the companies behind the project. We will revisit this at the end of the story.

Marisa Merico's story is quite convincing considering the history of the 'ndrina she was associated with, as well as extensive press coverage. She's been written about going as far back as 1998.

"The Combination" Was Dubbed "Murder Incorporated" By the Press

Abe "Kid Twist" Reles wanted to be a power in Brooklyn's Brownsville section once he'd committed himself to a life of crime.

But in 1930, when America's economy slumbered in the Depression's depths, Brownsville already had a sitting criminal viceroy, a man standing in Reles's way.
The underworld erupted into intense violence as Reles and his good pal Buggsy (no, that's not a typo; we don't refer to Benjamin "Bugsy" but to Martin "Buggsy" Goldstein) formed a gang and waged a war to establish their dominance over Brownsville's criminal activity.

Abe Reles's death, by the way, was never solved, despite different stories being told about Frank Costello and/or Albert Anastasia paying off cops, etc. Not true.

This has been exhaustively researched and analyzed -- and don't believe any claims, at face value, regarding who was responsible. Because the fact is, the murder of Abe Reles is the Mafia's greatest unsolved mys…

The Must-Have Mob App for Mob Buffs

With the Mafia Maps app, you can visit many of the mob's most famous haunts in New York City.

For .99 cents, it's a hell of a deal...

Among the sites Mafia Maps will help you find: the place where Don Umberto (Albert Anastasia) was brutally slain -- the hit forever linked the Mafia and barbershops, as well as the steakhouse in front of which Gambino boss "Big Paul" Castellano was gunned down, along with his driver and underboss, Tommy Bilotti. They were killed in front of Sparks and died in the street, Big Paul splayed out on the sidewalk, eyes wide open in death. Bilotti was supine, in the street on top of a huge puddle of his own blood.

Partial Verdict Reached in Scarfo-FirstPlus Trial?

The story is not up now, but on my blog list below you can see a Big Net post that must have been yanked. If you hit the link to the story there's only a blank page there.
Is the jury working on Saturday?
All I know is, this story was posted, five hours ago, by Anastasia, then yanked -- so only this scrap remains:

Verdict In FirstPlus Trial, But Deliberations Contniue - *By George Anastasia* *For* The jury has reached a verdict on some of the charges in the FirstPlus Financial fraud trial, but is still wrestling...

Britain's Ndrangheta Princess: 10 Things You'd Want to Know

Marisa Merico may look like any other mother on the Blackpool school run.
But the truth could hardly be more different.

Born into Italy's most powerful crime syndicate, the Ndrangheta, Marisa was a Mafia princess from the start, and destined to lead a life of crime.

A list of 10 things you should know about her...and more of her story afterward.

Mob Wives Done, Says Carla Facciolo

Reacting to stories about how boring "Mob Wives" is so far, within week two of filming, Carla Facciolo tweeted her response leaving no doubt as to how she feels about the show.

As reported, "Mob Wives" season five, which has commenced filming, apparently has not started off with a bang. Or, filming so far has mostly been limited to second unit-type stuff... Who knows?

Apparently, Big Ang with her grand babies is the only storyline, so far. And Renee Graziano has yet to appear on film. All this knowledge comes courtesy of a little birdie talking to AllAboutTRH.

Experts Note Hard Proof Elusive as to Who Killed Petrosino

Domenico Palazzotto, 29, was caught on a wiretap telling friends that his father’s uncle, Paolo Palazzotto, was responsible for the murder, La Repubblica reported.

“He murdered the first police officer to be killed in Palermo,” Palazzotto was heard saying. “He killed  Joe Petrosino," The Local reported.

He said his father's uncle killed Petrosino on behalf of Vito Cascio Ferro, a boss of Sicily’s Cosa Nostra who also had dealings in America.

Was 'Gone in 60 Seconds' Based on Merolle Crew?

Some claims made in the press seem suspicious to us.

A remake of a 1974 film was also based on the story of the Ray Merolle crew, a Staten-Island-based car-theft ring? Sounds preposterous to us, and yet....

If you have read about new Mob Wife Love Majewski, chances are you will have seen a little anecdote in the story that goes something like this: 

Love Majewski and Ray Merolle, the man famous for running the "Untouchables" car-theft operation, were the inspiration for the film "Gone in Sixty Seconds," with Angelina Jolie playing a character based on Love. [Does that mean ol' Nic Cage was playing Ray?]

