Video, with Sound, of Roy DeMeo and Crew

This is the kind of stuff people tweet to me these days, to which I say: keep it coming!!!

Rare video of Gambino capo Roy DeMeo and his crew of young killers, all looking like they walked straight out of the Saturday Night Fever cast, which was filmed partly in DeMeo's neck of the woods...  The DeMeo crew killed a hell of a lot of people. (The death toll could be as high as 200 victims.)

Saturday Night Fever, the blockbuster film about disco dancing in 1970s Brooklyn, was based on an article that can be read, for free, here: Inside the Tribal Rites of the New Saturday Night -- New York Magazine. (From the June 7, 1976 issue.)

Gotta love the article's lead graphs:
Within the closed circuits of rock & roll fashion, it is assumed that New York means Manhattan. The center is everything, all the rest irrelevant. If the other boroughs exist at all, it is merely as a camp joke—Bronx-Brooklyn-Queens, monstrous urban limbo, filled with everyone who is no one. 
In reality, however, almost the reverse is true. While Manhattan remains firmly rooted in the sixties, still caught up in faction and fad and the dreary games of decadence, a whole new generation has been growing up around it, virtually unrecognized. Kids of sixteen to twenty, full of energy, urgency, hunger. All the things, in fact, that the Manhattan circuit, in its smugness, has lost. ...

In the video, Roy is seen first, telling "Freddy" to shut the camera off, twice he says it, then quietly adds "I'm gonna shoot ya!" Priceless! Henry Borelli, in the black T-shirt, also a member of the DeMeo crew, gives us the "Ben Dover" speech. (All you wannabes: THAT's a real Brooklyn accent!) Someone says something like: "I think I had the machine on the whole time" or something like that. Wonder what he was talking about... some good-natured, harmless fun, no doubt...

Then, the sound eerily disappears... I think we then cut quickly to the fearsome Gemini Twins: Joseph Testa and Anthony Senter. The one we see next, with the Tony Manero 'do who mouths stuff into the camera while eating a dog is also Testa. Behind the camera is likely Frederick Di Nome, Roy's driver and another member, whom Roy talks to in the beginning.

Chris Rosenberg, Roy's troubled "adopted" son isn't seen, which means this may have been filmed after his murder.

Interestingly, their downfall began with an anonymous call to Brooklyn detectives.

"A lot of people are disappearing in Canarsie," the anonymous caller said...

I've always wondered who that caller was...

Dominick Montiglio?

Crew members not killed are in prison for life, except for "Dracula," Roy's uncle, who got on a bus and took off, according to son Albert DeMeo.


  1. Love Majewski is a person... She was on Mob Wives. Did you not read the story you're commenting on? She claimed she and an ex-boyfriend were the inspiration for a FILM. Are you deliberately being obtuse??

  2. Dayum was all that necessary? I think the person who made the statement "WHO IS LOVE!" was being sarcastic! I might ask the same thing "WHO HECK IS LOVE ANYWAY?"

  3. I think you should take this down and get facts straight before you write where is it "documented" the movie was a remake of a 1970's film it is your opinion based on fishing to write a blog for a wow factor from your readers not facts you say your not saying Love is lying but you contradict yourself because this blog is all about that and I think you are an ass and rude for it. Don't you think Love knows best since she lived it it's her life story not researching for a blog she would not broadcast the character in the movie was her if it was not facts or say the film was based on her life events if it wasn't if you wanted to write a blog and trash someones name get your facts straight from the source did you bother confirming with Love before you wrote this ? I think not instead you say she wanted to look "cool" but Love can back her story up all you have is internet research and a dumb theory . I think this blog is ridiculous and so are you. You should do the write thing take this down and publicly apologize to Love for your rude false blog about her and her life which WAS in the movie gone in 60 seconds and Angelina did play her #facts

  4. Do you have a single shred of proof? The film was a remake of a 1974 film. I apologized to throw Love a bone; I don't know if she made this up or if someone told her, but it's not true. How about I post your comment on FB and leave it up to the world to decided?

  5. I do get carried away on occasion, I admit....

  6. Still no response four months later....


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