Cosa Nostra News launched in 2011.

People with important information or story tips should contact me immediately at cosanostranews@gmail.com

If you need background, you could contact me directly via that email. I  always try to help anyone I can within reason. (I always help journalists and students.)

I protect all sources and respect all agreements of confidentiality. I'm always looking for story tips and leads to follow-up on. Have anything interesting? Please email me. Find research that addresses some questions I once raised in a story? Please email me. Come across an interesting piece of mob news? Please email me. Find information that contradicts anything I've written? Please email me. Do you have a personal experience that you'd like to share? Please email me. Are you a beautiful woman in need of a capable, understanding male to talk to? Please email me. (That last bit was a joke obviously, though we're living in bizarre-o times, friends....the "Harvey Weinstein" stuff and what followed really makes a person think twice about approaching someone in public. You start thinking about boundaries and privacy -- and the creeps who think nothing of crossing them and cornering someone with bullshit. More and more, I feel like I've become extinct in my own lifetime.)

If I were to different Cosa Nostra News from other mob blogs (there are some first-rate ones out there) I'd probably note that: I focus more on New York's Five Families and have excellent sources from three of them -- sources meaning people who are, or were, involved in organized crime. Many have gone on record in stories, but some have never gone on record.

I founded this blog during a freelance writing phase. I've been working as a journalist since graduating with a BA in print journalism. That includes a stint as the managing editor of a national four-color monthly magazine -- an actual "printed" magazine that you could hold in your hand and flip the pages -- people actually subscribed to it and received it in the mail.

 If you want to contact me about Cosa Nostra, THE MAFIA, or anything else, email at cosanostranews at gmail dotcom....

"Ed Scarpo" has been writing and editing his entire career, which includes journalism, content marketing, and corporate communications. Pivoting back to first-person, I've spent most of my professional life as a beat reporter covering a wide range of beats, from films to the textiles industry.

Vladimir Nabokov
Stephen King
Jerry Capeci
Charles Bukowski
Carl Kolchak
Orson Welles

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I live in Nassau county on Long Island and do a lot of writing on my laptop (or iPad) in a Starbucks near my place, in one of the five towns.

Cosa Nostra News launched in 2011

Ed Scarpo is a pseudonym, not an identity. (Understand the difference? I don't walk around wearing expensive suits and talking like I'm Marlon Brando or Joe Pesci, though I can do a pretty damn good impression of both.) Basically I'm not a "wannabe" .... I'm trying to be serious, but instantly that line brings to mind what Gregory Caponegro once said while attempting to shake someone down:

I don't pretend I'm in the mob. I don't act like I'm in the mob. Gotta problem with that? I'll put your fcking head through the wall. (I also have a dry sense of humor.)

I invented the name. I'm not trying to confuse people into thinking that I'm a Scarpa or a Scarfo. Gabeesh?

Anyone bashing me on social media? It's probably because I didn't write about them -- or they don't like something I've written. In reality they should just contact me to discuss what's bothering them. If facts upset them, they have my sincerest empathy because that probably means that they've had traumatic experiences in their past. But if my facts are incorrect, I want to know about it.

My "day job" is corporate communications-related writing and editing. Previously I worked as a journalist. I'm always interested in corresponding with other writers and creative professionals.

Anyone can always reach me at cosanostranews at gmail dotcom.

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Should you care to contribute, please visit: https://www.paypal.me/cosanostranews

Nick Christophers sometimes contributes. His articles feature his byline.

Read Nick's stories.

So what is a blog anyway?

David Carr, an important chronicler of the digital domain, sadly now deceased, once mused in his New York Times column that the idea of a “little digital boutique (aka, a blog) flies in the face of all manner of conventional wisdom, chief of which is that scale is all that matters in an era of commoditized advertising sales.”

Jia Tolentino, a staff writer at The New Yorker, wrote that the economics of online publishing in 2018 "are running everyone off the map" and noted that:

"Blogs were a one-man-band situation: if you were a blog editor, as I was, you were also a blogger, and many other things besides, so you would spend your days not just writing and editing pieces but formatting and tagging them, finding art, scheduling and publishing, posting everything on social media yourself."

"Blogs are necessarily idiosyncratic, entirely about sensibility: they can only be run by workhorses who are creative enough to amuse themselves and distinct enough to hook an audience, and they tend to publish like-minded writers, who work more on the principle of personal obsession than pay. The result is editorial latitude to be obscure and silly and particular, but the finances are increasingly hard to sustain; media consumption is controlled these days by centralized tech platforms—Facebook, Twitter—whose algorithms favor what is viral, newsy, reactionary, easily decontextualized, and of general appeal."...


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