Rare Home Movie of Roy DeMeo and Murder Machine Crew

Here we have an exceedingly rare treat: video of Gambino capo Roy DeMeo and his crew of killers frolicking at a seemingly lively barbecue out on Long Island at DeMeo's Massapequa home, I'd estimate. (It's featured below.)

The DeMeo crew killed a hell of a lot of people. (The death toll could be as high as 200 victims.)I

In the video, Roy is seen first, telling "Freddy" to shut the camera off, twice he says it, then quietly adds "I'm gonna shoot ya!"

Henry Borelli, in the black T-shirt, also a member of the DeMeo crew, gives us the "Ben Dover" speech. (All you wannabes: THAT's a real Brooklyn accent). Next, someone off-screen says: "I think I had the machine on the whole time"...

Then, the sound eerily disappears... I think we then cut quickly to the fearsome Gemini Twins: Joseph Testa and Anthony Senter. The one we see next, with the Tony Manero 'do who mouths stuff into the camera while eating a dog is also Testa. Behind…

Mob Wives Season 5 Filming Called "Boring"...

"Mob Wives" season five, which has commenced filming, apparently has not started off with a bang. Or, filming so far has mostly been limited to second unit-type stuff... Who knows?

Big Ang with her grand babies is the only storyline, so far.

God help us...

Toronto Debates: Is Italian Grandfather a Powerful Mob Boss?

National Post: "In Toronto an Italian grandfather arrested last summer at his suburban home north of the city was declared by an investigator with Rome’s anti-Mafia police to be the head of a powerful mob clan taking refuge in Canada.

“Carmelo Bruzzese has been found by the judge [in Italy] to be the head and organizer” of a clan of the Ndrangheta, the proper name of the Mafia formed in Calabria, said Major Giuseppe De Felice.

“He assumed the most important roles and decisions. He gave the orders,” he said. “The ’Ndrangheta is a global phenomena. It is a huge organization. In Canada there are many families from Calabria that belong to the ’Ndrangheta.”

Mr. Bruzzese, however, said the testimony is a sham.

Gangland News: Charges Dropped for Last Three in "Papa Smurf" Case

Gangland News: "The office of U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara quietly announced this week that it is dismissing charges against the last three defendants in the snake-bitten labor racketeering case that the FBI made against Genovese gangster Carmine (Papa) Smurf Franco and 28 others. All told, prosecutors have dropped charges against 10 of the 29 defendants in the indictment.

Throwing in the towel before trial against more than a third of the defendants wasn't the way things were supposed to turn out: When the indictment was announced, the case was hailed by Bharara and New York FBI boss George Venizelos as a major blow against the Mafia's control over the waste hauling industry in New York and New Jersey. Instead, this foray against the mob rivals the losing ways of the luckless Mets.

Evil Bastards: Monaco Mob Hit Staged?

From the Daily Mail: Smartly dressed in elegant cocktail attire, the smiling couple look ready for an evening out.

Now billionaire Monaco heiress Sylvia Pastor, 53, and Cambridge University graduate Wojciech Janowski, 65, - pictured together at a Monaco state event in 2003 - are in custody, suspected of 'masterminding' the assassination of her equally wealthy mother.

Police suspect the pair ordered the Mafia-style hit. Mr Janowski has been Poland's Honorary Consul in Monaco since 2007

What Did Roy Cohn Allege About Castellano Hit?

"C'mon over, I've got a dynamite story on Paul Castellano."

It's December 1985, two days after the storied execution of the Gambino crime family boss derisively referred to as "The Pope."

Considering who the caller was, the reporter, Sidney Zion, couldn't arrive fast enough.

Zion had been telephoned by none other than notorious mob defense attorney Roy Cohn, a man considered a scumbag by friend and foe alike.

NYPD Detective Framed by Jailhouse Snitch

Documentary filmmakers looking for good topics should look into the case of former NYPD detective Joe Simone, whose life was ruined by a jailhouse snitch whose words weighed more heavily than Simone's own.

"Big Sal" Miciotta is a Colombo turncoat/jailhouse snitch who nailed Gaspipe Casso for life and got out of prison 10 years early. John Staluppi is a wealthy American yachtsman who sells the priciest yachts in the world. He seems to like to name the vessels after James Bond actions flicks. He was identified by the FBI as a member of the Colombo family.

