Mob Wives Done, Says Carla Facciolo

Reacting to stories about how boring "Mob Wives" is so far, within week two of filming, Carla Facciolo tweeted her response leaving no doubt as to how she feels about the show.

As reported, "Mob Wives" season five, which has commenced filming, apparently has not started off with a bang. Or, filming so far has mostly been limited to second unit-type stuff... Who knows?

Apparently, Big Ang with her grand babies is the only storyline, so far. And Renee Graziano has yet to appear on film. All this knowledge comes courtesy of a little birdie talking to AllAboutTRH.

Facciolo tweeted--yes, tweeted messages now provide some blogs with fodder, as it is known "Mob Wives" fans, whatever you think of the show, are countless in number and are ever sniffing out the slightest references to the show.

Hopefully they'll see this one too!

Carla's tweet:
Why does Carla apologize, though?


  1. Mob Wives? Pathetic......

  2. Carla was always the sexiest mob wife on the show. To bad her uncle was mistaken for a rat.

  3. He was not " mistaken " for a rat , he was a RAT , he had stomach cancer anyways so he went quickly ! Ava Marie

  4. Carla was a hottie

  5. Not according to Mob Boss, Ava... I'm working on a story and going through the book.....unless I missed something...

  6. Ed, some things are better left unsaid , that's all I can say , not all things in life go on paper


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