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You Ain't Gonna Get Me: Former Genovese Turncoat Pens An Open Letter To His Old Pals

Genovese turncoat Michael (Cookie) D’Urso wrote an open letter to his former colleagues, warning them against trying to take revenge.

The letter appeared in The New York Post with an introduction written by Jerry Capeci of GangLand News, in which he notes that: "D’Urso, 49, apparently heard that members of the Genovese family were discussing his new name and whereabouts at an Upper East Side steakhouse."

Durso flipped against the Genovese crime family and wore a wire hidden within a $3,000 Rolex wristwatch for three years -- all the while recording thousands of hours of "privileged" conversations among high-ranking members of the Genovese crime family.

Durso collected dirt on more than 70 Genovese wiseguys, including the late boss, Vincent (Chin) Gigante, who died in a prison hospital on December 19, 2005, as well as acting boss Dominick "Quiet Dom" Cirillo and the man considered the Genovese crime family's official boss today, Liborio "Barney"…

Lee D'Avanzo Busted In "One of New Jersey’s Largest" THC/Marijuana Edible Seizures

Not long after he and his mob wife were busted at their home on Staten Island on drug and gun charges, Lee D'Avanzo, 52, was busted in New Jersey on charges of conspiracy to possess marijuana and possession.

This apparently was the case for which the NYPD raided the couples' home on Staten Island earlier this month.

A yearlong investigation by the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office Narcotics and Criminal Enterprise Unit targeting a large-scale marijuana and THC distribution network operating throughout Monmouth, Ocean, and Bergen counties as well as parts of New York resulted in charges being filed against 24 men and women.

One California man remains at-large and is considered a fugitive from justice, announced Monmouth County Prosecutor Christopher J. Gramiccioni.

The investigation, dubbed Operation On The Ropes uncovered a scheme to secretly convert legitimate candies, including the popular Nerds Rope and Sour Patch candy brands, to an illegal THC-infused product. THC, or t…

Alite Sports Wants To Help You Win Every Bet

Since the dawn of organized crime in the US, gangsters have been making fortunes by capitalizing on our love of betting; whether by taking a piece of the winnings or lending the dough to place the bet, they have numerous ways to earn off our vice.

Now former Gambino associate John Alite is attempting a first with Alite Sports, his new sports consulting firm, which offers guidance on sports betting, among other things.

It's also one of several things John Alite has going on in 2020. His new book, Darkest Hour 2: Through the Eyes of the Barrel, will be out in March, and he'll appear in a new Netflix series to break this winter. And a couple of other things we're holding back for separate stories.

Launched via a partnership between John and Peter Kazan, Alite Sports offers intelligence on who to bet on and how. The firm also offer tips on managing your money to minimize your losses. Unlike other websites offering similar services, Alite Sports doesn't actually take bets …

Gangs Of Staten Island

In 1988, years before his wife became (something of) a household name and his father's first cousin became the mayor of New York City, Lee D'Avanzo was part of a crew of wannabe wiseguys who raked in the cash via drug dealing, loansharking, money laundering, home invasions, and up to 30 attempted or successful bank burglaries.

By December 2001, when 11 members of the New Springville Boys were indicted for terrorizing Staten Island and committing crimes up and down the East Coast, the indictment identified D'Avanzo as the head of the ragtag crew. Some other names identified in the indictment: Neat (Ned the Head) Bilali, Robert Catanese, Francis Costanzo, William (Big Billy) Fauci, and Edward Shamah.

Between 1988 and 2000, crew members schemed to burglarize over 30 night-deposit boxes at banks in seven states: One string of heists in Washington state in 1998 netted the gang $240,000, court papers say. They also allegedly planned to ship more than 200 kilograms of marijuana f…

What's The Irishman Really About? Not Who Killed Hoffa

In a New York Times editorial, the stepson of Chuckie O'Brien — the foster son of Jimmy Hoffa — calls The Irishman "by far the greatest depiction of the false charge against my stepfather." ... "My 86-year-old stepfather ... for more than half his life, 44 years ... has watched himself portrayed in news articles, books and motion pictures — most recently, in Martin Scorsese’s “The Irishman” — as someone he is not. The effect on his life has been devastating."

If you haven't watched The Irishman, watch it...

What’s that? Did Frank Sheeran really kill Jimmy Hoffa (and Joe Gallo, etc.)?

How about we put that aside for a sec -- this interest in solving murders. Let's take our Sherlock Holmes hats-- the deerstalkers -- off. If you want to learn about the Hoffa murder, we'll send you a list of books.

Here's a secret: Martin Scorsese doesn't give a rat's ass who killed James Riddle Hoffa. And Crazy Joey Gallo (and JFK, maybe).

If Scorsese truly…

Tough Guys Don’t Dance: Norman Mailer's Encounter With Frank Costello

Tough Guys Don't Dance, Norman Mailer's 1984 homage to the hard-boiled artwork of authors like Dashiell Hammett and Mickey Spillane, gets its title from an anecdote about mob boss Frank Costello that someone once told the legendary American author.

One of our favorites, the novel also is one of the more accessible works by Mailer, which doesn't necessarily mean it's easy reading. Tough Guys Don't Dance is a brilliant, stunning, hypnotic work that gets deeply inside your head. It grows even more astonishing when you learn how quickly Mailer banged the novel out, and for what reasons.

Mailer, who died in 2007, supposedly wrote the book because "economic problems were pressing." He needed to either come up with a book for his publisher in sixty days, or he'd need to repay a huge amount of money that he didn't have.

Set in Provincetown on Cape Cod in Massachusetts, Tough Guys Don't Dance tells the story of Timothy Madden, a frustrated writer/conv…