Former NYPD Detective Joseph Simone is living on Staten Island robbed of his pension. He faced charges that he had passed information to Mafia figures and was found NOT GUILTY in a court of law.

SOLVED? Do We Know Who Committed the 1909 Murder of NYPD Lieutenant Joe Petrosino?

His name was Paolo Palazzotto. He was tried a century ago and acquitted.

His crime? He was believed to have committed the notorious, brutal cold-blooded murder of legendary (not to mention courageous) New York Police Department Lieutenant Joe Petrosino in 1909.

Now there's reason to b believe he really was guilty.

One of the alleged assassin's ancestors, a Mafia hood nabbed in a recent major roundup in Sicily, was caught bragging that one of his forebears committed the hit.

Judge Refuses Motion to Toss Indictments Against Bonannos

A judge refused Wednesday to toss out the indictments against eight reputed Bonanno mobsters, including longtime Bonanno heavyweight brokester Nicholas "Nicky Mouth" Santora.

The defendants, rounded up last July, appeared in Manhattan Supreme Court today. They were charged with enterprise corruption, the state version of the federal crime of racketeering. The charge carries a maximum prison sentence of 25 years.
Making up the corruption charge are a host of traditional mob rackets: extortion, loan sharking, and gambling -- as well as the selling of prescription drugs ranging from oxycodone painkillers to Viagra.

Paulie Walnuts' Colombo Crime Family Ties

Tony Sirico, who played Paulie "Walnuts" Gaultieri on HBO's The Sopranos, was dragged into the media spotlight, his mob past highlighted thanks to a crime docudrama that pops up every few months.

His inclusion in the show centers on his involvement as a “witness” in the murder of a 1970s B-movie actress. (Not suspect. See the difference?)

Who doesn't know about Sirico's mob-related past by now?

Sirico was born Genaro Anthony Sirico Jr. in 1942 in Brooklyn, New York. He has played gangsters in numerous films, some poorly made, some pretty decent, including Fingers (probably his earliest mob film worth watching), Goodfellas, Innocent Blood, Bullets Over Broadway, Mighty Aphrodite, Gotti, Cop Land, and Mickey Blue Eyes.

Before turning to acting, Sirico was reportedly an associate of the Colombo crime family serving under Carmine "Junior" Persico -- and was arrested an amazing 28 times, according to court documents.

Light's Out for Big Ang's Drunken Monkey

“Mob Wives” star Big Ang has closed The Drunken Monkey in DUMBO. Which is kinda weird cause that's exactly where we'd expect to find an eatery/bar/whatever owned by Big Ang.

The bar opened with a Cinco De Mayo party on May 5, but sources told the New York Daily News that the lights went out on June 6.

“[Staffers] went home that Friday night and just didn't show up the next day.”

The spot was suffering some “financial setbacks,” but reality star told the News that she believes the Monkey will reopen. “We're having some little paper problems there, but it’s not closing.”

By Condemning Italy's Mafia, Pope Knows Exactly What He's Doing

Last month, he told them they were going to hell.

Then, this past Saturday, Pope Francis excommunicated them from the Catholic Church. That some fear for the Pope's life is proof enough that his words are getting through to some, maybe not only the Mafioso.

"In Italy, there is not a single Mafioso who isn't religious," Padre Nino Fasullo, an anti-Mafia priest in Italy, once said.

"For a phenomenon like the Mafia, which has no intellectual justification at all, religion may represent the only ideological apparatus to which it can refer. ... We're all in the church. Even the Mafia. Unfortunately. The church is embroiled in it. But regrettably not everyone in the church is convinced that opposition to the Mafia is necessary."

In Italy, Going Rate for a Murder Acquittal: $340G

Judges in Naples accepted bribes to acquit a Camorra boss of murders he had confessed to carrying out, according to the boss in question, who is now an informant.

"There was a whole system set up in the court in Naples. Three times the clan paid to ensure an acquittal," Antonio Iovine, the informant, told anti-mafia judges this past week in testimony, adding that each murder acquittal cost around $340,000.

Will FBI Finally Reveal Mobster's Role in Historic Civil Rights Case?

