Bio in Brief
I grew up mostly in Bayside in Queens and in Elmont on Long Island. Moving right along some years, I started this site about 10 years ago. I’ve been a writer/editor my entire career, which includes working in journalism, as a marketing writer for a law firm, and as a magazine and news editor. (I also worked at a Carvel--you know, the ice cream shop.) Ed Scarpo is a pseudonym.

Our Approach
We write because it puts us in the "zone," that place that artists sometimes mention where time stops and nothing exists but the WIP (work in progress).

We love immersing ourselves in source material, newspaper and magazine stories, government documents, transcripts, appeals, testimony, press releases, the back of the ketchup bottle, you name it. If the story is historical, we especially seek out news reports contemporary to the events under examination. (And we're always reading books, ebooks, hardcover, paperback--we have a huge mob library.)

We revise A LOT -- too much. But hitting the publish button starts some kind of chemical process that instantaneously highlights a story's flaws and holes, which were invisible in the final draft. (The chemical process of course refers to the arousal of the editing part of the brain, which takes over from the writer.)

So let’s put it like this: This blog also is where we develop and refine our writing and narrative nonfiction skills.

We might mot go as far as to say we completely agree with that damn fine author/blogger, John William Tuohy:

"Never ending self-education means I adore knowledge and enlightenment of both the ordinary and the odd and that’s what this blog is about. It is by me, written for my benefit. You are more than welcomed to drop by as often and for as long as your heart desires."

But almost.

And as much as we too adore "the odd," this blog focuses on the Mafia. Why the Mafia? See below.

Sources, those interested in ad space, those seeking whatever, please email us at cosanostranews@gmail.com.

Why The Mafia?
We thought you'd never ask. One evening in the 1970s, my grandparents held a dinner party at their condominium in Bayside, Queens. It was a social event with some kind of business component related to a concessions business at JFK airport. My parents were there. I was there, though I have no personal recollections of the event (I was a toddler at the time). Also there were perhaps the most notorious trio of Mafia capos in organized crime's history, or at least Bonanno crime family history: Sonny Red, Phil Lucky, and Big Trin. No, I don't think my grandfather was a criminal, nor do I believe anything related to criminal activity was even discussed.

Phil Lucky Giaccone, Big Trin Trinchera, Sonny Red Indelicato
Doomed Bonanno caporegimes, from left: Phil Lucky Giaccone, Big Trin Trinchera, Sonny Red Indelicato.

The above is simply an intriguing tidbit -- that has colored my memories of my grandfather, and also fueled initial interest in organized crime. The interest was further nurtured by an obsession with the New York tabloids -- the Daily News, The Post, the once incredible New York Observer -- followed by Jerry Capeci's Gang Land News, followed by George Anastasia various writings about the Philadelphia crime family. Today there's many other journalists we follow closely including Larry McShane.

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I protect all sources and respect all agreements of confidentiality.

 I'm always looking for story tips and leads to follow-up on. Have anything interesting? Please email me. Find research that addresses some questions I once raised in a story? Please email me. Come across an interesting piece of mob news? Please email me. Find information that contradicts anything I've written? Please email me. Do you have a personal experience that you'd like to share? Please email me.

Cosa Nostra News launched in 2011.

Ed Scarpo is a pseudonym, not an identity. Understand the difference? I don't walk around wearing expensive suits and talking like I'm Marlon Brando or Joe Pesci, though I can do a pretty damn good impression of both.

 Basically I'm not a "wannabe" .... I'm trying to be serious, but instantly that line brings to mind what Gregory Caponegro once said while attempting to shake someone down:

I don't pretend I'm in the mob. I don't act like I'm in the mob. Gotta problem with that? I'll put your fcking head through the wall. (I also have a dry sense of humor.)

I invented the name. I'm not trying to confuse people into thinking that I'm a Scarpa or a Scarfo. Gabeesh?

Anyone bashing me on social media? It's probably because I didn't write about them -- or they don't like something I've written. In reality they should just contact me to discuss what's bothering them. If facts upset them, they have our sincerest empathy because that probably means that they've had traumatic experiences in their past. But if my facts are incorrect, I want to know about it.

I'm always interested in corresponding with other writers and creative professionals.

Anyone can always reach me at cosanostranews at gmail dotcom.


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