Michael Franzese's "God the Father" Coming Soon

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GOD THE FATHER takes us on an ‘untold’ personal journey of Michael Franzese, a young and charismatic Capo in the Colombo Mafia during the 1980‘s-90‘s and who’s notorious father Sonny Franzese was also a renowned Underboss.

Following in his fathers footsteps, in the mid-1980s, Fortune Magazine listed Franzese as number 18 on its list of the "Fifty Most Wealthy and Powerful Mafia Bosses". According to a Federal report, Franzese made more money for a crime family than anyone since Chicago Outfit boss Al Capone.
A revelation that his own father ordered a hit on him in, the love for his family and a realising his life was heading one way like every other mob guy before him, straight to ST. JOHNS Cemetery in NYC, Michael took the decision to leave the ‘Life’. An act thought impossible but Michael publicly walked away from the Colombo family and organized crime.
During his time in prison Michael discovered the Bible. Devouring it’s contents Michael found parallels between the books teachings and his own experiences in the ‘Life’ which translated into Michael developing his own unique religious perspective and faith. A faith that is directly responsible for his still being alive today.
This film uses every cinematic ingredient available to tell it’s rich story. From choreographed dance sequences, traditional interviews, stock footage, visceral re-enactments and sophisticated animation sequences specifically designed to show the more violent aspect of the story in a subtle and intelligent way.
This film is the first time Michael Franzese story has ever been told cinematically and with such originality and power.

And he's launching with us, folks! Keep checking back for information -- exclusive stories and other stuff it's too early to discuss.

But all that stuff we talked about doing with Michael is still on... We just got held up because the guy was traveling all over Asia, or something.

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