Lynda Milito Blasts Multimillion-Dollar Gravano Daughter Book

Lynda Milito, wife of deceased Gambino soldier Louis Milito, and author of Mafia Wife, took issue with a new reality show and its leading star.

Karen Gravano, who appears on Mob Wives, the VH1 reality show, is "giving Staten Island a bad name."

"She doesn't know what she's talking about. How can she? She was only 13 when her father did what he did and my husband disappeared."

Milito, 64, was "furious" that Gravano, 38, daughter of turncoat Salvatore (Sammy the Bull) Gravano, was writing a book about life in the mob.

"I feel bad for Staten Island," said Milito, formerly of Todt Hill, who had moved to tony Boca Raton, Fla.

"She is giving Staten Island a bad name. Because of her, there will be a stigma attached to Staten Island. Am I talking as a Mafia wife? Yes. The 'Mob Wives' like her should be ashamed because they are behaving like animals. Those people are resembling their own background. I am out to stop this. I am real; they are liars. If I sound angry, I am. I am furious."

Milito wrote the 2003 "Mafia Wife: My Story of Love, Murder and Madness," in which she stated that Sammy Gravano was responsible for her husband's death.

She said she doesn't believe mob boss John Gotti ordered the hit after learning from Gravano that her husband was allegedly bad-mouthing him, as Sammy has alleged.

Milito's body was never found.

"Gravano ... used to come to our house every day. I hated him. He had this manipulative way about him. My husband was a hair dresser. He was a good guy. Then one day he had to ask for a favor, and that was it."

After testifying against Gotti, Gravano, who murdered 19, went into witness protection in Arizona, only to be busted in 2000 for running a massive Ecstasy drug ring. He got 20 years. (He was released in 2017.)

"I'm a good person," said Mrs. Milito. "I have my own website. I preach survival. I have written a book. I lecture. Nobody I know is in prison.err


  1. It's difficult to have written a book that hasn't had film or TV success see someone come along with a similar story and hit it big. Success breeds success, and instead of bashing Sammy's daughter, Ms Milito should support the fact that there is renewed interest in those hurt by the actions or circumstances of mob husbands or dads. Next year could bring a new deal in Mafia Wife.

    The idea is that both women survived to better their lives. I wish them both good luck.

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  2. past comments about lynda milito

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    past comments about lynda milito

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  4. I love you Lynda =)

  5. Susan DeSantis FerrittoJul 6, 2014, 8:48:00 AM

    Although you and I are from the last generation of real mob wives and don't approve of their public behavior...Like it or not, Ms. Gravano and others are entitled to bragging rights. I agree, they give us a bad name but you have to consider the sources and overlook their bold attempts and outrageous personalities. You can't stop them. They are out of control. Best Wishes and just be the lady you are. Susan DeSantis Ferritto. :)

  6. Susan, you have an open invitation to write a story for this blog if you want to expand on your views on MWs or anything else.


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