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Alternative Facts: Did The Gemini Twins Help Execute Carini Brother's Killers?

The “Gemini Twins” was a nickname for Joseph Testa and Anthony Senter, who were once part of the most prolific crew of mob killers ever assembled.

In the 1970s and early 1980s, the “Murder Machine” crew positively bloomed under Gambino wiseguy Roy DeMeo. (Jerry Capeci christened the crew the Murder Machine, which also was the name of the book he co-authored with Gene Mustain ---- Murder Machine is the single most-absorbing Mafia read on the market today).

Other members of the DeMeo crew included Joseph (Dracula) Guglielmo (a DeMeo cousin), Joey Testa's younger brother Patrick, Freddie DiNome (who previously was Roy DeMeo's driver), Henry Borrelli, and Chris Rosenberg.

The crew's MO was to first lure the intended victim inside the little apartment behind the Gemini Lounge on Flatlands Avenue in Canarsie, which was the crew’s main hangout. The victim would be shot in the head — and in quick succession, they were “turbanned” (a towel was wrapped around the head) and stabbed o…

Joe Waverly, Badass Colombo Wiseguy, Back In Brooklyn

Former Colombo acting boss Joel (Joe Waverly) Cacace, 78, who ordered a string of gangland hits and was suspected of ordering the murder of an NYPD cop back in the day, is currently residing in a Brooklyn halfway house located near where the battle-scarred veteran mobster came up, on Waverly Avenue in Fort Greene, according to Gang Land News, which today reported that he was released from a federal prison in Kentucky last month.

Joe Waverly will depart the halfway house this May, according to the BOP, when he completes the 20-year prison sentence handed down to him for copping to four gangland slayings, including the 1987 mistaken identity murder of administrative law judge George Aronwald--who was the father of a former federal prosecutor who the late Colombo family kingpin Carmine (Junior) Persico condemned to death.

In 2004, the onetime consiglieri, facing a sweeping indictment and devastating turncoat testimony, copped to racketeering charges, including ordering the Aronwald murde…

Robert Grey Reynolds, Jr., Self-Publishing Dynamo, Has Written Hundreds Of Books About The Mafia (And Just About Everything Else)

Friends, Romans, Mafia enthusiasts, organized crime watchers, whatchamacallits?....  Chances are those of you who use the web daily, and who share a driving obsession for organized crime -- have a familiarity with the name Robert Grey Reynolds, Jr.

He's an author who has written hundreds (if not thousands?) of books about the American Mafia (and a stunningly wide array of other things). 
You can find his work by Google searching Robert Grey Reynolds Jr. He publishes at and
And he's nothing less than a one-man publishing phenomenon, and we feel we'd be remiss to not devote cyberspace to him. So enjoy the following Q&A, yet another exclusive, and it's free of charge, too...

How many mob books have you written?
I’m unsure how many mob related books  I’ve written and published. I’d estimate between 200-300. I research my work through newspapers and books on internet databases. I especially enjoy researching underworld figures who have bee…

How Legendary Mob Boss John Gotti Lives On

“The street life and all that comes with it is garbage. Believe in yourself and you’ll achieve whatever it is you want to achieve," John Gotti says.

John GottiIII, that is -- grandson of the legendarily flamboyant former Gambino boss, and son of the former acting boss who renounced his Mafia affiliation. (The John Gotti currently serving eight years for drug dealing and working with former Bonanno associate Gene Borrello to set cars on fire, that John Gotti, the one in the can, is the son of Peter, who is John A. (Junior) Gotti's brother, and is by our calculation a first cousin to the Gotti who's the fighter.)

John Gotti III is a No. 1-ranked mixed martial arts (MMA) welterweight in New York.

Gotti, 27, so far has had four pro fights that have ended in either a first-round KO or a TKO. He was profiled by the Boston Globe, which described him as a potential MMA superstar.

The story notes some unique ways that John J. Gotti, the former boss, lives on.

A roaring lion was am…

Bonanno “Enforcer Of Choice” Discusses Asaro Car Torching, Shootings

Gene Borrello, a former Bonanno associate and the key witness in three recent Mafia roundups, was a major player in the arson case that helped the Feds finally nail 84-year-old Bonanno capo Vincent (Vinny) Asaro — two years after his lawyers bested them in court by winning a stunning and humiliating victory for the longtime wiseguy.

Also implicated in the arson case was John J. Gotti, a grandson of the late Gambino boss, who pleaded guilty to helping torch the car that earned Asaro’s deep animosity. (Gotti was a very capable wheelman, we've learned.).

Gotti and Asaro—in fact, all 20-plus defendants charged in that trio of 2017 indictments — copped out. Since there was no jury trial, the Feds have not publicly detailed the full extent of Borrello’s cooperation.

However, Borrello has been lifting the curtain slightly for Cosa Nostra News….
“I was doing everything” for Asaro and Ronald (Ronnie G) Giallanzo, Borrello told Cosa Nostra News.

“I did al…

You Ain't Gonna Get Me, Sucka: Former Genovese Turncoat Pens An Open Letter To His Old Pals

What do wiseguys chat about in their "off" hours, when they're unwinding over a scotch and rocks, say, at a tony Upper East Side steakhouse? They talk about killing rats, of course.

Apparently, some Genovese wiseguys recently did just that: They met and discussed the new name/whereabouts of Genovese family turncoat Michael (Cookie) D’Urso, 49, spurring him on to actually write an open letter to his former colleagues to warn them not to take revenge.

In the letter, D'Urso seems to describe how he obtained the news about a potential hit, though this may be misdirection: "You’d be surprised to find out how many confidential informants there are in your circle, who would love to tell the feds they heard about a murder plot to kill me." 

The letter appeared in The New York Post with an introduction written by Jerry Capeci of GangLand News.
D’Urso flipped against the Genovese crime family and wore a wire hidden within a $3,000 Rolex wristwatch for three ye…

Lee D'Avanzo Busted In "One of New Jersey’s Largest" THC/Marijuana Edible Seizures

Not long after he and his mob wife were busted at their home on Staten Island on drug and gun charges, Lee D'Avanzo, 52, was busted in New Jersey on charges of conspiracy to possess marijuana and possession.

This apparently was the case for which the NYPD raided the couples' home on Staten Island earlier this month.

A yearlong investigation by the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office Narcotics and Criminal Enterprise Unit targeting a large-scale marijuana and THC distribution network operating throughout Monmouth, Ocean, and Bergen counties as well as parts of New York resulted in charges being filed against 24 men and women.

One California man remains at-large and is considered a fugitive from justice, announced Monmouth County Prosecutor Christopher J. Gramiccioni.

The investigation, dubbed Operation On The Ropes uncovered a scheme to secretly convert legitimate candies, including the popular Nerds Rope and Sour Patch candy brands, to an illegal THC-infused product. THC, or t…

Alite Sports Wants To Help You Win Every Bet

Since the dawn of organized crime in the US, gangsters have been making fortunes by capitalizing on our love of betting; whether by taking a piece of the winnings or lending the dough to place the bet, they have numerous ways to earn off our vice.

Now former Gambino associate John Alite is attempting a first with Alite Sports, his new sports consulting firm, which offers guidance on sports betting, among other things.

It's also one of several things John Alite has going on in 2020. His new book, Darkest Hour 2: Through the Eyes of the Barrel, will be out in March, and he'll appear in a new Netflix series to break this winter. And a couple of other things we're holding back for separate stories.

Launched via a partnership between John and Peter Black, Alite Sports offers intelligence on who to bet on and how. The firm also offer tips on managing your money to minimize your losses. Unlike other websites offering similar services, Alite Sports doesn't actually take bets …