The FBI's website says that it will offer "a closer look at the fate of the missing workers and the FBI’s role" in the infamous civil rights case known as "Mississippi Burning."
We wonder if they will finally admit the role Greg Scarpa Sr. played in the case.
This has already been confirmed by none other than former FBI agent Lin DeVecchio, Scarpa's chief handler, in his ironically titled memoir, "We're Going to Win This Thing."

The Mob Hit That Wasn't: Nicodemo Retrial Pushed Into 2015

Anthony Nicodemo's retrial for his alleged participation as the wheelman in the 2012 slaying of Gino DiPietro in South Philadelphia has been pushed to next year.

At a status conference hearing late last week, Philadelphia Common Pleas Court Judge Jeffrey P. Minehart scheduled a new pretrial conference for Dec. 1, but no specific date was determined for the retrial resulting from the first trial's termination on May 20.

Assistant District Attorney Brian Zarallo said there is an ongoing investigation into possible jury tampering.

No one has yet been charged, however.

DiPietro, 50, was gunned down shortly before 3 p.m. Dec. 12, 2012, as he stood by his pickup truck in the 2800 block of South Iseminger Street.

Camorra Imposes Strict Code of Dress on Members

The Camorra and tattoos go together like 1920s Chicago and the Tommy gun. But members of the gang also dress and even accessorize to trumpet their affiliations.

In the 1980s, bosses in the Mazzarella clan, a Camorrist faction in Naples, wore rings in the shape of a lion's head. Today, the distinctive accessories are even more diverse — even in prisons.

Mafia informer Nicola Cangiano, a former member of the Casalesi gang (the one that "O'Ninno,"  Antonio Iovine, belonged to), told anti-mafia prosecutors how the dress code imposed by the clan is strict even behind bars.

"You can tell the men in the Sagaria clan apart from the others by what they wear," he said. "They all wear Samsonite shoes, designer clothes and even cashmere socks. They still get their salaries from the gang — even on the inside."

The Schiavone group has its own rules when it comes to clothing. "They all wear Hogan shoes," Cangiano continues, "and they all must ke…

You Missed Your Chance To Be on Mob Wives...

Big Ang fromMob Wives had a garage sale at her house in Staten Island this weekend.

Which means if you didn't know about it, you missed your (probably one and only) chance for a walk-on role on the reality show "Mob Wives." Or at least, that is what Big Ang said.

I just read about it on yet another giant entertainment news blog, called Bustle: "

[U]nless you follow her on social media and/or were just in the neighborhood, you missed out. Honestly, it’s a miracle that I’m able to type at the moment, because my disappointment at not being there is paralyzing. There is not a shred of irony in this statement. I’m experiencing the horror of FOMO nightmares come true. The pain is excruciating.

"All weekend, Big Ang was blowing up Twitter and Instagram with updates on the sale. She was obsessed with it, which is about as amazingly absurd and entertaining as she is herself. But really, if there is anything to become obsessed with, it’s mash-up of flea markets and Mob W…

Ghost of Al Capone Haunts... Bangladesh?

"Caponigro and his brother-in-law Alfred Salerno were... tortured before being killed. Salerno had been shot three times behind the right ear and once behind the left ear. The autopsy showed that a rope had been tied around his neck, wrists, and ankles, and most of his neck and face bones shattered."

Ghost of Al Capone in the country?: "THE way Mafia style killings are going on in Bangladesh for the control of illegal businesses, it may not sound too incredulous to say that soon things are bound to go out of control of the administration, like it did for the governments in many countries of the world.

USA, Mexico, Italy, Brazil, Russia, had bad experience with such criminal gangs, and at one point law enforcers had to go all-out to crush them. Everywhere a strong nexus of corrupt police officials, administration bigwigs and politicians made it possible for various gangs to operate right before the eye of the law.

Now Available: Mysterious Tales of Lucky Luciano

Now available:Lucky Luciano: Mysterious Tales of a Gangster Legendby journalist Christian Cipollini focuses exclusively on the many mysteries surrounding Charles "Lucky" Luciano, the Godfather of the American Mafia.

Issued raised in the book include:
The origin's of the famous scar
Luciano's involvement with the shadowy Seven Group and Murder Incorporated...
Did he ever actually murder anyone...
And what of all the wild theories following his death in 1962...

