Guilty Verdict in FirstPlus Financial Trial, However...

It looks like the waiting may be nearing an end for Nicodemo S. Scarfo and Salvatore Pelullo, both of whom are charged with taking over the Texas-based FirstPlus Financial mortgage company and looting its shareholders of $12 million.

Nicky Scarfo Jr., of Luchese family...
But the question is: Who is guilty of what, based on note from jury....

"It looks like the jury has voted to convict in the FirstPlus Financial racketeering fraud trial," according to George Anastasia at Big Trial. "But at this point we don't know which one -- or how many -- of the seven defendants have been found guilty."

He noted that jury deliberations resume today in the six-month old trial.

But questions submitted by the anonymously chosen jury panel to Judge Robert Kugler last week offer some insight into the process and have given rise to speculation that the panel has voted to convict someone.

In a note sent Thursday afternoon, the last day of deliberations last week, the panel wrote: "We are unanimous on some counts, but we are not unanimous yet on others (the word "yet" was underlined twice in the note). Are we under any time constraints to reach unanimity?"
That question, coupled with an earlier inquiry about the way to respond to the racketeering conspiracy charge, has led to speculation that the jury has voted to convict at least one and possibly more of the defendants on the principal count in the 25-count indictment. All seven defendants are charged with conspiracy.

"It doesn't look good," said one member of the defense camp last week.



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