Are Mob Hits in Southern Ontario Part of Larger War? Yes and No

Vito Rizzuto: are the powers controlling his family continuing
to take the historical step of finally consolidating power in
Southern Ontario?
Either a local newspaper in York, a regional municipality in Southern Ontario, Canada, doesn't see the big picture regarding the mob war in Canada or many in the media and law enforcement have been getting it wrong... This blog holds the former belief.

The article, reporting on a string of murders in the region, speculates on whether two recent killings are part of underworld unrest in the Hamilton/Toronto area that has so far claimed the lives of Carmine Verduci, Sam Calautti and James Tusek. The article then makes a distinction between the killings there and the ongoing Montreal war between the Ndrangheta and the Sicilian Cosa Nostra; in other words, it describes them as separate events.

We have long believed, along with many media outlets and law enforcement sources, that there is one larger war that has escalated beyond Montreal into Southern Ontario. However, whether the two most recent hits in Southern Ontario, both men of Indian descent, are part of it, we don't know for sure.

Many, including this blog, believe the first few York killings are part of a larger war between the Ndrangheta and Cosa Nostra.

Both Quebec and Southern Ontario have had historical mob ties to America. As noted, the American Mafia's Commission in 1931 decreed how Canada would be carved up. Quebec, including the key city of Montreal, fell under the purview of Joseph Bonanno, while Southern Ontario, including the waterfront steel-making town of Hamilton, belonged to Bonanno's cousin, Stefano Magaddino.
Joseph Bonanno had historical ties to the
Montreal Mafia, starting in the late 1920s.

Vito Rizzuto, who died on the day of Christmas Eve 2013, was heading the Cosa Nostra group at war with the Calabrians in Montreal, although the battle seemed to have spread to Southern Ontario, a province that Rizzuto had been looking to take control of for years.

As noted, consolidation of power in Southern Ontario, something never before attained by a Canadian Mafia family, may be at the root of the violence occurring in the region as Cosa Nostra forces controlling the former Rizzuto crime family are believed to be behind several executions of Calabrians in the area in the past year.

Articles you should read if you're interested in the Canadian Mafia war:

Murders of Ndrangheta Hitters "Open a Lot of Questions"

As for, it raises the question of whether several murders committed in the region are part of the larger Mafia war, adding two of the most recent murders to the list: "Ritesh Thakur, a Toronto man, originally from India, was shot in front of Sunday shopping crowds at Home Sense, near Weston Road and Hwy. 7.
"Mr. Thakur had multiple run-ins with the law, including charges in relation to a $6.5-million cocaine ring.

Then, on "Sunday, David Odesho turned himself in to Vaughan police. He has been charged with first degree murder and attempted murder in the killing of Sarhad Sadiq, 36, of Nobleton and the injuring of another man, whose identity hasn't been released."

Indians murdered as part of the ongoing Canadian mob war?

Mob expert James Dubro, for one, " is unsure whether the last two were linked to the mafia or not," the article notes, adding: "Dubro, crime author and journalist, said the mafia uses countless crews and gangs, of varying nationalities, to execute its business.

"The business of organized crime and drugs, it's not just the mafia," he said. "We have a multicultural society, we have a multicultural drug trade. The traditional mafia will use anyone to get the product and traffic the product."

However, he added that while group's paths may cross, understanding whether or not these most recent murders are linked to the Verduci or Callautti murders or the ongoing Montreal mafia war, between the 'Ndrangheta, the Calabrian mafia and the Sicilian Cosa Nostra, is near impossible without more information.

"There are all sorts of crews in the underworld, they always find ways of working together or arguing with each other," he said. "The underworld mirrors the regular world, but everything going on in the underworld is covert, secret."

A number of media outlets have reported the area surrounding Woodstream Boulevard and Regina Road, two murder sites located near Martingrove and Hwy. 7, are known 'Ndrangheta hangouts, where Verduci reportedly spent much of his time."


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  3. I've heard the mafias in Italy are sort of stepping in and playing a bigger role in the US LCN the same way they do in Canada. I'm strictly going on internet articles here. I know the ties have always been there but allegedly Italy may slowly be gaining control. The Gambinos and the Detroit Partnership( which is surprisingly very much in well working order) are two examples. Again, this is just based on my own geeky research. The next book on my lust is definitely The Sixth Family.

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