With information culled from rare news articles, government documents and numerous published works, this book will give readers a chance to rediscover Luciano -- as a gangster, a man, and a pop culture icon. It no doubt also will ignite new debates over the facts and fallacies regarding Luciano's true role in helping to structure what became the American Mafia that still exists today.

Mafia Academic Reviews John Dickie’s "Blood Brotherhoods"

The is publishing a review of John Dickie's "Blood Brotherhoods," and surprisingly, finds fault with it.

I am currently reading Dickie's "Mafia Republic," a gigantic volume that basically serves as a consolidation of all his previous works; I don't know why the Times chose to review this particular book now.

The review is written by an academic who also writes about organized crime in Italy, Alexander Stille,  a professor at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism and the author of “Excellent Cadavers: The Mafia and the Death of the First Italian Republic,” which is next on my bookshelf. Divertiti!

All in the Famiglia "In “Blood Brotherhoods,” the British scholar John Dickie sets himself the wildly ambitious task of writing the histories of Italy’s three major criminal organizations from their origins in the mid-19th century to the present...

Three Unsolved Hits Haunt Mob Boss "Uncle Joe"

Anthony Nicodemo's Philadelphia murder trial ended in a mistrial last month.

In addition to the murder for which he currently faces charges, Nicodemo has been identified as a suspect in the 2003 murder of John "Johnny Gongs" Casasanto. Law enforcement sources have said that the young mob soldier could work out a deal using his supposed information regarding the Casasanto murder and other acts of violence, including two additional murders said to be linked to Joseph "Uncle Joe" Ligambi and his top associates.

The other murder victims are Ronnie Turchi, who was hit in 1999, and Raymond “Long John” Martorano, who reached the end of the road in 2002.

In this article we take a look at the three hits that law enforcement would love to pin on Uncle Joe, one of the more successful modern bosses. He is credited with cooling down the Philly underworld following decades of  unrest. Departing jail after being held without bail during the time it took  two mistrials to run …

Who Will Star in "Mob Wives" Season Five? Read Here...

AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVE is reporting that, except for Alicia DiMichele, the rest of last year's case began filming season five of Mob Wives last week.

"There are no new cast members."

"Our source reveals:
"The ladies first day of filming began Thursday. All the ladies are back except Alicia DiMichele. As of right now, there are no new cast members, but they are still bugging Alicia in hopes that she’ll come back. There is talk that Jenn Graziano is trying to bring in Karen Gravano because Renee Graziano has nobody that’ll fight for her. Big Ang isn’t going to do her dirty work, and they know Karen needs the money and is willing to do it." In other Mob Wives news, The Daily News reported earlier this week that

The suspect involved in a fatal fight outside the Staten Island bar owned by reality television star Angela (Big Ang) Raiola turned himself in to cops, authorities said Tuesday.

Seattle's Crime Boss: Mafia Malarkey -- Or Was It?

Frank Colacurcio, Sr., ran a strip-club empire and was depicted as a sort of Godfather of the Pacific Northwest.

To his criminal credit, Colacurcio was cited as the first to bring nude dancing to Seattle. At one time, he operated strip clubs in 10 states.

He was even mentioned in the McClellan Committee by James "Big Jim" Elkins, a major crime figure in Portland, Oregon. And, Colacurcio was supposed to have met with the son of New York mob boss Joseph Bonanno.

In Quebec 31 Mafiosi Arrested as Part of Operation Clemenza

Montreal - CBC News reports that 31 alleged Mafia members belonging to two groups based in Montreal, Laval, Gatineau and Quebec City were arrested this morning following a series of police raids. Three other people are currently being sought.

The raids were part of Operation Clemenza, as it has been called since its 2010 creation, and were led by the RCMP and around 200 police forces.

BlackBerry messages once again played a key role in the investigation, which included interceptions of PIN-to-PIN BlackBerry messages between members of the Giuseppe De Vito and Bastone brothers Mafia cells.

The De Vito clan was said to be a faction of the Ndrangheta, the Calabrian-based Mafia. No confirmation on whether the clan headed by the Bastones was Calabrian or Cosa Nostra.  These two groups working together may have been battling Vito Rizzuto and his family for control of organized crime in Montreal.

Was Former Seattle Family Part of Official Mafia?

The Seattle Times reports that a vacant building on Aurora Shoreline that was "the cornerstone of a criminal enterprise" is now a church some five years after the indictment of its former criminal owners.

