This blog primarily reports on criminal activity and the criminals who commit it, what is called traditional organized crime.

I'm interested in telling untold stories and "memorializing" important information.

I'm especially interested in hearing from women who were/are in The Life, as it's generally called. I believe your viewpoint has been dramatically absent from the historical record.

Email me, please, at cosanostranews at gmail dotcom.

I protect all my sources and respect all agreements of confidentiality. I don't "blog on the sneak." I don't take screen grabs of private correspondences and publish them. I conduct myself as a professional. I'm a 15-year veteran journalist who is currently employed in corporate communications.

Cosa Nostra News debuted in 2011.

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Ed Scarpo, a pseudonym, does nearly all the writing and editing.

Nick Christophers occasionally contributes. His articles feature his byline.

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He and Ed met years ago via Uncle Frank, aka Frank DiMatteo, owner of Mob Candy.

Ed, his real first name, has a BA in communications from Hofstra U and studied magazine editing at Columbia J school. A lifelong New Yorker, he's spent his career in media, about 15 years as a journalist in print and digital . He's currently a corporate communications editor/writer for a large trade association.

He works on this blog as much as humanly possible.

So what is a blog anyway?

David Carr, an important chronicler of the digital domain, sadly now deceased, once mused in his New York Times column that the idea of a “little digital boutique (aka, a blog) flies in the face of all manner of conventional wisdom, chief of which is that scale is all that matters in an era of commoditized advertising sales.”

Jia Tolentino, a staff writer at The New Yorker, wrote that the economics of online publishing in 2018 "are running everyone off the map" and noted that:

"Blogs were a one-man-band situation: if you were a blog editor, as I was, you were also a blogger, and many other things besides, so you would spend your days not just writing and editing pieces but formatting and tagging them, finding art, scheduling and publishing, posting everything on social media yourself."

Notice use of past tense... were.... was.... were.....etc.

"Blogs are necessarily idiosyncratic, entirely about sensibility: they can only be run by workhorses who are creative enough to amuse themselves and distinct enough to hook an audience, and they tend to publish like-minded writers, who work more on the principle of personal obsession than pay. The result is editorial latitude to be obscure and silly and particular, but the finances are increasingly hard to sustain; media consumption is controlled these days by centralized tech platforms—Facebook, Twitter—whose algorithms favor what is viral, newsy, reactionary, easily decontextualized, and of general appeal."...


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