"Formerly Sugar’s nightclub, the building was once a strip club, a haven for prostitution and the front of a racketeering operation owned by the notorious Colacurcio family," the report notes.

But this "organized crime" group seems relatively benign, focusing on gambling and strip clubs that offered TLC on the side (prostitution).

Mafia Increasingly Targets "Disgruntled White Collar Workers"

The video above will look familiar to some of you. When I first posted it, this is the story I meant to write, as opposed to what I did write, Undercover Feds and the Mob: Do Rivalries Arise?

The content of the above video, recently posted by FedScoop, concerns the Mafia and white-collar cybercrime, and ways law enforcement can better marshal its forces to combat these new-wave crimes.

The video includes insight from two former undercover FBI agents, Joe Pistone and David Drab. (Pistone once again calls Lefty Ruggiero a 24 hour a day wiseguy, to which I add: Pistone is a 24 hour a day Donnie Brasco.)

Pistone worked undercover for six years infiltrating the Bonanno crime family, while Drab did some work in Cleveland. Today, both consult and advise law enforcement on conducting undercover operations.

Some interesting points were raised in the video that will be of interest to readers of this blog.

Are Mob Hits in Southern Ontario Part of Larger War? Yes and No

Either a local newspaper in York, a regional municipality in Southern Ontario, Canada, doesn't see the big picture regarding the mob war in Canada or many in the media and law enforcement have been getting it wrong... This blog holds the former belief.

The article, reporting on a string of murders in the region, speculates on whether two recent killings are part of underworld unrest in the Hamilton/Toronto area that has so far claimed the lives of Carmine Verduci, Sam Calautti and James Tusek. The article then makes a distinction between the killings there and the ongoing Montreal war between the Ndrangheta and the Sicilian Cosa Nostra; in other words, it describes them as separate events.

We have long believed, along with many media outlets and law enforcement sources, that there is one larger war that has escalated beyond Montreal into Southern Ontario. However, whether the two most recent hits in Southern Ontario, both men of Indian descent, are part of it, we don't know f…

Greek Mob Profited as Mafia's Silent Partner

Nick Christophers, a top editor at Mob Candy, writes about the Greek Mafia for us. And, this is only the first of several articles. Thanks, Nick!

The American Mafia, among its various other roles, is the gatekeeper to the much coveted and very lucrative American underworld.

Other ethnic crime groups have sought to carve out their own piece of the action. Many of these groups often find that it's easier and more profitable in the long term to partner with America’s Cosa Nostra.

If You're in the Mafia, Read This, Now!

"During opening remarks, (the defendant's attorney) was wearing a suit that was very, very expensive...and a watch that cost more than my 2011 car... Therefore, I deduced that he was not a public defender.

"The defendant had the access to cash necessary to employ" an expensive attorney... "Where did this money come from? I had my suspicions."

The woman also said that she deduced the alleged mobster on trial for murder was being held without bail because even though he wore a dress shirt and slacks each day in court, he also wore "a pair of pristine white sneakers."

"I couldn't imagine Mr. Nicodemo would come to court in sneakers unless he was being kept in jail. Why wouldn't he be out on bail? I knew he had access to money, so he either was a flight risk or a very dangerous person (or both)."

Turncoat Camorra Boss Killed So Many He Can't Count

According to the Telegraph, former Camorra boss Antonio Iovine, known as O'Ninno (The Baby), killed so many people in the past 30 years he can't even offer a figure.

Imprisoned since his arrest, Iovine began offering videoconferenced testimony this past Saturday from his prison cell to a court in Caserta .

“I have committed so many murders, I don’t remember them all,” the 49-year-old former boss said during four hours of testimony.

Iovine had been a wanted fugitive for 14 years before being captured in 2010 while living in a hideout in Casal di Principe outside Naples.

His recent decision to turn informer, or “pentito,” as they are called in Italian (repentants), was said to be rocking the very foundation of Italy’s political establishment. O'Ninno has been making claims of widespread collusion between the Mafia and politicos of all parties.

How to Act Like a Gangster

This post is a reworking of an actual story I found on the Internet with the above headline. 

I have to say I honestly think it is the most irresponsible and dangerous act of  "content creation" in the infamous format of a "list" on the Internet.
The five steps to "acting like a gangster" can easily get you killed if you're foolish enough to try them. It only depends on how far you are willing to take your "acting."